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As responsibly armed Americans with the duty to take care of our families, we are subjected to a great deal of provocation, bluster and posturing by anti-gun politicians.

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People like Bloomberg are a plague. The Problem is lack of voter participation.
The Infamous Hyde rule applied against abortion funding etc. was put forth during the year that over 2,000 fellow Atheists and a large number of members of various groups that held diametrically opposite views failed to vote. Just my fellow Atheists, Humanists, etc. could have defeated this man. He won after a recount by only 1,000 votes mostly absentee ballets.
Look at all the efforts and problems now facing 2A people. If they had registered and voted, do you honestly think that we would have this situation in just about every state in the Union? Did they write and tell the legislators what they wanted?
No matter what you think about any position. If you fail to register and vote, you get the government you deserve. With Early Voting, Absentee Ballots, and Election Day, there is absolutely no excuse not to vote.
Virginians have a mountain to climb to bring about a recall election. Unfortunately, this is the only course open to them. Other than activism and hoping to persuade the people in their legislature to listen to them.
Not likely to happen.
The real question are the 2A people in other states learning from this object lesson.

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And to add irony amid the stupidity, Representative McEachin is a black man…recommending the National Guard be used to oppress the free exercise of rights by citizens. Let that one marinate a little.

So far, here in Virginia, we have 114 of 133 localities (not to mention the abundance of LEO’s), declaring that we will not tolerate infringement of our rights. And it’s all been driven by we the people, the citizens. Not the use of prison labor making phone calls like Bloomberg. This has turned into something the anti-freedom leftists had no idea would happen. It’s beautiful!

We’ll be having a rally on the Capitol steps on Jan 20 for lobby day before we go meet with the legislators. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of individual meetings taking place well before lobby day!


Actually, we have quite a bit of recourse outside of a recall. And rest assured, we will be deploying every lawful tool at our disposal.

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Once more, we find that the liberty and freedom of our Republic is in imminent danger.

The nation as a whole is suffering under this threat, and Virginia is rapidly becoming a festering wound.

The Sheriffs of Virginia, and many other states, swear an oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution, both of the United States and Virginia. They are honor bound and obligated to enforce only those laws which are authorized under the Constitution and in pursuance thereof, and to protect the rights of individual citizens.
The elected officials, such as Governor ‘Blackface’ Northam, also swear an oath of office to defend the Constitution. When the Governor acts contrary to the Constitution, he has violated his oath, surrendered his authority, and his actions have no validity.

The Constitution does not grant our rights, it guarantees our rights, and government is instituted to secure those rights, deriving it’s just powers from the people. When government becomes detrimental to these ends, it ceases to have legitimacy.

The only authority an illegitimate government has is force, and it is a tyrannical government.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

A Law Repugnant to the Constitution is Void - US Supreme Court

When an act injurious to freedom has once been done and the people bear it, the repetition of it is more likely to meet with submission - Samuel Adams

But freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. The only way they can inherit the freedom we have known is if we fight for it, protect it, defend it and then hand it to them with the well thought lessons of how they in their lifetime must do the same. And if you and I don’t do this, then you and I may well spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free. - Ronald Reagan

Do we submit and comply? Do we fight for freedom, or do we spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like to be free.
If we allow a tyrannical government to enact unconstitutional laws, we lose all our rights, as laws may be enacted to require permits to travel across town (and we lose our freedom of movement), permits to attend church, or laws may be enacted to prohibit Sabbath observance on Sunday or prohibit the Sabbath observance on Saturday.

Virginia is currently the festering wound on the Republic, but it is not alone, the cancer has spread and is becoming putrid.

When do we say enough is enough, and when do we ensure the most qualified are chosen as candidates to represent us, and while we hope it does not escalate, when do we stand firm against tyrants and defend what our founders gave us, and the rights that are unalienable.


The courts are a really risky path to follow unless they truly have judges on them that do follow the Constitution. A really dangerous option.


More dangerous than unchecked statism being enacted through elected officeholders? We use the tools we have and work the problem.


Good article Rick, you are very correct people in that Great state of Virginia all of them need to get out and vote and show the Bloomberg’s money can’t dictate what he wants, he’s not even a citizen of Virginia so the citizens of that Great state should take heed vote for the people that accept his money and lose the your rights.

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I have written a few times about how no state, using the language of our Bill of Rights has any say in regard to weapons, none! It is a Right of The People, all states must butt out, the 2nd Amendment limits the Federal Government and no where in our Founding Documents will anyone find any state being given the power to regulate what the Fed’s have taken away from themselves. Add in the language of the 10th and 9th Amendment and that statement becomes very solid. Yes, states have inserted themselves, illegally into the issue and went nuts after the Civil War on the gun issue, all of which were done illegally and any and all state laws about guns in any way are null and void if the Supreme Court would bother to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, also all this crap about not being able to have your weapons on planes or trains is just nuts. If a person is truly a danger to himself and to others then our society does have a duty to protect ourselves, other than that, The People have the only Right or Power in regard to choosing for themselves as individuals about being armed! And that’s the fact Jack!

Semper Fie

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Mrs “T” - For some time, I have considered Northern Va. to be a suburb of Washington, DC. Unfortunately the whole state has been infected with the poison of that city! We must be vigilant. It won’t hurt to pray for our country, too. We often get emotional about the issues and forget to be calm and pray.


@ToddN If not giving away the game plan, could you please expand on the legal actions being taken to defend our rights? Voting is essential. 25% of the VA Senate seats during the 2019 mid-terms were unopposed by conservatives. Is the Republican Party preparing good candidates for the next election to oppose the liberals? (Sorry for the generic descriptors.) There are multiple cases awaiting the SCOTUS that could help in defending our rights. The cases ruled favorably have been ignored. I still can’t carry in DC.

VA2A News, is not sugarcoating our legal options and the dangers that lay ahead.


@Dorcas Welcome to the community!

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The thing is that if you recall these people. They will certainly have another outlook on certain issues. Even if you fall short initially, they will certainly take a very sharp notice of the discontent level and disagreement.

The only way the system ultimately responds is to voters. The courts can only go so far. The legislature must truly reign in the CAF problems and a host of other issues.

Unless SCOTUS is willing to come down on a fundamental right and actively restrict the states ability to infringe on it. We will just have another nitpicking set of years like with the issue of abortion.

So with firearms and exercise of rights, it ultimately rests on the legislature to do the right thing and follow the constitution. Only thing is that voters must show the path that they want. So unless 2A people register and exercise their voice, you are going to lose the very precious right that you should freely have.


Although the issue is indeed critical and close, we also have to look at context, especially long-term. This may sound far-fetched at first but bear with me. Communists think in terms of generations, not weeks.

Observe that Virginia encloses the western side of the diamond-shaped bit of land which is Washington DC. The Potomac Rover flows thru Virginia, through part of DC.
The other side of DC is bounded by the state of Maryland, which also has draconian gun laws and a very high murder rate.
Now; suppose the “leaders” feel the only way to retain control of their populations (for “safety” of course), is to impose martial law? DC would be in a pincer effect. And …the waters of the Potomac river & bay are easy acess to vessels from the Atlantic. UN, perhaps? Who would the “leaders” turn to, for help re-establishing control?

So I believe the situation is more dangerous, and more is at stake, than even we see here. Remember, the Democrats are the ones doing these things; Maryland has been controlled by Democrats for years, and Virginia is falling to them now. The Democrats hate Mr. Trump with a passion that defies explanation. After seeing photos of Detroit, Chicago, LA, and other areas where they rule, I conclude they’d rather rule supreme over a ruined nation than cooperate to govern a prospering nation. I do not understand such hate, but we must take it into account. There is a huge amount at stake here.

We used to believe there ere never any landings or invasions of the mainland US during WWII. Now we know different. (the balloons on the west coast for example, which killed at least one person). There are things we can’t be sure of now, which are possibilities. There’s always a Plan A & a Plan B and so on. yes, the anti-2A actions are a real threat; but I think it’s worse than we have said.

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@Kristina Welcome to the community and thank you for adding your voice. The situation here in VA is grim. UN is not going to roll in. They are a broke organization. President Trump has USMC on standby. The East Coast is a strategic target. Peace sister,

Given that our General Assembly session begins January 8th, recall is impractical. I can assure you, we have their full attention with the 2A Sanctuary movement. We take the fight to them as we can. This isn’t an intellectual exercise, this is real and happening now.

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I live in Bedford County, VA. We are now a Second Amendment Sanctuary County along with nearly the whole state. It is a highly concentrated population near D.C. that wishes to impose its narrow mindedness on the entire state, and indeed, as a signal to the whole country. Virginia state elections do not use an electoral college, so the raw number of votes is what determines the election. In this case, the whole state is red - not just red, but a BOLD red - except for the teeny, tiny pockets northernmost and easternmost that have so many people living on top of each other that they swayed the election to make a majority of democrats.

The problem as a previous commenter observed, is that many democrats ran unopposed. This is a matter of simple economics. The districts in Virginia are drawn in peculiar ways, and the costs of buying air time on every station and print space in every different publication serving a single district are prohibitive. Consider that the rural districts may be viewed upon as “poorer”, certainly less populated per square mile, and what chance do they have against the swell of the rising populations packing Northern Virginia? There is no immediate solution to this numbers problem, but in the long term, I fantasize about Virginia elections being modeled on the electoral college system of federal elections. That way, the “Los Angeles”, “New York City”, and “Chicago” of Virginia cannot overpower the Utahs, South Dakotas, or Delawares to determine the Governor or majorities in the state house.


Why impractical? Use the courts to delay what they do and hopefully you can get injunctions to stop the implementation of the law based on the irrevocable harm that will be done if you succeed in the courts to the owners of firearms. Otherwise, it will also give you a chance to get rid of them while you have the attention of the body politic. I am unfortunately not a citizen of your state. That would be routes that I would be trying to see about getting others interested in pursuing to stop this. Getting rid of those politicians and the governor would go a long way to burying this issue for a long time.

The ones that take their place could actually just issue one bill removing all of the garbage and put some Amendments to the State Constitution before the people. Taking it away from the whims of the politicians in the future.

Right now in Texas, there are several groups of us trying to get the Governors/Attorney General’s attention to how to effectively deal with people that should not own weapons without the need for Red Flag laws. It is interesting because we don’t have the kind of attention in the body politic that you have up there in Virginia. I hope that you are successful with the steps you must take. Are your leaders considering any alternatives to get rid of them legally?

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As a fellow Virginian who left what has become Northern Virginia (the Fredericksburg area) and went a far more pleasant area … not far from you… it is a good thing to see our Sheriffs who swore an oath to the Constitution stand up for the Constitution.

What we see in Virginia, and many states, are the small highly dense population areas with far left ideological political views controlling the state, and that is exactly what the Democrats want for the nation, if they ever succeed in removing the Constitutionally established Electoral College.