Oh, You Bet VA Democrats Are Putting Gun Rights in the Crosshairs After Big Wins Last Night

The VCDL is organizing a lobby day on January 20, 2020 - I’ve added another thread for those who want to participate or organize a trip to have your say.


A little bit of daylight from other 2A groups…

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I guess the gun owners in Virginia will just have to take this to court. Do to them what they do to us…litigate, litigate, litigate…


MrGunsNGear just dropped a video on the situation here in VA. He lays out the proposed legislation (which is mostly the same as was proposed at the special session this past summer). And he puts out the 3 options, none of which are great.

Towards the end of the video he states

“For those of you outside of Virginia… They’re coming for you… They’re coming for you. It’s everywhere. Nowhere is safe in America today. Nowhere is safe.”

This is supremely important, IMO. States all across the country are slowly but surely turning blue, or key parts of those states are turning blue. This is not just confined to CA, NY, NJ, etc. Several former strong gun states are falling or at least leaning. Look at Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania…

VA is the template by which they will turn other states. They take stances that many people get along with (the environment, equal rights, etc) so people who are not 1-issue voters (pro choice/life, 2A, etc) side with them. And they are absolutely willing and able to outspend the competition. My previous post showed Democrats getting 2.5X the money as Republicans did, and the candidate who spends the most is almost guaranteed to win (I think it’s literally like 90% win rate).

Hang around till the end because he includes a video clip from Kitty Werthmann a WWII survivor of Austrian gun confiscation.



Just this morning I came across this article dated Nov 15, 2017. The view presented is worth reading.

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I think in Virginia it was election spending not immigration.

I don’t know about other states. But in Colorado the major immigration problem isn’t illegal immigration but immigration from the west coast states. When I lived there as a kid we used to see bumper stickers that said “Don’t Californicate Colorado”. The significant complaint was about people who leave California because of the problems that grew out of its policies … and then try to implement those same policies in Colorado.

It took 45 years, but it worked… Colorado is so much like California now that Coloradoans are fleeing their home for Missouri. One of our 5 neighbors left Colorado for just that reason.

Right now I think the immigration that’s killing red states is from blue states (not foreign countries), and I think the big money blue machine is making the most of it.

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Yeah I think foreign born immigration is one of those boogeyman concepts. I have not noticed anywhere near the numbers listed in that article.

I can’t agree with this more. Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it. NorthernVA in particular is full of transplants from other states, here for the gubment and gubment related contracting jobs (this place is almost recession-proof). Now with Amazon coming there will be an even bigger influx as I think they are expecting 25k+ jobs over the next 10 years (25k doesn’t account for spouses, kids, maybe other fam). So NoVA is only going to continue to lean left for the foreseeable future.

But the biggest immediate problem is election spending. Especially out of state spending.


^^^ THAT right there.

Thanks Zee for the shortcuts, joining now.

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Big thanks to Zee, just joined VCDL.

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So the above shows the NRA ranking 71st and spending a total of $362,269. Low six figures compared to the seven figures spent by the “Anti-Gun” movement. All the money that comes into the NRA being spent on 7 figure salaries for the top tier personnel. Does anybody see anything wrong with the above? This is why i refuse to renew my membership to this organization. I realize “they” are the premier org to fight the anti-gun movement but seriously, there has to be accountability for funds being spent.

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You read that right. Outspent by 5x in the state where their headquarters is just by Everytown for Gun Safety. I’m not just mad at them, though. There were many districts in VA that weren’t even challenged. If you just put up someone with a pulse, we might have gotten one or two more districts, let alone a viable candidate.

For the NRA, I’m not up for renewal for a while yet. If you ask me today, I would not renew. I even frown when I goto their range at the HQ (it’s the closest nice range).

But I do hope they get their act together soon because they are the only gun-rights group that keeps the anti-gunners awake at night. Yes, they’ve spent TONS of money on legal fees, helping to take challenges all the way to the Supreme Court. But they’ve also wasted untold millions on hotels, clothes, flights, and dubious payments to board members. ¯\(ツ)

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