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I was originally going to put this in either the NRA or Democrat Gun Control thread, but the more I read it, the more I thought it needed its own thread. This is a very good article from Forbes on how Americans are viewing the second amendment in the lens of current events and that the NRA wont be needed to energize gun owners this election cycle. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to be too political, but then again, the topic has a political attachment by its very nature. All I will say is vote. I don’t care how you vote, but it is up to all of us to determine which candidate best matches what is important to each of us and our priorities. I am thankful for the diversity of thought in this community.


I agree with the article and the evidence is on the TV. Do you think the McKloskie’s (SP) are big “Gun People”? NO!! That said he had an AR15-A2 and she had a broken pistol and they faced down a mob that threatened them on their own door step with death and the burning of their house. My Uncle (by marriage) called me the other night from FL and he wanted to know how to buy a gun and what to get. He is a dyed in the wool Union Democrat from NJ and that man is scared. He’s going to drive 16 hours to come see me with a stripped AR lower (if he can find one) and we are going to build an AR pistol and I’m probably going to let him put 1K rounds down range to tune him up and probably give him a like amount to take back with him. I’m also going to give him my USCCA “Training Boolit” with all the training video’s and such. So I hope to see him on this forum soon. For gun owners the battle lines are drawn for this election. I am hopeful in a second term (for Trump) that the “Hearing Protection Act” is revived and if a first term for Mr. Biden is realized I am … well lets just say I have a plan.




@Brian139 Unfortunately, the lines are very distinct. It is not just a 2A issue. Try the whole Constitution. I disagree with the article in that the city leadership is trying to placate their constituency. They are very deliberate in how they allow the chaos to conflagrate. It is by design. They have clearly thrown their working citizens under the bus. We hear crickets from the Democratic leadership. Now we have the Speaker of the House declaring that conservatives are traitors to the nation. That is called transference.



@Jeff-A1, I agree with you 100%. I am just trying to keep the topic within the common thread of this community and the main premise of the article, being the 2A and how gun owners are looking at the election, NRA or not. Obviously there is so much that could be discussed, but this is not a political forum, even if gun ownership is political these days.


@Brian139 Roger that! Your thread… 2A will be a pivotal issue.


Some good news from GOA. :+1:


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Written by Erich Pratt Published: 13 July 2020

Why Anti-Gun Politicians Should be Worried this November

You know that our rights have come under tremendous attack this year.

All around the country, many governors and mayors tried to shut down gun stores and gun ranges in the name of keeping us safe from a virus.

Of course, these same politicians seemed to have no problem with rioters and looters, arguing that they need to be given “their space.”

But in the face of these attacks upon our security, Americans are buying guns at a record pace.

And at Gun Owners of America, we have been fighting back to curtail the spread of the gun control virus across the country.

GOA has worked with various local groups to sue in court and to get gun stores and ranges reopened. And we have persuaded sheriffs to resume the process of issuing concealed carry permits.

Our legal team has active cases in court rooms from coast-to-coast. We will be updating you on these efforts in upcoming alerts.

But there are some other key victories from around the nation that you may have missed.

Good News from Around the Nation

1) Stopping Red Flag Laws . In May, Oklahoma enacted the first-in-the-nation law to prohibit funds for “Red Flag” legislation. This law effectively bans gun confiscation orders at any level of government.

While GOA supported this legislation, we thank the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association for its leadership in getting this legislation passed.

GOA is also grateful to all of the gun owners and activists in the Sooner State who worked hard to press their legislators – and the Governor – to pass this legislation.

Those who wish to get this legislation introduced in their state can find the Oklahoma law here.

2) Ending lawless gun bans during emergencies . In June, grassroots gun owners in Louisiana helped push four pro-gun bills into law, including a ban on future gun bans. Taken together, these laws will:

  • Strengthen Louisiana’s firearm preemption law (Act No. 229);
  • Eliminate some of the burdensome requirements to carry a concealed handgun in a place of worship (Act No. 186);
  • Allow Constitutional Carry of a concealed firearm during a mandatory evacuation in a declared state of emergency or disaster (Act. No. 322); and,
  • Remove the authority of executive and chief law enforcement officers to ban or regulate the manufacture, sale, and possession of firearms or ammunition during a declared emergency or disaster, or public health emergency (Act No. 325).

It should be noted that Act No. 325 was introduced and pushed into law specifically because of the activism of GOA activists. Rep. Blake Miguez (R-Dist. 49) introduced the bill in response to appeals from GOA members who were upset about executive officers, such as New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, who were claiming the authority to limit or prohibit the sale of firearms during the declared emergency this year.

So kudos to the activism of GOA supporters – and for legislators like Rep. Miguez who listen to their constituents!

3) The pool of gun-owning voters is growing . Americans right now are setting all-time records with regard to gun sales. And many reports indicate that the spike in gun purchasers is from people who are buying their first gun — some estimates putting the number at 40 percent of the overall number of gun sales.

Antonia Okafor on Fox News

GOA’s Director of Outreach Antonia Okafor Cover addressed the potential gun rights revolution on Fox News recently.

And GOA’s Texas State Director Rachel Malone addressed the phenomenon in the Houston Courant on Saturday. She said these newbies are “regular Americans — soccer moms, store clerks, businesspeople, blue collar workers, college students, grandparents — who have suddenly realized that they’re vulnerable and they don’t trust the government or anyone else to keep them safe. They are convinced that a gun is a tool that can help them stay safe, and they believe this strongly enough to invest in their own first firearm.”

And while it’s exciting that so many new Americans are taking their duties of self-defense seriously, here’s the real kicker: This new segment of gun owners could, Rachel says, “change the political landscape” by wielding “incredible power as a voting bloc.”

She’s absolutely right. These new gun owners could be the “tipping point” to elect candidates who will stand up for our right to keep and bear arms, and send “squishy politicians” packing. Read the rest of Rachel Malone’s article here.

A Pro-Gun Tidal Wave Could be Cresting

There’s already some evidence that gun rights will be a big issue in the upcoming election. Gun dealers report that these new gun buyers, who are scared by the deterioration of society, are now outraged by the gun restrictions which they formerly supported.

And The Washington Free Beacon reports that many first time buyers who “generally leaned toward enhanced restrictions [now] find themselves more skeptical of gun control.”

One former gun control proponent in California finally decided it was time to buy a gun to protect his family. But he had to wait over a month before he could finally purchase and pick up his weapon.

This journey has finally helped him to see the light. He commented that — during the time it took him to get his gun — bad guys in the area would have been able to buy their illegal guns “out of the back of an El Camino in a shady part of town with zero background checks.”

He now owns the very AR-15 which he used to think should only be available to military and police. And he’s considering running for office — a new believer in the right to keep and bear arms. He’s not alone.

While the above stories are anecdotal, it is possible that a pro-gun tidal wave could be cresting. When Staunton, Virginia held elections for city council in May, voters defeated every Democrat office holder who was running for reelection. This was stunning, given that the city of Staunton had twice voted for Obama … voted for Hillary … and for the current Democrat governor.

But Virginia has been a hotbed for gun control this year, and voters are rebelling. This was not lost on the media which reported that “[gun control legislation](
virginia-city-council-election-democrats/)” was a key issue in the transformational election.

The election results shocked the political intelligentsia — one of whom noted that what happened in Staunton was “stunning almost beyond words.”

Time will tell what actually happens. But be encouraged. There are a lot of good things happening, about which the mainstream media will simply choose not to tell you.


@Jeff-A1 no problem, trust me, it is hard for me to keep it narrow. I read articles like this and it is hard not to write a discretion, and I swore a long time ago I was done with those. There is just so much there and even more right below the surface.

The second is what defends the others!


I agree, that the NRA’S strength is the 5 million gun owners. Even if the NRA dissolves, those gun owners are still out there.
As to the discussion about gun sales, um, yes. Even with all the infringements, Illinois is seeing a boom, 4.6 million new purchases to be exact, in gun sales. Citizens like to be able to defend our own.


I like that 2A is being threatened.

It forces gun owners to get up off their lazy arses and do something about it instead of relying on gun rights groups to do the heavy lifting.



It’s a pretty accurate article. thanks for sharing.

Red Flag laws should be stopped. They are inherently unconstitutional, unconstitutional in every conceivable version.

Not only do they deny due process, as it is secret, you are pronounced guilty of no crime, yet have your property taken… without any opportunity to face your accuser, to cross examine witnesses, to present evidence in your defense… and or primary importance, there is NO crime. You are accused of potentially committing a possible crime at some point in the future, so that we must now have a ‘Future Crimes Division’ in every law enforcement department.

And, an angry ex-spouse, or an angry child who is angry because you refused to let them go to some drug party… or concert… reports you.

Even if… .after weeks, months, however long, they finally decide you are acceptable to society, and they return your firearms, …

Your Reputation is destroyed, your NAME is ruined, it will harm your business, your professional standing, your employment… and future firearms purchases

They can NEVER restore that… all for NO CRIME.


The entire Constitution is in jeopardy.

No law may supersede the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. The Constitution does not grant our rights, it guarantees our rights, and government is instituted to secure those rights.

When government becomes detrimental to these ends, it ceases to have legitimacy.

We the people must be well informed. We must defend the Constitution. We must choose wisely.

As Reagan said ;Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction, and if we do not fight for it, pass it to our children with the hard won lessons on how to maintain it… we will find ourselves in our sunset years telling our children and children’s children what America was like when it was free

A Law Repugnant to the Constitution is Void - United States Supreme Court

When an act injurious to freedom has once been done and the people bear it, the repetition of it is more likely to meet with submission - Samuel Adams

Do we submit and comply? At what point do we consider it tyranny and outside of the Constitutional authority?

Sic Semper Tyrannis

We have seen, and allowed, Red Flag laws in many states. Red Flag laws are inherently unconstitutional, in all possible variations. The deny due process, they do not allow an individual to face their accuser, they do not allow cross examination of witnesses, they do not all you to present evidence in your defense… and you are declared guilty by a judge and have your property taken… .all for NO CRIME. There is no indictment, no criminal charges, yet you are declared guilty.

In addition to this, most have not considered. When a person is punished for no crime by being ‘convicted’ of a red flag law, it does serious harm. All based on what could be an angry ex-spouse, angry child… a child you refused to let go to a drug party or a concert… they report you.

It damages an individual’s reputation, their name, their business… it impacts their business, their professional standing, their employment… and creates suspicion in the community as neighbors look at you as if you did something… yes, think about when anything happens, we all look at the person… if the police show up at their house, we all look and speculate… .

Once you have been the VICTIM of an unconstitutional Red Flag Law, your life is harmed, your income, your future… and it may follow you for future firearms purchases, employment… your children’s schools…

These are the laws we must stand against, the laws that harm citizens, that infringe on our individual rights, the laws that go well beyond the narrow focus of what any law should … and well beyond any authority within the Constitution.

So, yes. Vote… Vote as your mind, heart, and principles direct.


Man the phones, get out the vote. :thinking:

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