Tough one to think about


The government says everyone must turn in your guns. Do you turn them in? Or do you wait to see if they come looking for them and take your chances?
Personally, if I had warning, I would stand my ground.
I’m old school American. I grew up learning from those of the “greatest generation”. I love my country, I believe in and will defend her and the Constitution with my last breath if need be. I would rather die or be killed as a free man, than to live as a slave to Tyranny.
I’m 60 and not we’ll, so only God knows how many years I have left. I can only hope and pray my example will pass to the younger people, who will pick up and carry the torch of freedom.


I’d love to engage in this conversation but not on social media. Furthermore anything added be me would probably be a violation of the community standards set fourth by the good people at USCCA. But I’ll say this to @Mike. Keep fighting the good fight, sir.


I, like @AdamJ , agree that one has to be careful online with what their intentions are or would be. I fully respect your thoughts and opinions @Mike . The only thing that I’ll say is this, our great United States Constitution is my guiding light, speaking as an American citizen, and I stand unequivocally behind it. My advise to those that are younger, especially younger parents, please educate yourself and your children (engage with their schools) about our unalienable rights for which our constitution protects. I love this country and will do all I can to help preserve her for my children, your children and the generation yet to be born.


I’m with you. This isn’t something I want to discuss online. I will say this, until this day would happen, be active in peacefully having you voice heard. Call your congressman, Senator, Governor, etc. Make our voices heard for our rights.



I also agree with the others about not being able to say anything about this on this forum but I have one question; Where did you hear the quote below?

Unless it is something personally directed to you by the government or about certain types of weapons, I haven’t heard this.

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I think it was meant as “if” the government was to say that, how would one react. Not that its already been stated.

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I was thinking the same thing but wanted a confirmation. I haven’t heard anything yet and I watch these laws and politicians like a hawk when I can.


Amen to that my friend.

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In Illinois there is an actual court case right now where the city of Deerfield tried to pass a city ordinance that would require gun owners to turn in their legally owned property, or face a 1000 dollar a day fine. Yes you read that right. A thousand bucks a day. There was no grandfathering offered. The Illinois General Assembly is entertaining a bill that would require turning over, or registration of anything defined as an “assault weapon.” In the definition, even some .22 rifles like a Marlin 60 would be so due to capacity. They are also looking at Ammo registration, and serialized bullets. They have a super majority in the house, senate, and a rabidly anti-gun Governor in JB Pritzker. Dark days are here for us Illinoisans.

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Many law enforcement officers up here and in the State North have made statements that they will not enforce such unconstitutional laws…

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That is SHOCKING! Remind me to never move to Illinois. Just when you told me this I got a link from NRA TV that you should see. It has to do with Illinois Lawmakers introducing a bill to allow them to look through Social Media of gun owners before allowing them to buy or own guns! Outrageous!


Yup. It is a full court press from on everything from semiautomatic weapons, to what is now deemed parental bullying.


My apologies. I should have been more clear. This was a hypothetical scenario.

I could have worded it differently.

I’m just tired of the powers that be trying to usurp the Constitution that has kept us going for 200 plus years. We have leaders that are afraid to use the power the Constitution gave them to control those who are against it. I’m tired of the so called elite assuming powers that do not have, attempting to take our rights away so they can control the free citizens of this great nation. I’m tired of watching my country fall. We used to be on a slippery slope. That same slippery slope has gone full vertical. I’m tired of the Liberal and Demoncratic politicians that are willing to destroy America just to feed their hatred of Donald Trump, not even stopping to take a look at all the good he has done for this nation. Politicians are elected into office who have no more sense than a rotten egg, and just as dumb, while others are elected whose very existence and purpose in life is to destroy America.

So when I see all this anti-gun nonsense I get upset. It’s not so much about guns, it’s about our right to own and bear them. Once our rights are taken away, they’re gone for good. Then we will all be slaves of a tyrannical government. Our young people are not stupid, they mislead and deceived. As much as I want my country returned to how it was, God fearing, powerful, proud, respected by all. Sadly, I know in my heart of hearts it won’t be. We have sinned our day of grace away. It would be nice to keep it going for as long as we can.


@NJStraightShooter - I had heard that suggestion before. Posting anything online or even in writing can be dangerous when it comes to something being used against you in court or otherwise.


Who are you replying to? Me or someone else?
Any time I post anything you feel may be questionable, please feel free to delete it. It is never my intention to get anyone to post anything that might effect anyone in a negative way.


Ditto to what Mike just asked. Did I post something wrong? If so, delete it but let me know what it was. Maybe private message me.


As well as to @Mike, I think this is a good thing to get out and make everyone think about how their constitutional liberties are always being threatened. Although its not a good idea to put on a public form what action(s) one would personally take, just for ones own protection.
In Liberty

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I hear you @2A_American_Patriot, but I don’t think I posted anything wrong or that could be used against me in a court of law. I just re-Quoted Mike about what he said and as for Illinois and their issues I said I wouldn’t want to move there. Nothing wrong with that. Is there? @Dawn, Let me know if and what I posted wrong so I know not to do it again.


Sorry for the confusion guys! Trust me, no one has posted anything questionable. I was saying that whatever we post can be used against us. The way you all are talking is looking for education/training/discussion on the legal aspects - which if parts are taken out of context can be used against you. HOWEVER, your attorney can quickly show the context and full discussion, so it should end up being a positive for you in the long run.

If I ever see something that would be considered out of line/illegal I will let you know. Hypotheticals are just that - hypothetical. We will never really know what we will do until we are in that situation. That’s why we train for our defense - physically and legally.

Does that make sense?


I don’t believe you did either. I was simply elaborating. All is good my friend.