What does "A Ban On Assault Rifles" mean?

After the terrible tragedy in Texas we again hear of the call to Ban Assault rifles. What would that entail. No more sales of AR’s? No more sales of magazines? Could it go all of the way to Confiscation?

I doubt this call for a ban will go any where, my guess, there will be more background check requirements or something like that. But, for the sake of discussion, could this turn into an Australian style buy back or even a criminalization of every AR…?

Who knows…personally, I feel there’s too many arguments against our governments knee jerk emotion driven tactics these days. Some informative vids here under “ATF” and “Dems” titles :wink: One vid shows a letter from the ATF acknowledging AR’s as the most popular rifle in the US…so good luck with your confiscation, Beto :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I find arguments based on hysteria are easily defeated by fact, and if push came to shove, there’d be a hell of a push back.


Definitely not the time to take anything for granted.
We’re dealing with extremely dangerous people with cyber power. Not to mention control of our food sources!
Just hope there’s more of us than there is of them.


Because assault weapons don’t exist…it’ll be interesting to watch.


First, you must get them to define “assault rifle”

I have found, over the years/decades, that about 0.1% of people who want to ban “assault weapons” or “assault rifles” can even attempt to define the things they want to ban.

Even the politicians don’t know what the word means.

Scary times, tens of millions want to ban things based on a scary word someone made up without even knowing what it is


Can you validate this number or is it just an opinion? Thanks.

Precisely, my fear is they would start playing word games like, Assault ‘style’ riffle or non-hunting rifle or military ‘style’ riffle… Just look at the abortion discussion they use multiple recipes of word salad to describe, explain and define what a baby “might” be.


Politicians are also good at banning or restricting things without EVER providing a definition. In GA it used to be illegal to carry a firearm or “knife designed for the purpose of offense or defense” at a “public gathering”…neither of which was ever defined.


I’ve heard a few politicians and celebrities say that all we need for home defense is a shotgun. I would love to hear someone press them on how to use a shotgun safely in the home. We’ve had pretty in-depth conversations about it here, but these know-nothings are spreading dangerous ideas of they can’t appreciate the nuances of home defense.

I also have to add that these same clowns are the folks who think the 2nd Amendment only applies to the militia. So when they try to ban “military weapons,” they betray their own arguments.


No such thing as a buy back. The government never owned them to begin with. What you mean is a compensated confiscation.


Do not get hyper-focused on the definition of “assault style rifles.” The want to ban and confiscate all firearms. With firearms we are predators (read “conservatives”). They want sheep.


If I club someone with a Louisville Slugger, that’s an assault weapon.


I wouldn’t conflate a human with an inanimate object.

Sorry, just a rhetorical sample of the way politician abuse us with the human language.

No need to be. Our politicians shouldn’t get a say in any of it, the way that they’ve been acting lately.


“They” will define “assault rifle.” The last bill they tried to pass had a list of specific guns. It was pretty much every detachable magazine, semiauto rifle of a higher caliber than .22lr.


Dang they want my assault spud wrench



Assault Rifle is actually a well defined and refers to firearms that are selectable between semiautomatic fire, burst and or full automatic. An M-16, A-4 and M240B are all examples of “assault rifles.” Assault rifles are banned under the NFA.

Assault weapons, on the other hand, are semiautomatic rifles which include a list of attachments and/or options that do nothing to make the firearm any more dangerous but scare people with weak constitutions. The black ones are the scariest!


All my stuff is black. It would freak a lot of people out then. Evil Black Rifles send them to the fainting couch.


Is that list published somewhere. I’m assuming it’s a “Federal” list.