Thanks to biden my stock is up

Old Joe needs to concentrate on all the fully automatic (truly weapons of war) the Taliban were gifted, and where they are being deployed. Maybe go to Afghanistan, and institute some red flag laws along with some confiscation. I’m sure that would go well…


You know, not everything Biden’s done has been bad. For example, he… um… ummmm…. Let me circle back to that. :rofl:


On a more serious note, the newly purposed “assault weapons” ban is extremely concerning. Due to recent changes in attitudes among certain Representatives and Senators, it actually stands a chance to pass. Please, reach out to your senators and representatives and ask them to vote NO on the GOSAFE Act this week!

(P.S. Just in case there was any confusion about my previous post, it was meant as sarcasm. I honestly can’t think of one good thing Uncle Joe has done since taking office.)


What firearm stocks do you dabble in? SWBI, VSTO, POWW, and RGR are on my current watchlist.


no confusion on my part :+1: :+1:


these 3 my advisor has me invested in. I just make suggestions and he handles it for me.

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