Breaking down the 2nd (In a good way)


There is so much being read into and out of the Second Amendment that it’s important that we know how to discuss it in detail with those who believe it doesn’t grant us the right to keep and carry firearms.

Here’s a great blog article - it’s definitely worth the read for a good wording to discuss the Second in a well thought out manner. And if you use any of the points outlined here, please let me know what the other person’s response was!

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I just posted this blog to my Facebook page. And called out all democrats running for President and the other democrats that keep wanting to push more gun laws.


Devils advocate here - is it just Democrat’s?


Don’t forget the RINO’s who need to be called out too.


It was really to EVERYONE. But it seems that it’s more Democrats than others. But it does seem that no days these things ARE NOT BEING TAUGHT IN OUR SCHOOLS ANYMORE. And it is because the PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL don’t want it taught because it goes against their agenda. So they’ve stopped teaching it. Or they teach it the way that they feel and that goes along with their agenda. Which most of the time is wrong.