"Assault weapon" and AR15 terminology

I do not know why gun owners are so free to fall for the political misuse of terminology. I do not have, nor have I ever owned an assault weapon,

Assault noun:
a violent physical or verbal attack

Assault verb:
to make an assault on, to attack violently.

Assault describes an action or intent, if I am holding a stick, it is just a stick, however, if I swing the stick at someone, regardless of if the person is hit with the stick, that person was assaulted with a stick, I assaulted the person with a stick, but the stick is still just a stick.

I do not own an AR-15, however I own several semi-automatic rifles, I do own a MP-15, AM-15, and a Colt M-4, if the rifle was not manufactured by Armalite, then you do not own an “AR” rifle. All manufactures label their rifles with a proprietary designation.

Also, very few own a Mil-Spec rifle, unless it is the exact platform that the military is or was using, which means it has the full auto or tri burst function, and you have obtained the proper licensing for a machine gun.

I believe it is our responsibility as gun owners to speak properly and educate the non-gun public not to fall for the misuse of words, anytime I hear someone say “you own an assault weapon” I have to try and educate them on the definition of the word assault. I do not tell anyone that I own an assault rifle or an AR-15, if I tell them that I have an MP-15, then they are curious not immediately judgmental.

While I am on the “band wagon” I do not know of any handgun that takes “clips”, however I do know that there are handguns that take magazines. The same goes for rifles, very few take clips, the majority takes magazines.

We as a society has allowed the misuse of “assault weapon” to be used over and over that it is now the acceptable description of the “AR-15”.


Hello @frank246
Frank, welcome! Well put. Similar to your premise is “gender affirming care” which is just a euphemism for surgical mutilation and poisonous drugs.


“He who controls the language controls the masses”.
–Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

Get the uneducated masses to believe. Many believe in government.


There is a reasonable line to draw somewhere, in that, sometimes not being technically correct is okay and no correction is needed. To me, it’s a matter of what the result is of the wrong word being used.

The “it’s not an AR15, it’s a Colt 6920” etc, is a pretty high level differentiation. I don’t generally correct people if they refer to an AR pattern rifle as an “AR”. We all know what it means and there is no harm I am aware of in calling them all AR’s…or even AR15.

Example: .45 ACP, 9x19, .40 S&W…these aren’t calibers. These are cartridges. .38spl, .357 magnum, 9mm, .380, etc, are all the same caliber. But I don’t correct people when they refer to it as a caliber.

The catch is, I do correct people if they say “high capacity magazine” when referring to a standard capacity magazine…or if they refer to a semi automatic firearm as an “assault” something…becasue there is harm in using the wrong term…in that it leads people to support bans or restrictions.

As for mil-spec, no, probably no rifles anybody owns are mil sped…in the AR platform, M4 type, it would be a machine gun SBR if it was exactly to mil spec. I think we generally understand which parts of the milspec are being referred to when they say that…but talking milspec gets really messy. People don’t even know what mil-spec really means, and they grossly mis-understand very often the “lowest bidder” and think it’s bad when it’s not…it’s a rabbit hole unto itself


As far as how to refer to an AR type rifle,

I personally find it less useful to independently list out the specific manufacturer’s name for the particular firearm…a lot of people won’t know what it is, it’s clunky, and so many people assemble their own rifles that there isn’t a manufacturer’s model to name it.

I have a BCM upper with a Sionics BCG, Geissele FCG, Aero Precision lower, VLTOR buffer setup, PSA LPK besides the FCG…

…what do you call this other than “an AR” that is a useful description to use in conversation?


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Hello and welcome @frank246

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@frank246 - Welcome to the Community. :handshake:

If only we could change AR to DR… we could use Defensive Rifle name…
I like what @Mike164 posted - “He who controls the language controls the masses”. It is so true…


Very good point. Mine are an assembly of various vendors also. That’s one of the things I like about the platform is that you pick the parts that meet your criteria and build the rifle that you want.


I know, Right. If asked, and to answer honestly I would have to say the manufacture is @Mike164


I have a .45 acp semi-auto with a 16-inch barrel and a 25-round magazine. So, it has a lower-than-normal mag and a large fat and slow round. Totally much better than the 30 round mag and all mighty powerful 5.56 round! :pleading_face: :crazy_face: :rofl:


My DI: “How many of you are carrying clips right now? NO YOU’RE NOT! Clips are what goes in the hair of little girls! Are you little girls? I didn’t think so! So stop acting like it and talk like a man! It’s a MAGAZINE, not a CLIP!”

Yeah, only made that mistake once. :joy:


Sadly, ignorance is bliss and sometimes, frightening.
Like this is an evil assault rifle

In .22LR


Welcome! Just 1 or 2 things i have to clear up lol. There is no “licensing” to own machineguns unless you are referring to an SOT, and then you still don’t own them, the business does. Anyone that can legally own a firearm and are not in a state that prohibits them directly, can own a transferable machinegun. $200 tax stamp and transfers on an ATF form 4 just like an SBR or a suppressor and a 4473 when you pick it up. You can pick up a transferable mac10 for 8-10k and a years wait. Or, gasp, for about $50k you can own a real colt M16 with all the “mil spec” parts you want lol

and yes, they still make revolvers that use “Clips” for non-rimmed cartridges, like various revolvers chambered in 9mm or 45acp. they are forced to use moon clips to prevent the round from only indexing off the case lip.

Colt M16A1 Carbine RO653 - Machine Guns at GunBroker.com : 1010403110

really nice transferable Colt R0653 on the broker as i type this lol


I have to say kudos for your descriptive words. Now, getting a far leftist to ever believe you is another story.


@frank246 Welcome to the community, the anti-gun groups are getting more brutal with their gun control agenda to find every way they can to come after our firearms.


I have an assault magazine. I rolled it up and assaulted the fly with it. I have an assault belt that could do wonders for the misguided youth of today.


I am not a firearms expert and so I could be wrong but I believe at one time there were semi-automatic pistols that used clips to load the internal magazine. I think they were Maulers and probably were not used much after WWI.


Mausers. When am I going to learn not to trust the computer to guess correctly? I see it has redlined Mausers, so apparently on this site devoted to firearms it doesn’t yet recognize Mauser as a proper name.


@BeanCounter Nonsense, that rifle is so cute and cuddly up on the chest, and it protects you. :innocent: