Playing their game?

It is sad for me to hear many 2nd Amendment advocates play the game of the mainstream media and politicians who use inaccurate phrases, especially the most prolific one:
“assault weapon”

We repeat what they say which reinforces ‘their language’.

Why don’t we use true and correct language to describe something to which the anti-gun people are so ignorant of? Let’s teach them basic common sense grammar with contextual, clear descriptions.

ASSAULT: An act of any type in order to inflict harm, whether physically (simple or felonious) or verbally (libel, slander) onto another person with evil intent.

WEAPON: Any object or word whatsoever… whether a person’s hand, foot, pencil, automobile, spoon, baseball bat, kitchen iron skillet, golf club, firearm, verbal words, telephone, written words, a tree branch, antifreeze, acid, hot grease, and the list is endless.

Let’s stop playing and using ‘their’ words and use proper, clear, concise and descriptive words. The conservative media, gun-rights organizations, and freedom loving citizens have to help take the lead in this effort. After all, every word of the Constitution was chosen intentionally for a reason. They were not frivilous in their effort…it cost many of them their own blood.

If you repeat a lie long enough and often enough…it becomes the truth to the listener.

Let’s please stop using their ambiguous phrases. We play into their lie every day.

After thought: Man does not create ‘law’, he only discovers it. Law is God created and revealed. He is the Supreme Law-Giver, Judge and Executor. The sooner we seek to understand this the better we’ll be…that’s why ‘rights’ only come from God. If man grants anything, it’s only a ‘privilege’ under his control (or so he thinks). God is still in control. We, as a nation, have a hard lesson to learn.

Thank you.