Using language against us

As a newbie I am learning the correct terms used in the gun world. A AR-15 does not for assault rifle but it is used because assault is a negative term to the general public. Also now I own two “assault” pistols because they have 12 round magazines. Heaven forbid us if we do not use the now correct political terms. In the plumbing trade ballcocks have become fill valves, sillcocks hose bibs. Maybe male and female threads will be transgender. The latest form I had to fill out to buy a gun had only two categories for sex and I said jokingly should it not be twenty-seven. I do not care how people want to identify themselves but being at the age of 64 it does confuse me and difficult to keep up.


You hit the nail on the head. They play it both ways with the name game, giving a really bad thing a good sounding name, and visa-versa. It’s one of the things we REALLY need to start refusing to accept. It has a lot of power over the long haul if you can give something a name that misrepresents it on the subconscious level. It’s part of their stock and trade.


Maybe they should have named the AR-15 BB-15 so everybody would think think it was a BB gun.


The only way to beat these things is to use the correct terms and challenge those who don’t/won’t to give clarification. When they say AR is assault rifle, explain the facts to them politely.


“BB” stands for “Battle Bazooka,” correct?


I always thought it meant Big Bertha. :grin: That would make the BB-15 a handheld version, and as cannons are still legal to own, a hand cannon is completely legal. Now just inform these fools that is what personal firearms were originally called.


I’m a little on in my years. I know what an assault weapon is. I know what a standard magazine is. I know there are 2 genders. I know what xx and what xy are. I know guns don’t kill anything. I know good people with weapons save themselves & others. I state these facts to folks who don’t know. Nicely. If they don’t like it, sucks to be them…


I figure I know I will never affect the mindless zealot who will only shout his chant all the louder, but … the guy or gal who actually thinks, the one listening from over in the corner who isn’t sure who is right… If I am calm, solid, and make good sense, those people will listen, more importantly, they will be people who’s agreement will really mean something. So those are the ones I will speak for. The mindless zealot, I have found, is not really who you want on your side anyway.



Considering AR is Armalite Rifle, for the name of the company, they designated certain firearms such as the AR-5 and the AR-7, as well as the AR-15.

It never was ‘assault’… but far too many states have added anything over 20 rds to be ‘assault weapons’.

Yes … or … No



If a person has to make a statement to who they are, does not that mean that they do not feel as though they portray that image? Thus feeling like they can not be properly identified. As a person introduces themselves to new people so that they can be identified as themselves. Some people might misconstrue at who you are from alternative information or prejudices., Us guys have to do this in finding a girlfriend. Getting to know them as they truly are is the second step because who they seem to be at first will not be the same person as we go to find out later.
I played a lawyer and a judge on T.V. and I have stayed at a hotel express but, not last night.

I don’t.

In my mind, any object I use to commit assault would be an assault weapon.

I think some people have used the Infantry tactical term “Assault” to define the term “assault weapon,” but that never made sense to me. A citizen carrying a AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle is a far cry from a well-trained infantry unit carrying their variety of weapons to conduct an assault maneuver.

I believe there are/were some various legal definitions of “assault rifle” or “assault weapon” out there, but that doesn’t mean they make sense. I’ve always been confused by the term. (Then again, I confuse easily.)

My youngest daughter lives Minneapolis and we see her only once or twice a year since we live in Illinois. She now wants to become wants a he and I found about his t my Dad’s wake 1-1/2 years ago when she came with her boyfriend who wants to become a she, named his name to Kitty and drives a pink BMW. I was shocked, confused and really needed a drink (bartender just leave the bottle). Then when she came over 5 months later for Christmas she demanded that we call her Pat instead of Patricia and no guns in the house or she would not come to visit again. I complied because I love her dearly but I was pissed since it is my house and I set the rules. It is only recently I have guns so my family was never acquainted with them. My wife lets my have guns in the house but is not comfortable with them. Maybe someday she will come to the range have to take baby steps with that.


It was nice knowing you.

My house… my rules.


:arrow_up: This…

Let’s play this again… YOU won’t come over to MY house if I have firearms??? Looks like I’m going to have extra turkey this year. See ya…
BTW - whatever is left over after I pay for a pine box will be going to the Marine Corps Association and NRA (or similar such places)


Amen to that. If my kids go rogue like that they are on their own. The ones that live ritious lives will be rewarded accordingly. If the all go rogue Fi’ll give everything to my favorite charity, Inbound. Some to my diocese or Catholic charities.


Go to liberty doll true history of assault rifles. She is correct

M - 249 SAW Squad automatic weapon with a 300 round belt is my best choice for an assault type of weapon. It is great for clearing a large area for aspersive fire. M- 60 is good too if you need more impact, 50 cal. machine gun just incase there are vehicles involved. Just sayin’

In U.S. Land doctrine, an “assault” is a “short, violent, but well-ordered attack against a local objective, such as a gun emplacement, a fort, or a machine gun nest.” (JP 3-18)

I really think that most of those who like to use the term “assault weapon” are unfamiliar with the wide array of weaponry that a unit would concentrate on an objective during an assault.


well, I am quite familiar with the variety of weapons used and have used them. USMC. It is a squad, platoon, or company to make an assault. Just like going out on patrols to make an ambush. just sayin’