I’m disappointed with people using the word weapon instead of firearm. I understand past training can influence one’s choice of words, but they really aren’t interchangeable. Both of these photos show objects that could be used as a weapon.




NRA Instructor training hammers hard on never using the word weapon when referring to a gun or firearm in NRA classes. On the other hand, I have heard weapon used often in USCCA videos. As a subtle aspect, when discussing use of a gun for self defense, it is definitely a weapon at that time. NRA basic classes focus on safety, marksmanship, and competition, but not defense. USCCA classes are generally focused on using guns in defensive situations.


I typed this countless times on this very forum, but people are what they are. Weapon serves us as well in our context as assault rifle, IMHO.


Well the pink clubs are probably more likely to be used as a weapon against a mouse in the house than the pink single shot 22 being used as a self defense weapon.


Every firearm is a weapon. Not every weapon is a firearm.

There are situations we try not to use term “weapon”, fe. firearm classes, there are situations we don’t want to use term “gun”, fe. interaction with LEO.

But is there anything wrong to use both terms during discussion at forums like this? I don’t think so. At least when you know when and how to use them.


No. When you buy the pink single shot you are buying a firearm. Refer to form 4473 that was filled out when purchasing the firearm. Are you the buyer of the firearm
Question 11a
Not buyer of the weapon!


Form 4473 is not a dictionary that dictates what are the terms and how we use them.

Perhaps you are buying the firearm…but it still can be used as a weapon.


None of my firearms are weapons. They are currently sitting around fighting rust. Hopefully they will never have to be used as weapons. They are able to be used as a weapon.

Are all men rapists because they have the tool to be?


That’s why I wrote this:

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So can fists, but the majority of the time hands are not weapons. Just look at how many people you see driving with one of their digits up their nose…


Fists are the weapons if used for violent purposes.
Man trained for violence is the weapon if he is used to do so.

These above are weapons, but not firearms.


Are all airplanes weapons?

Why do you believe all firearms are weapons?

I believe some objects are more likely to be used as weapons than others. I’ve never heard anyone ask for a steak weapon to cut a piece of meat in a restaurant though.


Ok @Barry54 , I think I got your point.
I should correct my statement then:
Every firearm can be a weapon.

But still - anything can be a weapon if it is used that way.


I agree that anything can be used as a weapon.

My point is firearm and weapon are not interchangeable words.

I’m not trying to pick fights with people on the same team. I’m trying to avoid negative connotations as much as possible. There’s a lot of people using terminology with negative connotations to push their agenda of limiting our rights.


I didn’t think about the firearm being not used. These are still firearms unless used as a weapon.
I’m glad it became clear. Thx. :ok_hand:t4:

We’re here to discuss. And I appreciate this discussion because it gave me some clarification.


Thank you all!
I appreciate the discussions here and have learned a lot from what I’ve read here.

I just wanted to shine light on why I sometimes cringe when people say weapon in place of firearm.


No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get the ammo loaded into my arm and get it to shoot out of one of my fingers. :rofl::joy:


Making the p-tew p-tew sound can help.


For my part, I never understood why people cared if a gun was called a weapon. I’ve had my share of training and don’t recall the differentiation mattering with any of them, other than Appleseed where it’s a “Rifle” exclusively…but then that is a very specific type of firearm, even.

I am currently able to carry a lot of places I couldn’t otherwise because I possess a Weapons carry license. That’s what it says right on the license. I know other states call it similar. I also know that the government calling it something does not make it correct, but, it’s still a factor to consider.

I find it…ironic…that people are claiming the color of an object influences what its intended use is. Maybe those black rifles really are evil? I thought one of our huge things was that the color and appearance don’t and shouldn’t make a difference?

Firearm and weapon are not always interchangeable, but in many instances, both words apply.