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With most state legislatures out of session and our national senators and representatives beating the country in fund-raising events, it is important that we do not lose focus on protecting our Second Amendment rights.

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I believe with all of the business dealings that the Biden’s have conducted in China it is to disable Americans ability to defend / protect themselves. 

Riding the Dragon - Biden on you tube.
See it & watch the entire 6 chapters, 42 minutes long!
If the communist take over America… it’s been nice knowing you all. I won’t be around to tolerate it!
I will be one of the ones to resist by all means possible.
If Biden wins and both chambers of Congress acquire enough people to sell our freedoms short the country will be lost.
It is coming to this. For the naye sayers in this it is on video record, it is in news print, it is in other documentaries articles, it is in speeches, it has been presented in voter / candidate debates. It is becoming more obvious that when rioters burn cities and outside groups have to intervene to get the leaders of those states / cities motivated to finally do something it’s making me think that there are too many tolerances for this kind of activity.
Vote and pray its enough. If it isn’t,
Then question yourself in truth : Do you accept your fate or fight to save what might be reversed?!
I know what side I’ll be on!

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I’ve been called a single issue voter for decades… most of the time it was abortion, now, its the Constitution, which is the best reason to be a single issue voter-- tho’ it really isn’t-- it is many issues that the left/democrats/RINOs are attacking… and when the liberals call you/us a single issue voter just remind them of their single issue-- HATE TRUMP. Which single issue is more sensible?

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Anti-Rights Agenda

The Democratic Party has a laundry list of ways it intends to end “the public health crisis” caused by voting and free speech. These include:

  • Implementing universal background checks
  • Ending online speech
  • Closing the “Religious Liberty Loophole”
  • Banning the manufacture and sale of “assault vehicles” and “high-horsepower" automobiles
  • Enacting licensing requirements for Voting
  • Passing legislation requiring that people have travel documents to leave their homes
  • Repealing the law that shields automobile manufacturers from civil liability

After all, if they can restrict and limit a right, requiring licensing and permits, for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, they can do the same for the Right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion (required religious Identification Cards), Freedom of Movement, even the Right to Due Process, where you must submit applications in triplicate with TEN witnesses to request to face your accuser and cross examine witnesses.

Public Health Crisis… firearms…


We have tyranny in the states from the governors taking almost unlimited power, due to a ‘public health crisis’ called a Covid Pandemic… and if you attend church, they arrest you.

Under the Obama regime, the CDC was pushing gun violence and firearms as ‘public health crisis’ issues.

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