Bloomberg’s gun-control group just vastly outspent the NRA to help Democrats win in Virginia

Goes to show you that money talks. WE are the gun lobby, and now more than ever, with the current state of the NRA, our local defenders of freedom need our help. I would urge everyone to look into, and consider supporting, the Virginia Citizens Defense League. (

They can spend as much money as they like, but the Constitution remains…


While that’s true, there are some in power that would like to ignore the constitution, or interpret it in such a way that they effectively strip the rights of the citizens. Without an opposing voice, there is nothing to stop them from doing so.


I agree, but, until the Supreme Court closes the door on the issue, this will continue to happen. The Governor’s office may have swapped to a democrat (pending a recount and accusations of impropriety by the republican incumbent). For now, our legislature remains under republican control but, if the state turns blue again, we could see constitutional carry go backwards. Assuming the election holds, I see the Governor’s office trying to push gun control and the legislature blocking it will be used in the next election to herd the sheep into turning it blue again. The big issues will be Constitutional carry and state preemption.



Unfournley they did go all blue and even selected a guy who has a sexual charge for having “consensual sex” with a 17-year-old. He’s now married to her and, I believe he is twice his age.

Sad thing is, I wanted to go to my college’s law school which is the #5 law school in the United States of America and Regent in Virginia it is Christian. You are required to use scripture in each course especially on dialogues. That is why I want to go… Keep me in your payer, sir as you are on my prayer list on my desk among others here because of the first week of the quarter due to losing my unborn child well… I don’t believe in excuses and did not ask for retakes. I’ve yet to make the Dean’s List, but all I have to do is make Straight A’s as I did the last quarter. So seven more weeks (7) However God is so good, I have a 3.5. GPA

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Morning to all:

Not only has Bloomberg and his group out-spent the NRA, and increased its push for more restrictive and extreme gun control, matters are looking even worse with Bloomberg sincerely considering - or has already done it - throwing his hat into the 2020 election in a bid for president.

Now if that shouldn’t make us up our collective anxiety level, I don’t know what can!!! Talk about your worst nightmares coming true if that happens!!!

It would be Virginia on a national scale.

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Just listened to a Bloomberg interview where he was asked about his semi auto ban.

Reporter: wouldn’t your proposal ban most hunting rifles?

Bloomburg: my God, if you need that to hunt with, what are you hunting?

Totally missed the fact that the 2A is about SECURING THE FREE STATE and says nothing at all about hunting shows the level of ignorance of both the reporter and Bloomberg. But, they are both on the same side aren’t they?