It's not a "Liberal" vs "Conservative" thing

If you’ve been in the Community for a while you may have seen me already address this issue, but I think it’s important enough to have its own post for discussion.

Self-defense, gun control, firearms, and carrying a gun is not a “liberal” vs “conservative” thing.

Yes, there are people who do not want us to be able to carry a gun - there are even people who think only the police and military should own firearms. Those people are anti-gun, they are NOT “liberals”. I know that a lot of them are liberal, however, a lot of liberals carry a firearm and support the Second Amendment as well. A lot of conservatives are anti-gun and a lot are pro-gun.

By using the term “liberals” for the anti-gun crowd we are alienating those who are liberal and carry a firearm or are interested in finding out more about firearms. Alienating someone does nothing to help our goal of educating, training, and being able to defend ourselves and our families.

I welcome anyone and everyone to the USCCA Online Community who would like to discuss how we can best protect our families and ourselves. Everyone does not have to agree on everything, but we all have to be respectful and logical with our discussions so that we all may learn from each other.


Dawn, I couldn’t agree more.


I agree. Theres a few extreme areas of the country and that fuels some of the extreme politicians. Most of us live in the middle the you leave me alone I leave you alone world.


My brother is a prime example, very liberal but very pro-gun, supports that ideal with contributions, and conceal carries. :slight_smile:

Excellent point and your post as a whole is very important for everyone to understand.

Exactly! We all have differing views on things. There is a “catch phrase” a lot of “pro-gun people” use that I cringe when I hear it and disagree with, but I find I will just let them air their views without putting a label on it or causing a ruckus because I disagree. Better to live and let live unless someone is actively trying to take away the 2nd amendment rights we have.

edit to add: I just figured out how to do this whole quote thing so went a little crazy with it :slight_smile:


Absolutely true, Dawn. While as a percentage I would say CCW holders skew heavily conservative, there are a sizeable group of liberals who carry also. One of the most liberal guys I have ever talked to not only has built himself quite a collection of serious handguns and carries daily, he also trains in Martial Blade Concepts. We need every person we can get in the fight for our freedoms, because ultimately that is what’s at stake.


Very, very true! And looking for our commonalities will help us build a stronger Community and country than looking for our differences.



Thank you, this is a drum that I have also been beating for some time. I have been asked to leave a popular gun forum because if it. I didn’t see that as a problem, after all, there are a lot of forums to call home.

The two presidents that I consider to be among the, if not the, best presidents are Theodore Roosevelt and DW Eisenhower. Both great; but both would be seen as left of centre today.

I have seen, and do appreciate your efforts in making sure that Gun Ownership is not a right/left thing, but a right for all people and clearly protected for all Americans.

Again, thank you.


I’ve been working on using anti-gun instead of liberal. It’s not that easy with all of the liberal bashing (as well as conservative bashing).

I’ve recently won over a liberal Democrat friend of mine, he wants me to take him to get his first handgun. His wife is not so convinced, however he just made his first foray into local politics so she is starting to see the need.

And yes I’m absolutely going to go gun shopping with him. I suspect he’s going to be a wheelgun kind of person, I’m not very familiar with them, but I will do my best to help him.


Glad you’re helping him out! Invite him to the Community, @Spence!


I’d take it a step further, and not just say anti-gun, but anti-2A. The 2nd Amendment protects our right to keep, and BEAR arms. Some gun owners (cough Fudds cough) only believe in the right to own certain guns for hunting and sport shooting, while they don’t believe in our God given rights to carry a gun for self defense. They are ok with certain gun control, and even ok with over the top requirements for owning certain guns.


As probably the rare Constitutional Libertarian, I think everyone is crazy. Although, everyone thinks we are. I’m still not giving up my tin foil hat though.


All true but it’s an undeniable fact that the left in this country is 90% or more against our 2nd Amendment rights. The exceptions are few and far between.

I don’t however care what anyone’s politics are on any other subject if they support our 2nd Amendment rights and particularly our right to carry in public.


Start him off then looking at the SP101 and GP100. They are have the best ergonomics of any line of revolvers ever made.

I’ve never seen anyone that could not pick one up and shoot it well that had even minimal experience with firearms.

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@WildRose, could you point me to this data please? The latest polls that I found had 21% of Americans (as a whole, no affiliation) wanting to abolish the 2nd Amendment and along party lines 39% of Democrats wanted it, and 8% of Republicans wanted to abolish the 2nd Amendment. I’m not asking this in argument of what you stated, I’m just looking to find new polling or data to support a 90% figure. TIA


Gun control is an integral part of the Democratic Party Platform. Most won’t come out and admit to wanting an outright repeal of the 2nd Amendment because they know that doing so would cost them millions of votes from the few remaining pro gun, but mostly also pro gun control democrats.

“The Right of the People To Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed”.

Whether they admit to being anti 2nd Amendment or claim to support it but want gun controls they are anti 2nd Amendment by definition.


@JKetchem maybe not as rare as you think. I have extra tin foil if you need it.

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I knew I liked you for some reason. :wink:

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@JKetchem @Zee

Definitely not as rare as one would think.


I carry most of the time, I don’t carry at home, but my wife and I have loaded firearms around our apartment… I carry when out and about, I am a disabled USMC VET, my wife works at the Denver Health Detox, and get threatened about 6 times a week, and we were threatened years ago at dinner for asking the management to have a motorcycle move from the handicapped area. He and his girlfriend ended up in jail…(not paying their bill, threatening our lives in front of a bunch of elderly people like us, and warrants) karma, but since then I went and got a CCW and keep loaded firearms in the apt. the wife is a former law enforcement officer as well, but she only carries when she goes out of town without me. What has this world come to… when we had a problem with someone we went fist to face, now these young ones think, stab, shoot, or whatever… I am disappointed with all of the movies, video games, I had a friend ask his daughter what would happen if someone shot her or stabbed her. she said I would go to the hospital and they would make me good as new. WOW, we sat her down and had a talk with her, although she being 12 thinks she is invincible.

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Well said. We can’t forget that the 2nd Amendment, like all of our rights, applies to everyone. Failure to defend that right as being universal is a mistake, and likely one that they anti-gun crowd will exploit whenever possible.