Biden, Democrats, and their "plans"

I just want to state publicly that if you’re planning on just rolling over to whatever Biden/Democrats do to gut the second amendment, then you’re not on my team. Pay? No friend of mine. Register? Not my countrymen. Turn in? Xi thanks you for your service.

Offended? You shouldn’t be, but if you are… you’re obviously not on my team, and more importantly, not a supporter of the second amendment or the legacy of the Founders.


Let’s roll!


I’m with ya brother, let’s go


Our Rights come from God not government. No man (nor woman) have the authority to remove my rights or shape them to whatever way they choose. It is our duty as American Citizens to bear arms to defend this Constitutional Republic and stand against Tyranny!


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Dems were all Russia, Russia, Russia while China was slipping us the green weenie. Soon we’ll see what evil brings. You’re wound a little tight but I hardly ever find you wrong.


That is one hideous creature.


Jeez, is that the anti-Christ? How am I going to that out of my head? There isn’t enough bourbon & pills to end that sight.


I’m cocked, locked and ready to rock my brother!!!


Here’s my thoughts on the President-elect, the Democrats, & their plans…

  1. He claims that he’s gonna unite the country. :joy:
  • Over 70 million folk voted against you sir so nah ain’t gonna happen.
  • The divide in this country is wide & along multiple fronts. The only unification will be under the anti-Christ figure (though on the world stage).
  • You will probably be betrayed by your own party at some point in the upcoming years. I doubt you will finish your term before the VP ascends to the throne.
  1. Gun Violence must be curtailed. Gun control must be enacted.
  • I remember you guys tried to label GV as a “public health crisis.” A scare tactic… Scared folk make rash/poor decisions.
  • I’ve heard about your meetings with the ATF. Let the redefining of terms & vague language begin.
  • Yall keep chipping & chipping away at the 2ND Amendment. It’s obvious you don’t want an armed population but buying up the ammo with tax dollars is just FOUL!

:loudspeaker: On a personal note, I hope that a majority of (so-called) black supporters realize that you duped them & that yall will continue to ignore them for another 3.5 years. I hope they flip or stay home next election. Let this be the last year someone utters that utterly ridiculous phrase “vote for the lesser of 2 evils.” :poop:



Unite = Fall in line

We need america to unite
We need america to fall in line

Every time I hear someone who has spent 4 yrs trying to undermine our republic I just insert fall in line instead of unite and then I understand the real message


Unity at this point is pretty much laughable. Yep, been called all those names for last four tears. Don’t really care anymore. There’s some folks out there, that are going to get the opportunity to see what a dick I can be. I think the divide in this country ain’t gonna disappear overnight.


Just look at the totalitarian tyranny the Democrats have claimed with the Coronavirus…all based on a supposed ‘health crisis’


I would refrain from calling this a “supposed health crises”. I don’t know anyone that’s died from the flu but I do know several people that died from Covid-19.

I agree.

It is a supposed health crisis.

Most of the deaths are in New York and New Jersey, and while there are many cases, it is still being used politically by the left… in part to attack Trump, and in part to grab power.

And, the flu is deadly. I do not know anyone who died from Covid or the flu… but I do know some who have died in car crashes, should we call that a national health crisis.

It is interesting… out of my comment… you totally bypassed the tyranny of the left, grabbing control and power… and went right to the ‘all based on a supposed health crisis’… and did not even consider that the left had tried to make ‘gun violence’ a national health crisis.