Bloomberg Presidential Candidate for DNC

I received my Illinois State Rifle Association aka ISRA Newsletter emailed to the members each Thursday morning about 10:30AM, Our Director was in contact with the Texas Rifle Association leadership they discussed the situation in Virginia, In Texas Michael Bloomberg has opened up statewide 16 fully equipped and staffed offices aimed directly at We The People to take our Second Amendment away one state at a time according to the letter if he can purchase the Presidency of the United States in November. His mission is to dissolve our Second Amendment and disarm us citizens.



Do you volunteer in your states gun rights association or maybe NRA?


Sorry but Nanny Bloomberg may be able to buy his way in. But as far as getting rid of the 2A he doesn’t have a chance. Because he’d have to do a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NATIONALLY FIRST. And if by some chance he does get it. Before it becomes law 3/4 of the states WOULD HAVE TO RATIFY IT FOR IT TO HAPPEN. And that will never happen.



Well I do belong Yes, their headquarters is rather a long distance from here. I do what I can, I volunteer in that when the legislature is in session as it is now I volunteer for sending Witness Statements in when needed. I send extra money to the organization as I do to GOA. I’m a life member of NRA, I have a resentment towards the current leadership of Not the organization but the people. Wayne La Pierre, and the rest. The business culture there is Salary Top heavy and they do not listen to the membership. I have made suggestions regarding the Millions they waste per year for postage where emails would be available and nearly free minus the composition and the salary of the people who compose the letters. In my view everyone under the age of 100 knows how to use email, also when every year multiple times there’s giveaways such as Trucks, Guns, equipment, they cannot afford to giveaway, the overpriced consultants they hire that are not affordable, if the experiences of the organization the executives are so diverse and so knowledgeable about how to run a 501 C 3 then why are there so many consultants there, why are they giving up $Million Dollar salary structures, Wayne La Pierre is said to be in the million dollar plus category but not verified because they don’t give up the salary figures. I have phoned the NRA Offices on regular intervals asking to speak to Mr La Pierre and never got to his line. I have written him snail and emails asking him to return salary money back to the operating budget, all with not any response or results. As far as I can see there’s no NRA presence in the Virginia 2A upcoming rally which is a real tragedy. I could be wrong but I’m not going to be surprised if/when they don’t show up especially when they are in Virginia.
In my view the NRA wants our/my/ everyone’s money but unwilling to give us hard-line support as does GOA, SAF, and others.


Bloomberg is a very dangerous candidate, and I’ll expand on that a bit further down…

Be very careful here. The anti-gunners have a very effective plan that is working in every state they’ve tried it in. Urban centers are always Democratic/Left/Liberal no matter the state, and as soon as they take a foothold in suburban neighborhoods the urban/suburban combo outnumbers the rural areas (who generally vote conservative/Right/Republican) and they can “flip” the state. They take advantage of people generally not paying attention nor reading past the headlines to misinform/mislead.

We’ve seen this in states like Oregon, Washington, Colorado that have already flipped. Virginia just flipped (we are fighting hard though). Kentucky, Georgia, and Texas (TEXAS!) will be flipping in the next cycle or two. North Carolina, Nevada aren’t far behind.

If they can flip enough states to win the senate & house again then they will just implement gun control at a federal level, and then even if your state is still red it won’t matter because the federal laws will supercede them.

Now, how does this tie into Bloomberg…

He is already spending millions (literally millions) through Everytown for Gun Safety and Mom’s Demand Action which put money into liberal candidates who support anti-gun measures.

On top of that he is spending hundreds of millions (again, literally) of dollars for his presidential campaigns. And he’s seeing his poll numbers increase from it. The issue is downstream candidates also get the benefits of his plastering his ideas all over TV, radio, online etc. Whoever spends the most money usually wins the race, and downstream candidates will benefit from those ad dollars and they dont even need to spend their own funds for it.


A Law repugnant to the Constitution is void .” With these words written by Chief Justice Marshall, the Supreme Court for the first time declared unconstitutional a law passed by Congress and signed by the President.
-Marbury vs Madison, U.S. Supreme Court (1803)


I think I would have trusted the Supreme Court much more back in those days.


Something in the last few days has given me pause. Not in a bad way however. In another thread I mentioned how 70k+ members of a Facebook group have started trying to get their counties to declare themselves 2A Sanctuaries. The group is not organizing well, but there is good news there.

Moderate Democrats and the liberal left are finally standing up and saying out loud thst they support the 2nd.

An article I just read interviewed an antifa chapter who are showing up in Virginia on the 20th to protest against the antigun laws. ANTIFA of all groups!

And on a more personal level, when I’m not carrying, because of work, I wear a Trump 2020 hat to and from work. A lady approached me in the store, known to be wildly anti-Trump. I figured I was about to get screamed at. That didn’t happen. She quietly asked me what she thought President Trump would do if Northam called on the National Guard to disarm Virginians. I replied “Ma’am it’s my belief he will override that order per presidential authority granted after the atrocities committed during hurricane Katrina.” I braced myself for what I thought was going to be yelling. Her reply “Good, good that would be smart. I don’t have much faith in him but that would be a good start” I chose my words carefully and replied “None of us have a complete understanding of every situation, that’s why presidents choose advisors and place people in positions to help them that they believe are qualified to do so. I suspect, even if the President doesn’t know he can recall the National Guard of Virginia, those he put in place to help him do. We should pray that Northam backs off, it’s going to get ugly”

The last thing she said before bidding me a good day was this: “This is not the Democrat Party of my youth and my parents would be horrified if they were alive to see this mess.”

A few months ago I couldn’t see how our country wasn’t going to tear itself apart, but now I see more and more people being fed up with “progressivism”. I see more and more people on both sides joining local militias. As a self proclaimed prepper this makes me giddy that people are actually starting to see.


@Spence Bless you Spence for your well chosen words and bless the lady you educated and now has a better understanding of guns and gun owners. Right place right time.

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I think we all (myself included) tend to forget that pro/anti-guns does not always equal Republican/Democrat. We always need to be mindful of that in our interactions and find common ground, which in this case is protecting our Constitutional rights.


As much as I am personally not a fan of Bloomberg, I am going to ask for the no name calling rule to be followed.

I’ve seen/heard this idea numerous times over the last week - we should never change how we behave because of someone else’s behavior. No matter how much we don’t like that other person, it doesn’t matter, we should never compromise our high standards because of someone else’s low standards.

Take the high road in our discussions, it’s a lot less traveled in political areas.


@Dawn Good morning Dawn, I’m sorry if I broke any community rules, I didn’t try to, or didn’t think I was infringing on anything I only was giving a small report on the newsletter I received from ISRA yesterday. I only mentioned Mr Bloomberg because he was the subject of the newsletter on Thursday.

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