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First, I need to clarify a definition. For some time, the AR-15 has been called an “assault weapon.” To The “firearm illiterate,” I must say that “assault weapons” don’t, yet do exist. Why the seeming contradiction? Because anything can be used to “assault” people. In short, the term is a misnomer used by the anti-2A crowd to wreak havoc on a society already assaulted by fear… even terror.
I wish to share two videos by Jared of Guns & Gadgets, before YouTube deletes them. Please send some love to this brother, who is not only a police officer, but also, a very eloquent proponent for our Creator-given rights. I think he is also a member of The USCCA; I do know he supports this family, and promotes us, as well. So, here goes… "Kamala Harris Will Destroy The Second Amendment "Kamala Harris’ Anti-Gun Promises

Your thoughts, family of mine?



I once heard or read a perfect response to the term, “Assault Weapon”.

MY weapon is a DEFENSE weapon, it is a tool I use to protect my family and myself. I do not use it to assault or attack anyone, ONLY defend those I love and myself. Therefore, any rifle or pistol I own is a “DEFENSE WEAPON”.


Someone better jump right on the new DR-15!

I like your comment.



Excellent, brother, excellent! Thank you.


Well, when I am taken to task for my “arsenal of assault weapons” this is my response. I usually get looks of wtf.


Than all of my weapons combined.


Sorry, I have a handful of old war heros that have places of honor in my gunsafe, so I am not sure I can make that claim. My EDC yes, its true.


Yes sister these are some awesome YouTube videos and I have seen this gentleman before he’s a big 2A supporter but he’s definitely correct about Harris and I pray Trump wins this election.


Good one, brother! It also brings back the memory of a heartbreaking event:

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an attack on my brothers and sisters of law enforcement!

On a New Years Eve (it may have been 2005 going into 2006), a female police officer was very drunk, yet decided to drive home in the wrong direction on a Missouri highway. To say that the consequences were tragic would be a grave understatement. Many died, and more were seriously, even fatally wounded. Regardless of our status in life, in all that we do, we are responsible for our own actions. In the Creator’s eyes, no one is exempt. We who are called to protect know this all too well.


Yes sister agree 100 percent. Those of us who consider ourselves responsibly armed citizens need to know that if we are socializing and alcohol is involved we have choices to make. To leave it home or to take it with you. Either way there can be consequences.


Sturmgewehr 44. That’s an assault rifle, only because that is it’s actual name. Everything else is just a rifle. Assault is an action. Yes, the anti-2A crowd is doing a full court press. They even pointed it out today. Juan Williams on The Five(Fox News) asked if having the McCluskeys speak opened Republicans up to criticism. He claimed it could be a Segway from the parents of innocent children who have been killed in “mass shootings.”


I must amend a physical fact. If “assault” is to be applied, then honestly, all rifles are "assault rifles. Even a double barrel is designed to assault a target - not "tickle them, yes?
Many old war clubs used by the tribes of the Northeastern U.S., and Canada were designed according to the designs of the muzzleloaders of the day.
My issue is mainly with the [generalized] term “assault weapons,” which is not logically exclusive to beauties like the AR-15. My hammer, bat, walking stick… my cat(!) can be “assault weapons.” :wink:

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I have no doubt that Biden and Harris will do everything they can to ban, and likely confiscate, firearms. It will start with AR and AK type weapons that are banned based upon accessories added to the platform along with “high capacity” magazines with the limit likely being a limit of 10 rounds.
It will then move to all semi-automatic firearms, with auto-loaders taken first followed by revolvers soon after.
And, while they will say that 2A was referring to muskets, they will also be banned because of the large bore ammunition they use.


Make your own comments. Unfortunately I’m stuck with this guy hopefully only until November.

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