What would you do if they come for your guns


There is allot that can be talked about in this thread, but to shore it up. What would you do if they try to take your guns.

Would you give them up?
Would you stand your ground?
Would you leave the area?
If you stand your ground are you prepared for what happens?
Will you put your family at risk if you stand your ground or will they stand with you?
Will you join a militia and fight with them?

I’m sure the list can go on and on, but there are allot of things to keep in mind depending the way you live. I myself being a Navy Vet and taking the oath that all military have taken will make it hard to define what may happen to my family when things come to blow. Let me know what your thoughts are?

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You’re gonna find a lot of people won’t answer this question online.


I would understand that too, it is starting to be a hot topic in other forums so I had to try.


What guns? Tragic boating accident and all that.


Our Sherrifs long ago said they would not enforce a clearly unconstitutional law.

Besides, mine were all lost in a boating accident


Seems like I keep hearing about all these boating accidents. I’m starting to think boats are more dangerous than guns


Gun owners are just terrible boat captains.


I’d tell them to go and F themselves. Because the SECOND AMENDMENT means that I CAN KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. AND THAT RIGHT SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON. So where is the WARRANT?


@Sheepdog556 I was thinking we should ban boats, but when they ban rail and air travel under the New Green Deal, that may be a problem :smile:

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Everytime I hear Green new deal


Glad my boating days are over, it does not look like folks are having any good times while they are on a boat.


Fortunately, I currently live in a gun friendly state. In fact, as of June 26, 2019, we become a Constitutional Carry state thanks to SB150 that just recently passed.


Fight to keep mine.


What part of the 2nd Amendment do they not understand shall not be infringed enough said come and take them over my dead body


I have a problem with citizens that can legally own firearms that’s afraid to say what they think due to a government and Justice system that feel they control the people. As in our revolution the people where silenced afraid to talk about a foreign power to which kept them from acting until the shot that was heard around the world. I will without a doubt stand my constitutional ground. I will fight to my last breath to take down any corrupt government as I pledge foriegn or domestic. The shot today is when the government feels they have the power over the people and come after law abiding citizens weapons. The largest armed Militia would again stand and fight for freedom. Now the question is how close are we to this point you really can believe just how close. The hate for Israel Gods people the hate for our flag, conservatives and Christians is getting worse every day. The south fought for the entitlements of slavery today it’s the entitlements of everything as long as it’s free to them. I will never be afraid to stand for my constitutional rights and freedoms, they will never shut me up or disarm me as long as I’m a law abiding citizen PERIOD!

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I agree with everything you say, I will also stand my ground, but the first thing I will do is make sure my family is safe.


I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, being a NJ resident and also leasing property in PA I am considering a putting a gun safe in the PA property and leaving all but 1 handgun, 1 shotgun and 1 rifle in NJ. The problem is I shoot cowboy action so, I couldn’t bear to give up those guns, My wife and her girl friend shoot our 22’s do I deprive them of having fun at the range? Do I store the other guns and rifles off site, locked in a safe unattended? Or do I send them to my son’s home in a gun friendly state?

I have not started my instructing business yet due to all this uncertainty with NJ gun laws. It’s really holding me back. I don’t want to start an LLC in NJ, but, it will be a few years before I move south.
I am stuck in neutral with a rev’d up motor going nowhere fast.

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Guns? What guns???


Greg you ask the $24,000 question. Many of us once took an oath to "support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC…to the best of my knowledge that oath still applies. Patrick Henry once said “Give me liberty, or give me death.” No disrespect to those who have suffered boating accidents but you need to take a stand or be willing to lose your freedom.


In Illinois, the slimy bureaucrats outsource their dirty work to the state police for enforcement. Many of those folks are good, Constitutionally supportive individuals. I’m worried, they will go after the guy whose put his life on the line for 30 years, and is 6 months from retirement. They’ll issue an order, with the do it or your gone tone. That, and we know at some small percentage of LEO’s are not straight shooters, and have no problem trampling on the rights of the citizens. All the local guys I know, will be ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us, thankfully.

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