HR 1808 Passes the House

The fundamental, natural-born right to defend yourself and your family should not be subject to what the federal government deems “acceptable” for private-civilian use," said USCCA President and Founder Tim Schmidt. The arbitrary label “assault weapon” was created and perpetuated by anti-gun politicians and media; guns are inanimate objects and do not possess the ability to hurt people on their own. New gun laws and restrictions do not make people safer - firearms training and passing legislation like National Concealed Carry reciprocity make people safer. We continue to urge Congress to protect, not penalize, law-abiding gun owners.

Read the full USCCA statement, here.


Totally partisan votes. Response I got from my local rep was that we civilians don’t need “military grade” weapons, so I assume she never read the Constitution or American history.


Sooooo, my FN509 Tactical is now considered an Assault Weapon?
Simply because it has a threaded barrel?

This garbage better not get past the senate :angry:


Watch “Biden Admin Lies - Police Officers Don’t Support Gun Ban” on YouTube


Joe Manchin just betrayed the American People. Guaranteed, this gets passed in the senate. Along with the funding for law enforcement to collect those items banned.

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I just understand how they can pass laws that take away our gun rights, when the Constitution gives us the right to bare arms and shall not be infringed on. It does not say you can’t have this gun, or this hand gun even a canon if we can get it on our backs. And high court has already told them they can not do this. So can someone tell me how the low minds think they can walk over our rights, like we have none. Please help me to understand,


The law officers already said they will not go to any ones house and ask or demand our guns. That is one reason I live where we live.

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Since day one has he ever been honest about anything? And being honest is there anything he has done to help us? We are in the deep poor house because of this. No longer have a life. Finding it hard to keep food on the table, roof over our heads mush less have to deal with all the crap that goes on every day around us.

As firearms owners and responsible citizens we need to be engaged in this political process. The anti-rights side is continually engaged, we are normally not. Contact your Senators now, whether they are pro-2A or not is irrelevant. Be polite, but firm that as one of their constituents you will not support them politically if they vote yes on this garbage legislation.

Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and Gun Owners of America (GOA) are constantly engaged in this fight. Use their sites to send well crafted polite messages to your Senators. Donate to them (FPC, SAF, GOA) if you can. These fights are expensive and they are constantly sticking out their necks to support our rights. Help them financially when you can. By the way these organizations have been winning in the courts. The Bruen decision is a great example of a tremendous win.

Unfortunately, if we don’t win the fights in congress then we have to fight in the courts and that is way more expensive. Go to the root of the problem and contact congress. Do not allow these unconstitutional infringements to become laws.

Act now, don’t let up, don’t give up and keep fighting.


Paul, I do not know all things here. First,
If I have read correctly, you are from Ohio.
Well done! You have good (R) Representative.

Second, the Democrats passed the House,
but they force things through. Now the
Senate has the ball and things can change for the best on our Gun Rights.

Look up the GOA for understanding.


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They will do what those who sign the paycheck tell them to do.


Unfortunately I live in the land of 10 000 communists so I am not as fortunate.

While it would be great to be optimisitic, joe Manchin just betrayed everyone. We will be betrayed again.

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A good breakdown of what just happened. :thinking:

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That might be true, but if we give up because these politicritters act like politicritters we don’t advance our goals.

Keep pounding these offices with messages and phone calls. If we don’t engage with them constantly, and then hold them accountable, we can cry all we want but it’s partly our fault for not getting engaged in the fight.

Unlike a self-defense encounter where avoiding a fight entirely is a win for us, in these things if we don’t engage we mostly guarantee that we’ll lose. The anti-rights movement has a very powerful desire to see us disarmed, and they are well organized and highly funded. Let’s not give them any more advantages by not engaging in the fight, or not funding organizations that fight for our goals, or not voting in elections because “we are not political”.

Our founding fathers gave us a republic for a reason, it is up to us to defend it if we want to keep it. These past few years have shown that we can win when we stay engaged at the voting booth (Virginia), in congress (delay or even shelving of unconstitutional bills), in state congresses (Constitutional Carry, 2A Sanctuary movement), and in the courts (Miller, Heller, Bruen). To protect our rights, engaging vigorously in the political process (voting, donating, e-mails, phone calls and visits to your representatives) is a far less painful and messy option to achieving our 2A protection goals than the alternative.

From 1774 to 1782 the British had many victories, but we had a bigger resolve. In the end, we won. However, that is a very bloody alternative, and was a last resort after years and years of political wrangling and fighting.

It took 50 years to overturn Roe v. Wade. And it will take many more years of continuous political fights to keep it that way. It took 89 years to abolish slavery, and another 100 years for the civil rights movement to finally win. Don’t despair because we got our nose bloodied in the political arena with the passage of this bill in the house, keep in the fight. Our Senators and Representatives betrayed our cause, so what? Keep fighting, get them replaced in primaries, and don’t let the other side out vote us, as they often do.

If we become complacent we have no one to blame but ourselves.


Back when Clinton tried this they banned rifles like the M1 Carbine that were surplus because of the bayonet lug. Also went for all AR with that. Funny how gangs dont do human wave attacks like the Chinese in Korea with bayonets. Its all smoke. Lugs, flashhiders, pistol grips make a rifle look evil. Thats why the mini 14 escapes these banned. Wood stock, no pistol grip or bayonet lugs. Fires basically the same round as a AR,


This will be challenged in court immediately. The NYRPA v. Bruen decision pretty much makes that inevitable. If the pro 2a groups haven’t already begun to draft an amicus brief to defend the 2nd, they for sure will be doing so.

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Watch “GROSS: Media says Assault Weapons Ban is “DOOMED” in Senate… I’m SICK of this… Nov 8th is coming” on YouTube

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Watch “GROSS: Media says Assault Weapons Ban is “DOOMED” in Senate… I’m SICK of this… Nov 8th is coming” on YouTube

Please do not loose heart, we all have to stay vigilante and fight. Please search and not give