What would you do if they come for your guns

The state of Missouri has passed several pieces of legislation that said if any authority, including the federal government, tries to infringe your 2nd amendment rights, the state has an obligation to defend you. The most aggressive of these included law enforcement and legal defense… that is, if the feds tried to unconstitutionally confiscate your firearms, both state and local LEO would be expected to prevent them, and the state would have to bring it’s legal resources to your defense. I believe these are the most aggressive laws tried anywhere and they have easily passed every time. Because of either veto or court action none of them stand but I think it gives a pretty clear picture of statewide attitudes on confiscation and how it would likely be dealt with.


Good post my friend.

I hear you 45IPAC. Over the river in Missouri we have awesome Leo’s who, I think, would never come after a law abiding citizens guns. However, the feds will bring in outsiders or possibly UN troops if we get to that point. I sound crazy I know and I don’t really think we’ll get there in the next 25 years. After that I’ll be gone and I worry that there wont be anyone willing to defend Lady Liberty left.


Depends on what ears you’re listening with. It’s all paranoia and hysteria until it turns out to be prudence and clear-sighted prediction.
I’ve got extra tin foil for your hat if you need any. I keep a ready supply.

And totally agree with you on our Missouri sheriffs.

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Every man/woman has to determine for themselves just how far they will be pushed.

We’ve already seen gun confiscations occurring in states like NY and CA after the passage of their ridiculous assault weapons bans.

Many people will fight at the ballot box.

many will fight at the courthouse.

Some would resist without force to make a statement similar to the civil rights era.

Some fraction will resist with force.

Unless the last becomes a large fraction and the rest have failed they will succeed.

Every individual has to decide where to draw their own line.

When it comes to gun rights I’ve given all I’m willing to and resist to whatever degree necessary any attempts to confiscate mine absent my first committing a disqualifying offense.

I’m old, I’ve lived my life so it’s much easier to me to defense my principles than someone just starting out in life.

Crowd dynamics and the Bystander Effect are interesting things though. Often people willing to act and take risks will stand around simply waiting for someone else to begin and then it becomes a snowball but it always requires at least one person willing to resist with their all for others to be willing to join and act.

I’m a law and order constitutionalist to the end but when the gov’t ceases to act within those limitations I won’t easily give in to their demands.

My suggestion to our leaders is don’t put “The People” in a situation where they’ll have to make the decision as to just how far they are willing to go to defend their rights.

Widespread general confiscation would quickly divide the nation, erupt in violence, and split our police and military members and leadership with from the civil authorities.

I hope I don’t live long enough to see such a thing in the US and despite the political rhetoric and platform of the democrat leaders and hopefuls I think they realize just what any such attempts would mean.

They’ll use the rhetoric to fire up the base to win office but so far none have once in power been willing to push us to the bring of rebellion.

Hopefully it remains that way.

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“You aren’t paranoid if they are really out to get you”.

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I would never give up my guns while I’m still alive. My son is a LEO and I told him I helped bring him into this world and I can also take him out. Don’t come to my door demanding my guns. He said he wouldn’t.