HR 1808 Passes the House

Yes, I’m certain that it will. However, I think as concerned citizen’s it is way more effective in time and cost, if we get these things “destroyed” in congress. Way before it becomes a matter for the courts.

If we work hard to squash these things in the house of representatives and the senate, we never have to go to the courts. Because it never becomes law. Once you take it to the courts it is a much longer and much more expensive process. Meanwhile, the infringement stands until the court decides.

Act early, act often, and stay engaged.


Here I was making jokes about how Republicans are shooting their chances of victory in the foot, and the Democratic Party says “hold my beer.”


It’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL and very UNAMERICAN. The founding fathers gave us this right so we can defend ourselves from foreign invasion. If their was a full out invasion civilians basically the militia would join arms with active military and repel the invaders especially if it’s another world power invading us. I don’t think the average American would sit idle if we were literally being invaded that was the spirit of 1776 civilians taking up arms alongside the regular Continental Army. And they wanted to keep this Republic they fought so hard for and to insure that happened they created the 2nd Amendment so every able man, today it would be every able body would be able to take up assault weapons or arms same difference and defend ourselves and also because of this we would not fall victim to a tyrannical government ever again. The 2nd Amendment is what the founders left us in their collective wisdom to insure we stay free, “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH.” Those words are so powerful it implies I rather die fighting as a free man than live under the enslavement of tyranny. God created us to be-free in this life and the next. The evil one wants to enslave us and our souls. And by the way no one was free or truly free before this nation was created there was always a ruler dictating everyone basically the truth is we were just in different classes of slavery but slaves the same. So my fellow Americans do we keep this freedom that the founders risked their lives and some did give up their life so this Great Nation could be born THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or we can sit idly by and watch her so deteriorate until the American dream will be something of the past because what kind of America will our children and grandchildren wake up to, a prosperous and free nation or something else?


I wanna give your post a thumbs up but I can’t with the enemy’s terminology in there.


@Chanthala, I agree with you except for one pretty significant detail. Our founding fathers did not give us this right. That is part of the fallacy some would want us to believe, and agree to. Because if men gave us this right by legislation, men can surely take it away in the same manner.

All the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are NATURAL rights. It means they are a part of being. You are born with them. They are not granted by men or the government. Therefore, men or the government cannot take them away without our consent. I can choose to NOT exercise my rights, but men cannot, without my consent, take them away. I can choose to speak freely, bear arms, or vote. But the government cannot restrict these so that I may not exercise them.

Many would like you to believe that government, or the constitution gives us these rights. Because then they can be “legislated” away. The U.S. Constitution is not there to restrict “We the People”. It is there to restrict the power of the GOVERNMENT.

It is a distinction that has to be well understood and always framed in that context so that no one can make the claim that these rights are “fluid”, or “not absolute”. If you want to unrestrict government or protect more rights from the power of the government there is an amendment process to the constitution.

At our founding (the ratification of the constitution) there were 10 enumerated rights (the Bill of Rights). Over time the constitution has been amended several times (27 Amendments). Some in government and within our society want us to believe that Congress can simply declare a right no longer applicable (not absolute), but it does not work that way. We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy. The Majority does not have the “right” to trample on the rights of the Minority, even if they vote on it. To do that the Minority has to agree. That is why the Amendment process is so long, involved and cumbersome. You can’t just have a majority of people decide (popular vote) you have to have 2/3 of the STATES decide. So that large very populated states cannot throw their weight around and oppress smaller less populated states.

This is also the reason we have an electoral college, and not simply a popular vote election (one of the first amendments to the original bill or rights (the 12th)). By 1803 the founders had truly understood that democracies promote mob rule. Since each state in our federation is sovereign, a preponderance of people (large populations) cannot be allowed to trample on less populated states.

Sorry for the long post but I think that if we want to truly be able to defend our rights vigorously, we need to not fall for the semantic traps that some use to try to argue our rights away.


Yes, I stand corrected the founders didn’t give us those rights they are Unalienable God given rights that only a Creator can take not man. And I was being sarcastic folks when I put the word assault weapon in my original comments. The truth is anything can be an assault weapon, yes I understand they are trying to make certain types of rifles sound evil by labeling them assault rifles. The musket rifles the colonist had back than in 1776 were the best and most effective rifles that existed in their time. So why shouldn’t todays’ American have the same thing the best and most effective rifles of our times and one of those rifles happens to be automatic?


It won’t be local police if anyone does show up it will probably be the feds FBI or ATF.


Not true, but they were the most readily available, and likely the least expensive. Also, originally, muskets were smooth-bore, not rifled, therefore, not rifles.

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Which one is automatic?


Correction semi-automatic and automatic for special people. They exist the special people government and civilians.

It’s too bad Congress people cannot understand that statement???


What I meant to say is certain people in government have access to full auto weapons whether machine guns or rifles and certain civilians have the legal license to have machine guns.

If they come-a-knockin’, they can have all of my fully semi-automatic extended high capacity clip AR revolvers!


Now you made a whole new class of firearm for them to ban. :roll_eyes:


Please avoid the term "law abiding " better terms are honest and responsible gun owners.

Unconstitutional laws may from time to time, be ignored.

The patriots that we celebrate were criminals committing treason. But they were honest and responsible citizens.


I concur 1000 percent. The media and the gun control freaks want to blanket everyone as criminals. We have as humans inherent rights that even the government cannot ever give. Is called inborn rights. You do not need a piece of paper to let you know that. The Constitution specifically shows the government or whatever body politic rein in their limited powers. That power comes and is by the consent of the governed. But as it turns out the government wants to turn it around to make it look like they rule over you (like kings) and you have to accept the ongoing narratives (whatever they conceive in the hysterical moment). The past couple of months with the SCOTUS decision handed down about the 2nd amendment is too much for them to understand or do not want to understand. The SCOTUS decisions on the 2nd amendment have been handed down in a wide majority conclusion. The problem is that politicians (especially the gun control freaks) want a disarmed population so they can continue advancing on taking your rights away slowly and surely. They do not want an uprising where the population is going to explode on them with the every day shenanigans and unlawful violations of the Bill of Rights or your inherent rights, period. Another problem is the corruption that permeates Washington and the political acolytes. Precedent cases have shown that this issue is resolved and no matter what other strategy they want to try and implement is doomed to failure. The citizenry needs to get involved and start holding the political class accountable to us. We the people need to start getting very pro active and fast or they will get their way sooner or later. Like Tim states and I agree any weapon is not going to do anything until the person behind it pulls the trigger or activate it in some kind of way or use it to do some harm whatever they maybe. Knives are weapons and we do not see them outlawing those aren’t we? How about a rock or a piece of wood etc, etc, etc. Weapons are all around us if you really think about it? But since the hysterical ones want to have gun control and do not even care to even listen to the other side or do a bit of research (oh is too much work for them to even think). Give president Trump credit in having the right Justices in place to oversee that our Rights are not eroded or done away with. Regardless we all have rights and we must know and act accordingly so to ensure that the human race keep striving to a better place in the future. Our next generation is owed that since they will take over when the elderly ones pass on, just like the Founders. If we capitulate to egregious bad laws or dictates we surely lose everything that we hold dear in our lives.


Looks like a lot of people are still voting with their wallet:

Gun buyers defy Pelosi and Democrats, sales top 1M for three straight years (


Knives are tools, but they are already restricted in many cities, as well as federal properties and airports. There was a famous case in NYC where a construction worker was convicted of a crime for carrying a multi-tool with a knife in it.

It’ll probably get worse. There are already groups in the UK who are pushing for knife bans. They’re using exactly the same bumper-sticker lines that we hear in the US with guns. “Why does anyone need to carry a knife?”


Yes, but I do not see the same impetus over the knives as is with the guns. More crimes are committed with knives than guns and the hysterics over that is not as loud as it is with the guns or rifles as they are claiming. So where does the cretins get this idea that guns now are a health epidemic like it was or is still ongoing with the plandemic of covid-19 or the like. Yes the viciousness of the left is getting outright appalling and using the latest killings for their gain in stature on gun control and making things worse. They are not abiding by the SCOTUS ruling on this and it may get more cases being filed. So they can keep bankrupting the government with an agenda that is not going to work. Also the idea of passing the so call ban assault weapons is a farce because the wording of it is already a mistake. The political hacks just want to go along the dumb narrative they are proposing and they claim it is going to save lives. If that is the case why don’t they also fix the issues with the overall lot of our lives and holding the other corporations responsible for their toxic products that kill more per year than weapons like guns. The UK is a perfect example why you should not ban guns. That has not help their crime rate either, Crime will be around as long as man is around and not having humans needs met will be the catalyst of the ongoing crime issues. Oh why have the media and other acolytes talked about the psychotropic drug being given to our youth. Ever since that has started the escalation of mass shootings have risen with correlation of kids medically intoxicated with these drugs. Care to elaborate further?

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I concur could have not said it better. Also the point you make about slavery is on point. One way or another there was a class of slaves through out the planet. We do have a new slave status in the present. Is called the federal government (the IRS) et al, and its taxation on everything through out the country or for that matter the world. Pay your shillings or you wont get the needed permits or license to go about your life. Now they want to mandate vaccines as part of you living, go figure.