2nd Amendment and who’s really behind the attack on it

Does anyone in here believe that the New World Order exist? And that they are behind all these attacks on our 2nd Amendment. I personally believe they have infiltrated our government including agencies like the DEA, CIA and ATF. And all these school shootings is almost by design, almost like watching a movie. Don’t want to say it’s fake cause I’m not 100% sure if children or teachers really died or not but it’s just really suspicious. The way the media portrays the shootings and they always use an AR rifle, the rifle the left is trying to BAN. It’s almost like we’re being manipulated and those poor children and their teachers were sacrificial lambs, so the gun grabbing sobs can create an outcry from the public to force congress and our government to ban guns. It will start with AR RIFLES, than the shooters will switch to 9mm handguns cause ARs will be banned and than they will pass legislation to ban handguns, than the shooter will start using shotguns we need to go after the shotguns and than rifles…I think your starting to get the picture it’s hard to fight a TYRANT with sticks and stones!


Exhibit A: Canada :canada:

They blatantly go after their citizens’ arms.


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Potentially useful factoid: The worst school shooting in the US to date, Virginia Tech, which was against adults as this was college students, was done using two handguns. One was 9mm and the other a .22lr.

Many of the media-famous (…) mass murderers have used handguns.


Well at least I’m not on an island!
Can you think of a better way to destroy a nation from within?
64 AD looks more like 2020 AD
Are we seeing a comparison yet?

If only the American people had but one neck! I’m paraphrasing! It was either Biden or Caligula! Could have been Merrick Garland?


IDK. I worry a lot, because I care about everyone. It’s like we all live in the same big house and yard.

If I see a sign, I want to protect that person. “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Please check for facts and evidence. Of course you will see mass shootings in the future - with guns that are not semi aut rifles, because high capacity ones will slowly become illegal.

Just want folks to understand, these shooters chose to act on their own accord, no government or far left wing group forced them to.

Conspiracy theories can be unhealthy. Please be careful, there are healthier and safer ways to create the change you vote for.


The sad thing is, We as a Nation, A people, A Society even talk about this kind of stuff. We simply don’t trust in or believe our Governments, at any level. The fact that we even suspect this kind of conspiracy exists proves we don’t “Know” that the governments have the best in mind for the people. It’s all about Power, Domination, Control. Things they fanatically desire and things they can’t easily acquire from an armed and capable citizenry.


The following article names one of the puppeteers. They won’t talk with the NSSF, but they include the Joyce Foundation. Maybe because Obama was on the Joyce Foundation board of directors from 1994 to 2002. This has been going on for over a year and notice no mention of prosecuting criminals as a solution.

Yahoo News june 24, 2021

President Biden is teaming with notorious anti-gun advocate George Soros and several other liberal groups in his bid to reduce violent crime by focusing on guns and legal gun sellers.

Included in his plan is hosting meetings over the next 18 months in 15 high-crime cities where Soros’ Open Society Foundation and 12 other pro gun control groups will spell out “best practices” to help city leaders with the explosion of violence in their cities.

A scan of the policies of those 13 groups shows that all are anti-gun and, like Biden, blame firearms for violence plaguing some cities.

The list does not include any gun industry groups, notably the National Shooting Sports Foundation which has several programs to cut crime and stop guns from getting into the wrong hands through straw or other illegal purchases.

The groups Biden chose are proponents of gun registration and bans.

Open Society, for example, has called for a new 1994-style ban on popular semi-automatic sporting rifles.

In describing its teaming with the groups, a White House fact sheet said, “A group of philanthropies that have been leaders on this issue will support this collaborative learning network by deploying [community violence intervention] experts to provide training and technical assistance, identify best practices, integrate proven and innovative public-health approaches, and help local community-based organizations scale CVI efforts this summer and beyond.”

The move comes as Biden is trying to install an anti-gun advocate from the Giffords organization as head of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Second Amendment advocates predicted that the groups Biden planned to team with would be proponents of gun control and not have any industry representatives.

Soros is a well known funder of anti-gun groups. Over one 10 year period, for example, he spent nearly $7 million funding them. He has funded at least one other gun control group being tapped by Biden, the Joyce Foundation.


Tyranny is alive and well in America. We still have political prisoners from January 6 2021 who are being denied their constitutional rights, rotting in jail without due process. This documentary is eye opening. All Americans should witness this:


Maybe not forced but surely encouraged! Whether by the internet, video games, colleges, universities, radical leftist liberals, movies, MTV, criminal bailouts by a Vice President?, or just a complete lack of parental oversight!

All during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and most of the 90’s you never heard of mass shootings or active shooters. Check the age, school age, you know, they call it “infantry” for a reason! Absolutely NO disrespect to true infantrymen, but what we’re seeing are brainless foot soldiers led by the left in an effort to change the American way of life! They are trying to kill conservative Supreme Court Justices, they killed law enforcement officers, now they turning on ordinary citizens, young and old!

This is no conspiracy, watching people get pushed onto railroad tracks, rundown by vehicles, raped on trains and videoed, stabbed in broad daylight, businesses ravaged by animals, cities burnt to the ground, statues toppled, what more evidence does one need? Do we need to see Brandon with a fiddle on the steps of the Capitol. Maybe then we will actually do something!

Last but not least, these rabid creatures are not part of my house and the vote is rigged! A coup de tat is not a conspiracy, $6.00 for gas and $5.00 for a dozen eggs is not paranoia. They didn’t even have the decency to kiss me before they _______ed me!

So, who’s really behind the attacks, they are all over the news, their names are out there, we all know exactly who’s responsible for the decline and fall of the “United States of America”.

They exposed themselves in circus fashion Thursday night in high definition! They almost looked life like! Didn’t honor them with my presence, but what I briefly saw was like a puppet show at a child’s birthday party. What’s unhealthy is not realizing the earthquake under your feet! Don’t let the wool of tyranny be pulled over your eyes. We all know what we saw, it’s all been archived for future generations!


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I believe people, organizations, social media platforms are all in this together.
Communication via SM/MSM using companies that are funded by wealthy companies/organizations/people and using career politicians to ensure Division is their goal.
Push the narrative you want via celebrities using social media, reinforced by news outlets paid for by the wealthy targeting the younger/naive generation being taught in schools that they can do, say anything they want, including commit crimes and being bailed out by Foundations in the name of a felon(s) who try to murder a police officers and Supreme Court judges, torch homes, Dox and Swat anyone they do not agree with them, loot, rob and then blame it on anyone who didn’t use their preferred pronoun.
NBA, NFL, MLB players going woke instead of doing what they being paid millions of dollars to do, playing a child’s sport.
Who was running the show(politicians, MSM), who was gaining ground and changing school curriculum, changing freedom of speech into “freedom to only say what “we” deem is the truth”?

The Hunger Games are coming with a dash of The Purge.


I just wonder what the tipping point will be. Will it be when they try to pin the “insurrection” on Trump and then sentence him to jail, prior to the elections? Will that incident be the “shot heard round the world”? A rallying point?


IMO, some form of additonal gun control combined with a further crashing economy.

Or will what’s left of the the United States wait for what Klaus Schwab said: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” To which I reply, “When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose”.


These power elites belong to a small closed knit group or groups. They are connected internationally and are only loyal to the group. They are VERY RICH they have most of the world’s wealth collectively and I’m not talking paper or digital currency, but hard assets precious metals gold and silver yes real money. They want a one world government that they will be the ones to rule basically rule the whole planet. But us gun toting 2nd Amendment loving red blooded Americans are standing in the way of them achieving that goal. Their afraid of us because we’re the only nation that allows common citizens that don’t have to be connected to police or military to have firearms. And the beautiful thing is our 2nd Amendment says ARMS, that to me means whatever it takes to free yourselves from tyranny. That’s why they want to ban anything with a clip AR-15, semi auto handguns in all calibers cause firearms like that are very effective. And can be very effective obviously for a citizenry that needs to defend themselves if their own government ever decides they want to overstep their boundaries that is clearly stated in our CONSTITUTION what our government is allowed and not allowed to do. So my question to my fellow Americans has our government overstepped it’s boundaries according to our Constitution? And THE CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the GOVERNMENT. It’s the document the framers or founders left after fighting a bloody independence war to obtain their freedom and sovereignty from a tyrannical government the king of England at that time. So for a government that does not uphold or honor our CONSTITUTION and yes the 2nd AMENDMENT is part of that sacred document is an act of treason.


Not quite. To a greater extent, but other countries out there certainly allow regular people to have firearms. A matter of degree.

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It has been this way since Kennedy.

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I think you are right. They want to take all our guns so they can take over the country without much of a fight. I also think that is why we have an open border to let more troops in our country.


Name the names.

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Foreign troops are already here and training UN troops.


I thought all of these so-called conspiracy theories were ridiculous 37 years ago when I began listening and reading information related to them. I went through a paradigm shift afterwards, and I began to worry about the nefarious actions certain organizations were implementing, sometime under the guise of patriotism and religion. A few years later I became disinterested because the information and implications were overwhelming. I just didn’t want to dwell on negative information anymore. But some things just can’t be ignored when you apply critical thinking. I greatly respect Jeffrey Prather and his analysis is spot on. You can look him up on YouTube. I know without a doubt that wicked people and organizations in high places are conspiring to bring down our society. You have to be blind not to see what’s occurring and what has been occurring in our nation for centuries. It’s almost like they (those who desire to destroy our country) are no longer trying to hide what they’re doing. It’s too obvious.