New Assault Weapons Ban In US Senate

Does Anyone else know about the new Trump Era proposed Assault Weapons Ban with Mitch Mc Connell ® KY coming after the Summer Vacation Recess in the fall ? If I knew how to copy and paste onto this forum I would do it but I’m only about half computer literate please forgive me. I’m not like younger people where it’s like tying shoe laces for them.

So far I haven’t heard anything about what it might be. But I’m going to be keeping my eyes out for it. And I’m on other forums and sites that I’m sure will post when something comes out. And I’ll try to keep everyone updated on it. We can only hope that they’ll be reasonable ones that make good sense.

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@Reloader54 I can forward you what I received this morning Jeff if you wanted me to. I could post it if I knew how. If you send me a PM containing your email I can send it over to you right away? Whatever you think?

There have been several introduced in the House and the Senate since the democrats took control of the House. They are, as described in the past, scary black gun bans but at least one includes all semiautomatic weapons.

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hey anti-gunners. Get a dictionary.
If my wife hits me with a rolling pin, the rolling pin is an assault weapon. A semi auto is different from a revolver in structure only. You get one bullet for each trigger pull, if you want another bullet you must release trigger and pull again. I don’t know anyone in my armed community that isn’t against these horrible shootings. Our hearts to ALL the victims both physical and psychological.


I Agree. If you’re a human being you feel for the victim(s) and their families.

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