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Some folks might argue that gun ownership and the Republican identity have almost become inseparable. To that point, Republican candidates and representatives have historically supported law-abiding Americans’ basic right to self-defense and opposed “big government” and its attempts to pass laws that try to infringe on that right.

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I think the GOP should use Pelosi tactics, and fight to attach to any of their proposed bills a provision that they should be in the same boat as their constituents, in that they and their bodyguards are not allowed to be armed and must rely on 911 to protect them!


“Yes I whole heartedly believe and cling to every word that comes out of a politicians mouth and their political platform.”
-Said no person ever


To further illustrate the difference on 2A, has anyone made a line-by-line comparison of RNC-DNC policies? Might be the makings of a good article…


I live in California, land of loonies. As such I’ve seen such gun control measures as a ban on open carry, ban on “assault weapons”, ban on “large capacity” magazines, ban on certain features of an AR style weapon like the mag release (requiring a bullet button) or pistol grips and more, laws passed requiring all new firearms sold in the state to require microstamping (even though the technology doesn’t really exist…lookup California Roster of Approved Handguns for Sale), ammunition background checks, prevention of ammo sale on any who don’t show a registered firearm in that caliber (can’t buy any AR ammo if you don’t show one on your record), Prevention of buying ammo without Real ID or passport and other federal identification, ban on concealed carry on school property, and many many more.

All of these steps haven’t prevented anything except to punish and hurt citizens of the state who want to buy new firearms or ammo. It’s become laughable to say the least that one political party spends every tax dollar they can to fight against a particular tool while ignoring the countless other deadly objects people use to murder every day like vehicles, explosives, knives, blunt objects, etc. The hypocrisy of the left to target the one tool they hate while NOT applying the same “logic” on other deadly weapons shows that it’s simply ridiculous and shows the ignorance of the left. We need to push back against the states unlawful bans and restrictions because they aren’t fair, aren’t justifiable, and certainly haven’t proven to prevent violence like the left claims they do.


I live in Texas where the 2nd Amendment is honored.
Have been crippled up by a bulging disk, but now have a spinal cord stimulator which tricks the brain into not receiving the pain signal.
I will be back at the range to shoot my Massad 9mm.


Welcome William, I do love Texas and miss visiting for the great BBQ and friendly faces. Though we both know that there are growing liberal areas like Austin that are starting to change the dynamic of the area. All my friends in Texas in the DFW and Austin areas remind me regularly how “California needs to stop shipping their idiots to our state!” Sadly, I feel like we really need to confine all Liberals to their state of origin so we can stop this spread of stupidity to other states. My birth state of Oregon is a perfect example. It was once a Total Red State and now as time progressed and more liberals spread, it’s dealing with months of riots and a governor who is asking for county sheriff’s help now that she defunded her own police to help curb the violence and they denied her.

Frankly, its sad because liberals tend to flee from the mess they created and just create the same mess where ever they go next.


Just because the Democrats don’t care about your second amendment rights does not mean the Republicans do.
No mainstream politician ever has respected your gun rights. Republicans historically are at best MARGINALLY better than the Democrats, and Trump is the perfect example.
Republicans created the dystopian nightmare that is modern day California after racially motivated violence and voter suppression caused radical blacks to take up arms to defend themselves.
Reagan enacted the core of our current NFA restrictions as they stand today.
Trump unilaterally banned bump stocks, personally killed the hearing protection act, repeatedly championed red flag laws and civil asset forfeiture, attempted to ban all Turkish firearms imports, and has said or done nothing regarding the ongoing extralegal and unconstitutional double-jeopardy assault the ATF is making on pistol braces. This post would be a lot longer if I were to talk about all the things he and his proponents talked about doing but never happened.

The DNC pretends to care about your personal liberties for the sake of votes. The RNC does the same with gun rights.


I live in Arizona. and I’m seeing the same thing. People are moving to Arizona and they are also bringing their liberal agenda to Arizona as well. And it needs to stop. Arizona is one of if I remember right 18 states that are a CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY STATE. And these liberals are moving here and trying to force their ANTI-2A LAWS ON THE STATE.


Welcome, @William363!!

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You know, the hard-right stance that I’ve seen in USCCA videos and on this forum actually caused me to call up customer support? I needed to know if I should bother paying you, since as a Democrat, I felt you’d tell me “Tough luck, sucker” if I ever needed you. This blog post very much reinforces those concerns.
You go on about what the GOP SAYS, but goddamn, do you ever look at what they DO? I didn’t think so. You ONLY care if it’s an R or D in front of the name, you pay no attention to what the people do, and that is very sad.
Maybe you want your kids to drink poisonous water because some chemical firm got the EPA restrictions lifted, but I don’t. Maybe you want to see our costal cities drowned because ‘Rolling Coal sticks it to the libs’, but I don’t.
I care. I care about the environment, I care about the climate, hell I even care about the right-wing lunatics that would gladly murder me for being a Democrat, and then not lose any sleep over shedding my blood. Sadly, based on what I read here, I fear many of you might just fall into that category, but because I’m an American Patriot, and was raised to think all life is precious, I still care about you. I’d die defending you (hopefully in a huge pile of brass casings), if called on, and stand before my creator with head held high knowing I loved my neighbor as much as I love myself. Just curious, can you say the same about me? Can you? I really wonder.
Try and remember this: We are NOT the Republican States of America.
It ain’t R or D, it’s USA.


Guess since USCCA appears to support the GOP, I will be shopping for self defense insurance once again.

Welcome, Leslie.
In spite of my tirade above, I will tell you that customer service assured me that my political party did not determine whether or not they would cover me. Yes, I’m concerned about the hard right-wing stance I see often expressed on these forums, and yes, the right-wing platform of the 21st Century appalls me for the sheer cruelty and apparent willingness to embrace racism. I don’t know if the people here are actually self-aware enough to realize that being a one-issue voter this time around is suicide. I think all they see is ‘democrats want my gunzzzzz!’ and don’t realize that what is really on the line is our very democratic way of life. And of course, the whole ‘democrats want my gunzzzz’ has been going on for so long, almost all the right-wing actually believe it, even though Trump* is the only president that ever said anything like that. Live, and on camera, no less: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxgybgEKHHI&ab_channel=CNBC
I looked at quite a few companies before I settled on USCCA, and I do think they offer the best support, but man do I wish they didn’t make me feel so unwelcome.
Because they really do make me feel unwelcome here.

@Richard306 The RNC can do more to protect 2A rights. I was dismayed that they couldn’t pass the Hearing Safe Act and 50 State Reciprocity in the first 18 months of President Trumps 1st term. Seems like the Democrat Party is ok with murdering Innocent Children http://www.numberofabortions.com/. That is a higher body count than every war we have ever been in as a country. See, there is another issue people here care about. So why does your party choose Marxism/Socialism over our Constitutional Republic? Neither party has impressed me with supporting the Constitution but the Democratic Party is hell-bent on undermining our Constitution. Not talking just 2A. They are to lazy or afraid of due process in changing the Constitution. You take the Lord’s name in vain in an open forum so I imagine you also want to rid the country of the Christian principles it was founded on. The strongest argument you can make is automatically calling anyone with an opposing view “A Racist”. Not real impressed so far…


Thanks for your response. I wasn’t that concerned about the coverage. What I don’t like is a company that I purchase services from, attempting to influence my vote. I do not vote based on party, but simply based on who I believe is best qualified and how they stand on issues. My post was to see if the company even cares that being partisan can cost them customers.

Hmm, seems you didn’t actually read my posts very well. Qh, and btw, this country was NOT founded on Christian principals, but I don’t expect you to either believe me, nor look it up yourself.
As for the racism, I can only surmise you either are intentionally cherry-picking just to ‘win points’ against me, or you are seriously not paying attention to the current state of this nation.
You apply the “both sides are bad” without even noticing that the current administration is basically doing its dead-level best to destroy our Constitution, ignoring any and every law in the name of tyranny. But, whatever. I’m so tired of listening to “the dems want our guns” for the last 50 damn years that I hardly even care that the republicans keep beating on that lie.
Finally, I notice that you ignore the most serious questions I posed. Why does that not surprise me? Need a refresher? Here: Knowing how I feel, and what I think of republicans as they are expressed in this day and age, could you place your hand on a Bible and in the name of your God swear on your immortal soul that you’d take a bullet for me?

Finally, no, I don’t want to ‘rid the country of the Christian principles’, although we were not founded on them. I just want to see it out of government. Especially when it’s used to mask evil, as it so often is. Christianity is not what it used to be. Very few that profess it, live it. In fact, the vast majority of “Christians” I have met did not-except on Sunday.
And on that subject:
For the sake of honesty, I was raised Baptist, and served for many, many years in the church. I spent the better part of a decade as a Deacon, teaching Bible studies, as well as too many other duties to list. Now, however, I’m an atheist. This came about on my 4th full cover to cover readthrough of the Bible. That time through, I actually thought about what I was reading, instead of just blindly accepting it as the Holy Word of God. If you read the entire Bible, not just the few verses your pastor reads on Sunday, but the whole thing, be warned: Don’t think about what you read, if you don’t want issues with your faith.
Maybe it’s a bit hypocritical of me to speak on, and indeed, call upon what I no longer believe, but I did, and in spite of that I stand by what I’ve said.
I do want to make it clear though, that while I don’t personally believe I’ll ever meet a creator, I might be wrong. I don’t clam to be infallible, nor to have absolute knowledge of things that can neither be proven nor disproven.

Interesting. I’d not thought about that. Yes, it will be informative to see the responses you get.

It always amazes me that most average people blame other parties for the social ill doings instead of looking at themselves or the real problem and doing something about it. It is so tiring hearing the left blame the right and the right blame the left. If there was just one party without the other, that would be a real problem in this country. Balance is the key. However, as a liberal thinker I agree that our Constitution and Bill of Rights is under attack from both sides and their political tantrums are hurting America. One thing is really clear, our current president that is in office is a stain on who we are and what we have fought for since the American Revolution. He has taken a dump on our constitution and bargained away with some of our 2nd amendment (bump stocks , red flag laws, etc.) rights for political favors and the NRA has been in on it. It is time to demand in votes that we are tired of the current policies of our White House and vote left then vote right for federal state and local legislature offices. Also, remember that a conservative Supreme and Appeals Courts will always interpret the constitution the way it was written and not on their personal believes. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are the most important part of our Republic that we have fought for and we shall stand shoulder to shoulder, right and left, black white brown yellow straight gay Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist Etc. Etc. to defend no matter what. Then and only then will we be the nation we strive to be. Remember we are a nation of immigrants that nobody else wanted or were forced and shipped off here. This is the best country in the world and we are allowing the ultra 1% to speak and make laws for us while they pay nothing in tax? It has all been for them (1%) and our middle class (backbone) has been rung dry by the wealthy right.

Not entirely true. If it was, we would not have CC laws “allowing” us to carry, and in more liberal states, Constitutional carry. Those laws were not passed by the party of Jim Crow. Reagan was a Democrat before he became a Republican. Obviously he was not much of a Conservative, regardless of what the Republicans claim. Yes, both sides of the aisle have been active in denying rights; Patriot Act, anyone?


You obviously do not work at a tax department. I worked at the IRS for half-a-dozen years. That statement is wholly untrue. They pay far more than most, especially as about 50% pay nothing in federal income tax and many of those “get” money - our money - as an “earned income” credit.

One aspect of taxes that bothers me the most is, if we believe in equality, as most claim, should we not all bear the same burden of maintaining our government? That means if it costs $10,000 per year per person to run government, then we all bear that same burden - equally. If government costs you too much, then we need to cut government programs to where you are able to afford them, not require me pay for you.

If you have 5 children, why should you pay less in tax, when you have made a lifestyle choice that actually burdens the rest of us even more (school taxes, etc.)? If we believe in equality, those that were fortunate enough to become wealthy, should not have a government mandate to fund others’ poor life choices. Charity begins at home. Our Declaration of Independence states the pursuit of happiness, it does not guarantee the outcome - that is on you. We are not entitled to new cars, cell phones, etc.