Lawfulness and outcomes? (#VA)

We see in Virginia that a billionaire (Michel Bloomberg primarily and George Soros) purchased the Virginia house in the recent election.

This was in part an after effect of forcing the Govenor. To roll over,if he wanted to keep his job. Politically after his historical appearance issues came to light.

Now we see a house legislature (left bent) that is producing non stop gun owner criminalization legislation and 2a crushing legislation against the will of the people.

We see a big rally,but that had no effect on the legislation and point in fact legislation was forwarded to the Senate the very next day.

The question is a simple one.

If the legislation passes the Senate and legal gun owners are told they have 48 hrs or 30 days to turn in all their weapons or they are felons. What would you do?

Is this a legal(for the people by the people) set of laws?

Does the sanctuary county movement provide any relief?

Does the fact that a neighboring state wants to extend it’s borders and by ratification absorb border counties (out of a hostile state) mean anything? Could the country be restructured by states annexing counties out of a state- without war?

Was the law legal and lawful or illegal?

Would you obey it?

How would you hide your weapons if you didn’t obey it? Would hiding matter.?
The police already have a listing of who owns what,when they show up- what would you do??

And yes even take a minute to consider the Declaration of Independence( I almost forgot about that piece- bad govts and all)


I’m honestly not sure how the 2A Sanctuary movement works legally in VA.

Here in Michigan it’s 100% sending a message to our legislators that we don’t support any further infringements. Due to Preemption laws here any government lower than the State itself cannot pass laws pertaining to firearms that aren’t in line with what the state already has in place, which is redundant. So basically the 2A Sanctuaries are toothless.

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Those are some tough answers…


And get this…I LOVE LAW AND DESPISE THINKING OF BREAKING IT however when it comes to our human rights…they can kiss my *** —I don’t cuss either but would tell them where they could stick it!


I think what’s really being asked here, are what are the rules of engagement?
Unconstitutional laws are not laws. I’m just guessing here but the fourteenth amendment must have some sway.
But I get the strongest feeling that no one gives a s### about our constitution anymore. It is literally being stomped upon. Maybe we need to go back to the Bible and an eye for an eye works for me!
I don’t know how to accomplish this but if they want my guns I want all my tax dollars since birth to be returned.
Maybe instead of marching to save our gun rights we should start marching to NOT pay a single cent in taxes. Is that a revolution?


I would refer you to my response earlier today in the following thread with respect to the legality of the laws that are being enacted - Virginia may be ground zero!
As for your questions, the correct legal answer to each of them is “it depends.” And it depends on a lot of things as they are today’s and if the laws face court review.

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This is not a legal reply but something I have to say. I spent 20+ years in Virginia and the people allowing this to happen has left a bad taste in my mouth!


Absolutely brother. You and I need to get together. We are on the same page, and there are many more like us.

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Sounds reasonable to me. Borders are about culture, religion, and beliefs, not race. e.g., Irish & British. It’s been that way since the beginning of time. I’ve been to the South (Gulf Shores and Tuscaloosa Alabama, Meridian and Biloxi Mississippi, and the Fort Benning Georgia area) several times, and let me tell you, I have way more in common with the conservative South than I do with any race in the Northern Coastal areas. I wear this battle flag buckle every day.


The Deep South is a different animal than most of the rest of the country. Some bad, but the good outweighs the bad, IMHO.

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Exactly. Completely different culture. The South should have never been forced and provoked by Lincoln in the first place. The South simply wanted to be left alone. But no, Lincoln wanted his tax money. And now here we are again…the South sending another message to the tyrants. Although, not specifically to the President, the message is very clear.

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Your question is a provocative one, which according to some of the other legislation moving through the VA legislature, the answering of which would be grounds for arrest. In general the laws enacted today do not go into effect until 01 Jul of the current year or 01 Jan of the following. At that time EVERY gun owner in VA is going to have to make a decision. That said I have been noticing other proposed laws that are making it through that are significantly more dangerous to VA. Loss of Right to Work, Minimum Wage increase from $9 to $15 over time, infringements on 1A rights as well as all the 2A stuff. The progressive Democratic front has the ball and the court right now. Time will tell how bad they can screw things up prior to the next election.




We have been so intent on the 2A that they have been passing other bills left & right without opposition. I wonder if this was the intention all along…

I dont have the mental bandwidth to track all the gun bills, let along all the other stuff theyve proposed. I thought i read that VA set records in the # of proposed bills. After the session is done I’ll have to go back and see what other stuff got passed.


Maybe Right to Work is different where you come from. Here, and other places I’ve seen, Right to Work really means Right to Fire.

Here in Michigan Right to Work was a catchy, feel good name for a Bill that allowed a business to fire employees for any reason or no reason at all and reduced the ability of people to file wrongful termination suits.

While I’m not a fan of how quick people are to sue these days (IMO so many are just people looking for a big pay day), I do believe that there needs to be reason to fire someone and failing that, they should have legal recourse.

So unless Right to Work is different in VA, I support its removal.


afaik Right to Work was just the coffin nail in a Union presence for many sectors of industry. Not saying all Unions were run ethically, just saying the concept of Union work helped slow the transfer of resources from the working masses to those who managed the managers managers. Sorry if I called anybody out on that one, just how I see somethings.

and edit: I’m proposing the union workers, on the whole and in a technically proficient industry, gave good value for their wages with a minimum of goldbricking fools screwing things up.

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