Guns in the News: Not Law … Yet | 2020 Election | USCCA

As citizens of the U.S., we have real choices. In Venezuela, Russia, China and so many other parts and parcels of the world, the choices are apparent but not real. Dictators “stand for office” but are assured of winning with 98-99 percent of the vote.

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The choice is a very complex one.

If the election were solely about guns this would be a no brainer, but it isn’t.

This election is an employee evaluation on job performance up to now. Is America safer, more prosperous, healthier, than when he took office? Is America in a better place in the world, better respected by friends and feared by the ‘dictators’ that Rick Sapp mentions in this blog than it was 4 years ago?

We are all Americans first. We all value our freedoms and liberties and none of us will give them up. The Democratic platform decision to include guns was a mistake and it stems first and foremost from your liberal friends likely having ZERO actual firearm experience or knowledge.

Be a friend. Take them to the range with you. Show them that guns are a tool. This way, no matter who wins in 2020, we all do.

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Unfortunately I consider my Second Amendment rights as the primary deciding issue on how I will vote. Every country that has turned into a dictatorship first disarmed the private citizen.


Well Obama never took your guns, no matter how hard that narrative was pushed. Biden won’t either. And I am counting on him not having the political capital to push through any of the Control measures he has discussed.

Secondly, America as we know it is changing for the worse daily…and it has for the last four years. Biden didn’t take your Bump Stock. Biden never said “take the guns first, due process second.” But you know who did.