Local gun control in Virginia

Just so everyone is aware,

As of July 1, 2020, cities, counties, and towns can strip you of your rights by passing gun control that forbids you from carrying in local government buildings, parks, recreation and community centers, and at permitted events and adjacent streets. It has already happened in the cities of Alexandria and Richmond and is coming up for a vote in Newport News on July 14th!

Carrying a gun in Virginia just became a headache. Having to know the gun laws of 193 localities and state laws is going to be a disaster.


Thanks for the post. Our Virginia Citizens Defense Leauge is fighting the good fight as always. I don’t know where we would be without them.


Unfortunately, the only way to stop this is to vote all these fools out.


I am counting on all these new gun owners to get with the program. I just hope they are not fooled by the left’s “common sense gun control” mantra. They have a dog in this hunt now. I hope they remember how badly they wanted a gun when they were afraid.


I hope they also remember how “easy” it was to purchase a gun. The old “it’s too easy to buy a gun” trope has irritated me for a long time. So too the “gun show loophole.” Those who claim it’s easy to get around the purchasing requirements have their heads up their…well, they’re ignorant.

If I choose to try and buy a gun here in Florida on a Saturday, I can guarantee I will have to return in a few days to pick it up, even though my CCW license gives me the right to take it the same day. The state database gets overwhelmed.


Well said good sir. That is it exactly. Have a great Sunday

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Here’s the bottom line:

Everyone needs to remember this as they enter the voting booth. Idiot Joe Biden has already said his man on gun control is Beto Orourke (this is the guy that said “hell yeah, we’re coming for your AR-15”).

I think the people of Virginia now know how important it is to NOT be asleep at the switch when it comes to local, State and federal elections.

When Biden sees the 2A is an losing issue as the election get’s closer, he’s gonna soften his position. DON"T FALL FOR IT!!! He will definitely do it.

Never forget “Fast and Furious” was designed to give Obama a reason to go after more gun control…but it backfired on them!!!


While I am hopeful that many of these new gun owners will “see the light”, most of them have no idea about gun control and what they hear is “common sense” and not that it is actually “nonsense”. Additionally, many of those folks are not single-issue voters, so they will look at the entirety of the package in how they decide who to vote for.

On the other hand… Dems are being fully blamed (rightfully so, IMO) for letting all of this chaos continue. So that is a strike against them.

But I think the biggest factor in (hopefully) swinging the vote our way again is all of the folks who didnt come out to vote last election and woke up to the realization that “holy moly, they really ARE coming for our guns”.


I joined in January after a co-worker told me of their existence. In April, they were still processing December’s applicants.

Also important to note a lot of them are the same people who have been saying “You don’t need a gun. We have the Police.” Well… if things go the way they want—not anymore.

This is key. Not only are they not single-issue voters but gun rights are usually a non-issue for them to begin with. They’re more worried about bigger government, abortions, and socialism.


Welcome to the community. I live near Frederickburg, VA.

2A infringements are direct attempts to erode the Constitution. Call the 2A a litmus test for a parties position in upholding our Constitution. The principles outlined in our Constitution honorably distinguish The United States of America from every other nation. If our country wants to change the constitution we have a legal process to amend it. The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, are rights guaranteed by law to the individual citizen. Many of these rights are God given rights but our forefathers wanted to enumerate them in law. An amazing principle by capable men.

When I see politicians like Ralph Northam (D), Justin Fairfax (D), Mark Herring (D) and Representative Mark Levine (D) swear to uphold the Constitution then promote extreme gun control measures that heavily impact/restrict law-abiding Virginia citizens I know they totally disregarded the Oath they swore. I sat in session during the House panel review of HB961. Rep Levine testified that HB961 in no way would impact our Constitutional rights.

Single issue voting? No. I’m concerned about our economy, educational system, military, promoting law (and order), upholding the Constitution and limiting mass-murder by abortion.

No getting around the fact that the very same people that want to eliminate citizens from owning firearms are directly responsible for 460,371 murders in the US this year. Try 62,088,961 murders in the US since Roe v. Wade. I would really like to hear the justification for voting for anyone that supports this mass murder of innocent lives.


Yes. Exactly.


The VCDL has been doing pushes to get the applications processed. I helped out one Saturday not to long ago, the day of the Alexandria event. We stuffed several thousand or more envelops for memberships. Still only one person entering the member data, though her job went from part-time to full-time. :slightly_smiling_face: That has also been done at least several other times.

If you are not getting the email alerts, you can sign-up for them at the VCDL site, at: https://vcdl.org/VA-ALERT
The emails are a good source of information. You can also view prior alerts under the menu heading titled VA-Alert. Glad you are making the effort to get involved.


I live in the DMV area which is probably one of the areas in VA that isn’t so friendly to the 2A. That said, just browsing available online inventory of several gun stores in the area the pickings at this point are very slim so the only firearms available are pretty much what they’ve got on the shelf at this point. While the online inventory is more based on their distributors, I have noticed that the stores I’ve visited also have much less stock and much higher traffic as well.

The problem is that if most people are getting something for home defense, a good number of those probably don’t have a CHP or plan on getting one and probably won’t care about any restrictions outside the house. I also wonder how many of those would be affected by an assault weapons ban, but not realize it because Virginia’s definition has wider scope than the Federal one.

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NoVA here also.

I would like to think that these new gun owners instantly all vote for pro-2A, but I suspect that wont be the case. If all the solid pro-2A folks vote and if we convert maybe 10% of former anti-gunners then we have a really good chance to swing the vote. But I bet Dems up for election will keep mum on firearms this November and instead push for other parts of their campaign.


It takes 10 days here in Washington State and I also have a CWP.

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Virginia has no waiting period on purchasing firearms. But a failed piece of legislation that was repealed many years ago, the Democrats re-wrote and is effective as of July 1 - one gun-per-month. It is quite discriminatory, as it creates classes of citizens with special privileges, CHP holders and LEOs, who are exempt from the one gun-per-month limit. As even CHP holders are required to get background checks, the only real difference between CHP holders and other citizens is that we paid the government for the right to carry concealed. What makes it so discriminatory is that most CHPs are held by white men, the group the Democratic politicians revile the most, which means that most minorities and women are turned into second class citizens when seeking to exercise their RKBA.

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Now that cities and counties can make up their own gun laws I am waiting for someone to remember the “Pistol Purchase Permit” rules that were in effect in the 80’s. Essentially you had to go to the courthouse of the city you were a resident of to get a permit to buy a gun. Easy tax $$$$ for them, PITA if your gun store was in a city different from your residence as you had to do an FFL transfer to one in your city. The work around was to transfer it to a city that didn’t have a requirement, kind of like reaching around your butt to scratch your ear.




The law that passed affects only their ability to create GFZs in and around government buildings, parks, recreation centers, and at or near permitted events", they were not granted any other controls.