Trump: "An Appropriate Time" To Bring Up Second Amendment, Virginia Using Pandemic To Take Your Guns Away | Video | RealClearPolitics

Hopefully, this is not just rhetoric


President Trump is walking a tightrope here with States Rights verses the Constitution.
Federal Government against State Government.
He cannot wave a magic wand and tell the states to stop restricting the Second Amendment.
If he could he would have done so already by Executive Action.
WE THE PEOPLE have allowed the erosion of this Right.
If the First Amendment was shredded most of the Nation would screaming in the streets and cnn and msnbc would team with Fox News to lead the charge. :roll_eyes:
Most of the new restrictive laws that have been passed in Virginia will end up in the State Supreme Court and or SCOTUS. :+1:


Rhetoric or not, are we really waiting for Trump to save us…we don’t need to ask the Executive Branch or any Branch of Federal or State government for permission. Read between the lines of what you are being told.

Instill fear in the government, not the other way around!


I will say this about M. Bloomberg he is a very shrewd tactician. Of all the states in the union he chose to bankroll he picked VA, Why? VA had been trending blue for some time. There were multiple localities with NO Republican representation it was pick a Democrat. VA is an off year election state, while U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate follow normal protocol VA elects its governor and state reps in 2021. he pumped hundreds of thousands on $$$ into campaigns that would never have raised $100K on their own and there by blew away any hope of resistance by normally funded opponents. Oh by the way they didn’t HAVE to mention gun control during the campaign and were advised to stay away from the topic but their alliance was signed in donations. The tactic worked and now we have a triple threat of a totally Democrat owned House, Senate and Governor. Fortunately it was not a super majority.

On to today Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are likely re soles as there are no viable candidates out there on the opposing side and if there are all of the oxygen in the room is being sucked down by the Wuhan Flu. Of the 5 new Representatives in congress that were elected “new” in congress 3 are Dem’s and 2 are Repub’s.

I’m not a Republican or Democrat I am a Conservative. That said the Dem’s have the cards to loose and the Repubs need to get some fresh CLEAN candidates in the mix to start making headlines against the current establishment if we want to maintain or improve our current standing. This legislative season I and 20,000+ of my newest friends showed up in Richmond to IN PERSON protest the attempted abolition of our 2A rights. It didn’t stop them but it made them pause. I’ll take that for a win but the next fight will be in the 2021 legislative session where things will rise again. We may be called upon to redouble our efforts, if we are still social distancing we will appear 11 times larger :smiling_imp:. Finally in 2021 we will have the opportunity to take our Commonwealth back, but first lets flip the House and strengthen the Senate and for the sake of all not put that bumbling, blithering, incoherent fool in the White House.




I agree about the “Fool” but my fear is he’ll totally breakdown Before the election & Cuomo will be installed as the DemonCrap’s candidate. Since his support of trump made him Such A Hero - NOT, he could become a Real Threat to trump.

I found it highly ironic that the reporter was asking Trump “Should you be bringing this up now?” Trump is bringing it up, because the Democrats are doing it. Literally… “they started it”.

I honestly dont think he knows where the line is. He is banking on his negotiation skills because at the end of the day these Governors need something and Trump can (in some cases) provide it.

100% agree. This is our fault. Maybe not individually, but collectively as a community of 2A supporters across the country, we’ve let gun ownership become a second class right.

100% agree again. And he is MORE dangerous just throwing money around as a wealthy person than he ever would have been as the democratic candidate. VA was teetering on the brink of switching blue and Bloomberg ran up and pushed it over the edge. He will continue to pour $$$ into these “battleground” states, specifically targeting suburban areas.

I dont know what his chances are, but the only contender I know of is Tom Speciale I heard him speak at one of the VCDL meetings, and he confronted Bloomberg on gun control at one of the town halls here in Virginia (Bloomberg’s reception in VA at every turn by a pro-gun group is one of the highlights of this year).

The GOP in VA is nowhere to be found. I believe the number was 40 seats across the house & senate that went unchallenged and were basically gifted to Democratic candidates. Anyone with a pulse could have been entered and won at least a few of those (likely more) and we would not be in the situation we are in with a D majority in the house & senate.