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Dear Mr. President, 

On behalf of the more than 550,000 members of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and the more than 500 employees at our Wisconsin headquarters and around the country, I am writing in response to your recent call for “commonsense gun law reforms.” 

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Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the more than 550,000 members of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) and the more than 500 employees at our Wisconsin headquarters and around the country, I am writing in response to your recent call for “commonsense gun law reforms.”

While we can agree that there are several “commonsense” and long overdue changes needed to our nation’s gun laws, we firmly believe that the path forward should be focused on supporting and protecting responsible, law-abiding Americans — not criminalizing and punishing them.

Troubling Commonsense Gun Laws

Sadly, the anti-gun proposals you have laid out thus far, both as a candidate and in your recent February 14 statement, would do virtually nothing to reduce crime or help more Americans keep their families safe. It’s deeply troubling to witness you using the solemn anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to advocate for new gun laws that — even had they been in place three years ago — would have done nothing to stop those heinous murders. You called on Congress to pass a law requiring “universal background checks” but pointedly failed to note that the murderer purchased his firearm legally and passed a background check.

Further, your proposal last year to impose a new tax on millions of gun owners would disproportionately harm working-class Americans who can least afford it during these difficult economic times. Lower-income Americans should not be forced to choose between protecting their families and breaking the law or handing over their firearms to the government and leaving their homes unprotected.

If you are truly interested in advocating for commonsense gun law reforms that are grounded in reality rather than anti-gun political ideology, we urge you to consider a new path with the goal of keeping Americans safe by ensuring they can protect their families and loved ones at all times. It has been demonstrated time and again that criminals, by definition, have no respect for our laws, and so the focus should be on supporting those law-abiding Americans who choose to protect.

National Reciprocity Is Commonsense

The fundamental right to protect oneself and one’s family appeals to ALL Americans and cuts through party lines. We see that every day at the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, where we proudly have hundreds of thousands of members from all across the political spectrum.

In the past year, nearly 5 million new gun owners have joined the more than 100 million Americans who already own guns. Record numbers of Americans have been purchasing firearms to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, and the number of gun owners seeking self-defense education and training is at an all-time high. Women and minorities are now leading the way as the fastest-growing groups of concealed carry permit holders in the country as well as in membership at the USCCA.

Each of these responsible, law-abiding Americans has stepped forward to take responsibility for protecting his or her loved ones in an increasingly chaotic world. Yet our government’s antiquated patchwork of concealed carry laws is putting them at risk. How is it “commonsense” that a law-abiding American who has passed a background check and is legally allowed to carry a firearm in Virginia is subject to arrest and imprisonment if he or she steps foot over the state line into Maryland? How is it “commonsense” to tell parents that they should avoid air travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and travel by car with their families, if necessary, but they’re not allowed to protect themselves depending on which states they drive through?

In short, there is nothing “commonsense” about America’s patchwork of concealed carry laws, and that is why we need national concealed carry reciprocity — where state-issued concealed carry permits are treated just like driver’s licenses.

Support Responsible Citizens

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association exists to help responsible Americans avoid danger, save lives and keep their families safe. And we believe that our elected leaders in Washington have an incredible obligation to pursue these same goals. That’s why Congress and your administration should support the most responsible citizens of this nation — concealed carry permit holders — and help ensure they can protect themselves and their families at all times.

National concealed carry reciprocity — not higher taxes or more stringent regulations on already responsible gun owners, and certainly not removing the means by which those responsible gun owners can defend themselves and their loved ones — is a truly “commonsense” reform that will help more Americans keep their families safe. We urge you to support it.

Sincerely, Tim Schmidt USCCA President and Founder

Show Your Support for National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Sign the petition that shows Americans from all over this great nation support national reciprocity. Allowing responsible gun owners to carry across state lines is commonsense.

Please share your thoughts below.


This entire letter/post is all centered around the premise that the president is using any “common sense” or rational. Both are completely false considerations rendering this post a waste of time.

Here’s the reality that you and too many Americans overlook.

  1. Democrats have historically only acted when AR/AK style weapons or other “scary” weapons were used to murder innocent lives. They regularly see people murdering one another daily with pistols and don’t say a word in the very cities they manage/represent.
  2. Every law democrats implement have already been tried and failed to provide any change to the problem…so why do they continue to implement the same laws over and over? Simply put, because it isn’t about fixing the problem, they want to keep the problem, it empowers them to continue chipping away at the 2nd amendment and taking away guns.
  3. The definition of insanity is said to be doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results correct? So are the democrats insane by implementing the same laws and thinking it will fix anything, no…they are calculative and manipulating their base to give them more power to take away more rights…period. If everything was great and no more mass murders happened and they called to ban AR/AK style weapons, the public would likely say, why? However, when some idiot killer chooses to murder a bunch of people with an AR style weapon, and they call to ban that weapon or limit magazine capacity, or ban bump stocks or whatever, people are more inclined to agree simply because at least it’s “SOMETHING”. What you and everyone forgets is that it really isn’t something…it’s nothing. It’s wasted tax dollars and time spent chasing their dream of disarming americans and it fits their agenda without any hope of fixing the actual problem.

We need to stop playing dumb and start asking the questions again. Like, I just voted for this douche who has served in office over 47 years and has NEVER done anything to help anyone…ever. If you or I worked for 1 year at our jobs without anything to show for it, do you think we’d be employed long? We need to stop and ask, what have you done for us? How is this plan going to help and if it doesn’t, are you going to end the program? If this doesn’t work, what is the backup plan? Honestly, I used to be a democrat and until the day where I began asking the questions and really thinking about the impact…I thought (falsely) that I was on the virtuous side working towards change for the better. However, once I started asking the questions like, “High speed rail”? So it goes from LA to Bakersfield? How many commuters are there going between those two places to justify spending billions on a high speed rail? Wouldn’t a high speed rail be better where more people go like Las Vegas and LA? So, our governor is asking for more tax dollars for homelessness? Wait…he’s asked every year for the last 10 years for more money…is he giving this money away or what? Where is this money going that he’s already spent over 75 million of our tax dollars and the problem only seems to be getting worse? Why aren’t we auditing the government and their tax spending? Why are we allowing the government to regulate themselves when clearly they have done a piss poor job thus far? Why on EARTH do we want MORE government and bigger GOVERNMENT when all it does is mismanage the funds they get? They’ve appointed people to watch the people watching the people to watch the people and they think this makes sense? How exactly have democrats EVER helped make our country better? What have the democrats EVER done for the USA? The democrats are responsible for slavery, segregation, trail of tears, fighting against women’s rights to vote, fighting against every civil act on record except the civil rights act of 1964 where only half of the dems actually were on board compared to 97% of republicans. How much longer are we going to live in this delusion that Democrats are here to make the world better when not one of you can name anything they’ve actually done to help anyone? Stop thinking you’re on the right team and actually do your own research and look and if you can’t find some real tangible things your party has done to better our country…then you’re in the wrong party.

We need to educate democrats so they stop sitting idle and let their leadership make decision to strip us of our rights because they are apathetic to politics. As I said, I was a dem…and now I understand how misguided I was for so many years. Keep feeding them the right information and we’ll change the people. However, thinking you’ll change the politicians is honestly pointless as they are all dem politicians seeking money and power and they have seen that the path they’re on will lead to their own personal fortune.


I think that is what this message is trying to accomplish. I don’t think it is aimed at the politicians on the left (or the right) that think there is power or money to be gained or kept by disarming private citizens who lawfully defend themselves. Or the reactionary gun fearing people who feel powerless in a scary world and decide to blame guns instead of the violent criminals who will use whatever tools available to hurt the innocent.

This message seems designed to try and open the door to the tens of millions of people who are currently being manipulated by biased messaging designed to play on fears and emotions instead of being educated by sound reasoning and facts.


I certainly appreciate the intent of Tim Schmidt’s open letter, however I believe that the beliefs and sentiments contained therein will fall on deaf ears.

While one may strive towards political compromise, appealing to the benevolence of tyrants will only result in the perception of weakness.

The Biden Administration has made it abundantly clear that the total repeal of the 2nd Amendment is their goal.

Posting an open letter with the expectation of dialogue or compromise is merely showing your opponent that you hold a losing hand.


This is my first post to USCCA
Gee what a considered and reasoned letter to biden.
You sound like a real politician, someone who is as clueless as the rest of the clowns in DC.

Just wondering if you will capitulate to people who will confiscate the weapons by providing a list to the government of who are members (asking for an American).

You should have reminded him, that there is a Constitution that is the law of the land, not some pablum of “common sense gun control laws”

I can see you are as effective as the NRA.

This is my last post to USCCA

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As a member, I received an email recently (from USCCA) title “My letter to Joe Biden”.
in this email Tim Schmidt informed us (the membership) that he had sent a letter to BIDEN
about congress’s proposed laws, attacking our 2nd amendment rights.

my response …“WHY WASTE MY TIME (or the time of this membership)”
those fools running the country HATE gun owners and will never stop until they disarm ALL OF US.
so sending emails, texts, etc to Federal Congress is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

if you want to do something, MAKE LAWS ‘in your own state’ which will PREVENT the feds from
attacking our 2nd amendment rights. it’s the only way. contact your LOCAL state level
representatives, senators and Governors to enact these laws NOW.

stop the attack on our RIGHTS.
the enemy is here NOW. no more time to waste. write your representatives.


To be correct:
Tim Schmidt
This name shouldn’t be messed up… at least here :zipper_mouth_face:

@Oilseed , what have you meant by:

“WHY WASTE MY TIME (or the time of this membership)”


thanks. fixed.

Because we need every gun organization to bombard them with our stance on this.


why? do you think they CARE if they get MILLIONS of emails or messages?
they didn’t care about the 74Million, so why do you this this would matter.
again, you’re wasting you time. they hate US. and that will NEVER change.

focus your ENERGY on what WILL make a difference. that’s my point.


I don’t treat this as “wasting” my time. If I don’t agree with something, I do everything to be heard. Will they listen to me? Maybe yes, maybe not… but half of million voices may change it.

Good move Mr.Schmidt ! :+1:


You wrote to the president. Good. But surely you know that Mr. Biden will NEVER see the the letter or even be made aware that it was received. The powers that be have no interest in people like us other than to suppress, oppress, depress and ultimately to dispose of us. Letters are nice but true physical action is needed. Problem is us proles (proletarians) have no leadership, no action plan other than letters and votes. We CANNOT organize because we will be canceled, watched, arrested, put on a “list”, infiltrated and ultimately disposed of. We are radicals, untrustworthy and even deplorable and not to be allowed to even breathe, let alone have some sort of freedom.
The country is ruled by “The Party” and by the summer Mr. Biden will be removed and Ms. Harris will be president and every gun dealer and manufacturer will have licenses revoked and every gun we own or want to own or even think about will be removed, confiscated and delivered to mexican cartels and chinese communists to use against us. Count on it. Oh yeah, we will all lose our jobs too.
Have a good day,


Biden could likely care less how many pro 2A letters he gets. But if all the Republican senators can be convinced to keep pretending they care about the 2A and one or two purple state Dems get enough letters to think their reelection is in jeopardy then we can at least slow down the onslaught and perhaps even win a victory or two in the Supreme Court.


Good news!

  1. You are not a prol. Prols do not own a toothbrush to their name. You have a lot and care about a lot.
  2. The other side does not have leadership. Give me examples of intellectual giants, or shining role models if you disagree. Who? Corrupt hair sniffer? “Lolita Express” passenger? Lady with the braids who believes AR15 fires 50 cal bullet? LOL!

No, you are afraid you will be cancelled, etc. We are not kids to face the principal :slight_smile:


I am glad to see USCCA speak up on behalf of its members. Speaking up is the right thing to do. Tim Schmidt can’t control Joe Biden, but he can use his platform to make sure America knows there are a half-million citizens who are going to be fierce advocates for the second ammendment. In fact, exercising our 1st amendment rights may be the most important thing we can do to protect our 2nd amendment rights. Something is working, because more and more states are allowing concealed carry with less and less red tape. Even Illinois was forced into it several years ago. I think groups like USCCA and other advocacy groups have something to do with the tide turning at the state and county levels. Thank you USCCA for standing up for me.


They may hate us but they do care about being reelected and hearing from millions upon millions that we disagree does impact their thought process around this. Maybe not the president so much, as they only get a max of two terms., but the representatives care…they don’t want to lose their cosy jobs. Part of our problem with our system is just this, that WAY too many people believe their voice doesn’t matter. That’s exactly what they WANT you to believe.

  1. Prols make the toothbrushes. And everything else
  2. The other side are meta physicians. They make nothing, contribute nothing and have never lived among the proles. Living among us would be unbearable for them. They are too soft. The hair sniffer is totally unaware of everything. He is a mere puppet and not even a good one at that. The braid lady is a textbook example of metaphysics. Never been in the real world and believes that her thoughts are in fact the truth. I think the Lolita express passenger might be a reference to a former party leader who is another example of an airhead. AKA meta physicist. Sometimes referred to as intellectuals.
    No, I’m not afraid. But I am prepared for what’s coming. If you cannot, or will not see what’s coming you will most likely be “cancelled”. You might consider preparing too.

The alternative: No letters, no emails, no phone calls or telegrams voicing your opposition? When it comes to a vote House and Senate members can all rightfully claim none of their constituents objected, so why not pass the bill?

Silence implies consent.

Speak up. They may not listen to you, but at least they can’t claim you supported them.