Was VA Necessary?

So as a person of faith, I believe things happen for a reason. And I was thinking about VA this evening and wondering if VA, while unfortunate, was necessary.

It’s necessary for the truth to be exposed by all the “gun grabbers” who constantly say “no one is coming to take your gun” to prove they are in fact coming to take your guns and legislate away your 2A rights.

It’s necessary for the 2A community to see what happens at the State level and the potential National implications when we don’t show up at the ballot box and the devastating results that will occur to allow a Democratic legislative and executive branch go unbalanced and unchecked.

It’s necessary for the Nation to see how unreasonable this anti-2A legislation is and how quickly the 1st Amendment is attacked once that occurs?

It’s necessary for the 2A community to see what happens when a strong, united (non-corrupt) NRA isn’t around to help swing their political muscle.

It’s necessary for the 2A Community to see how to show up in mass at marches/rallies united.

It’s necessary for the 2A community to see how to resist in their local community politically.

It’s unfortunate, but VA is teaching us some hard lessons…and I think it was necessary for those not in VA to see with our own eyes so it would be wise to watch and learn so as to not have a repeat in our own communities.


Every Democrat running for President is stating that they are going to severely impede our Second Amendment Rights if not attempt to revoke the Second Amendment in full. So if anyone anywhere thinks that the elections are in the bag please tell your friends, family, co-workers to vote on Election Day or for Early Voting. and do not trust the media when they say that it’s in the bag or not in the bag for Trump and the Republicans so the media can laugh because they won we lost on 11/4/20


@JamesR I think you are correct in that a wake up call was required for the population. While I m not going to go so far as to say Trump is a lock there is a very good chance that he will win by a significant majority. The silent majority is beginning to speak.

The greater lesson as you point out is what happens in the little halls of power. VA was bought and paid for by Mike Bloomberg and in our ignorance did not see it happening. The candidates did not run on “Gun Control” but Bloomberg threw stupid huge $$$ at local races to ensure the state flipped. That said there has been a trend to blue for some years and the Repub’s barely held on. Virginia was ripe for a overthrow and Bloomberg facilitated it very well. I dunno who the Repub’s have managing the big show but if they are willing to sacrifice the little bits then all shall be lost in short order. The RNC needs to realize that EVERY district counts EVEN if California and New Jersey. News flash!!! 175,000 people showed up to fill a 15,000 person venue in Wildwood, 23% of them were Democrats and another 19% have never before voted. The RNC and the NRA need to both realize this game is for keeps and if we can beat them back this time and take it to them next time the Demonrats may disintegrate.

Just because a political player is in the mix does not mean he/she can win. We have seen the political machine destroy GREAT candidates for the opinion of the party as opposed to the opinion of the people. We need strong candidates, with bullet proof backgrounds and a cohesive front. Take a lesson from 2016 Repubs and the 2020 Demonrats 10 - 30 candidates is not the answer. Dare I say it the President, Senators and House Members need to be grooming their own to provide a united front. That SHOULD be the job of the RNC. The DNC is now living with the consequences of bought and paid for run by an establishment candidate that was smoked by a BARTENDER. Yet the RNC had no dog in the fight. Why?




I am an independent. Some people I talk politics to, told me they voted for an Independent, or a Libertarian last election. While those candidates are solid, good individuals, voting for them will not put the L or the I in the office, it will only help the D. I understand people have principles and dont like Trump or the party of billionaires, but they need to accept that the only alternative to D in 2020 is R.


I’m probably not unique in this, each and every week I receive right at 375 political solicitations for donations for Republican candidates or Republican incumbents. Yes, and it doesn’t stop, even though I never subscribed and unsubscribing is futile. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the worst, typically about 4-5 per day. I cannot donate to everyone as much as I would like to donate to every single person in the efforts to take back the House, keep the Senate, and the White House. And you’re right, if you choose to vote for either the Independent or the Libertarian Candidate that vote is wasted and goes to the Democrat candidate. Robert Beto O’Rourke is gone but every Democrat candidate for every office if they’re successful and win this time they are coming for the guns to neuter the Second Amendment and confiscate them. They’ve already started in a few Bloomberg cherry-picked states. It’s very sad very UnAmerican. Please get your friends and families to vote.


I think you said it all.!


Just remember that Bloomberg can spend a Billion dollars Per State and he’d STILL be a billionaire! That in and of itself ought to scare the he… out of anybody who’s paying attention!