NRA shutting down?


Just read the NRA could be shut down for good if NYS governor Andrew Cuomo gets his way. I’m even getting correspondence from the NRA stating the same.
What gives? Anybody know?


Cuomo has been very vocal about ending the existence of the NRA. They currently have a lawsuit against him, as he is not just intent on doing away with Second Amendment rights, but also First Amendment rights by trying to silence the NRA and other pro 2A groups in NY state.

He had the financial services secretary of NY state notify banks, insurance companies and other businesses that have any dealings with them that they should reconsider and think of what it does for their reputation. Shortly after, the financial services division fined two companies that provide insurance to the NRA millions of dollars. They in turn dropped the NRA.

He has stated that their insurance Carry Guard should be illegal as it insures members to engage in illegal gun crimes, and has urged other governors to make it illegal.

Just to show what a complete breach of the Constitution and abuse of power he has took part in, the ACLU has sided with the NRA in this case!!

And while I’m on his breaking of the Constitution, make no mistake, if guys like Cuomo have their way, he’ll be going against the Fourth Amendment in regards to gun owners!!

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I joined the NRA once. You know, wanting to fight the good fight and all that. If I remember right it was like $27.00. For the next year after joining I must have gotten 50lbs of junk from them. The postage alone must have cost as much as I gave them. So with my limited mental capacity I deduced that I basically paid them for $27.00 in junk mail. Junk mail isn’t what I paid for. I know nobody asked me but that’s my two cents about the NRA. I guess I’m a cheap bastard in my old age but I just expected them to be better stewards of my dollar.

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I am currently an NRA member. Unless they make an about face on some issues, I will not be renewing my membership.


again as i have stated if i may chime in briefly… now more than ever is the time we like minded constitutional moral god country loving Americans and patriots
stand shoulder to shoulder stand up be seen heard move it forward folks… lets do this…


Let them know how you feel. I blame 90% of all NRA members for the state of the NRA. If you don’t let your views be heard and you let the “muh hunting rifle and duck gun only” crowd determine what they do. It’s kind of like government, most people cast their vote and that’s it. No, you email, write and call if there’s stuff you want passed, same as with the NRA. Call, email and tell them you like your black rifles, standard capacity magazines and such. People fuss about “Fudds” running the NRA, but usually they’re the only ones who vote and correspond with them. I’m a proud NRA and GOA member, I give them both hell.


I grew up in western new york and where I lived was beautiful country,would i go back never! Cuomo and ny city are ruining what once was a very great place,its pretty sad how one city of a big state like that can make all the rules…I feel sorry for my dad and family living there watching all their rights go out the window. You cant carry guns or buy guns or even shoot guns like ya used to there.sorry for my rant but owning guns in n.y.looks bleak if he stays in office


Yeah, it’s pretty sad. Thinking of Cuomo recently, I wondered how a rural type state like NY would vote for him, but then I imagine NYC must make up close to half the states population.

I’ve lived in MA all my life, and when retirement comes, plan an exodus out of MA and the whole northeast! Unfortunately that’s at least ten more years. Who knows, maybe by then we can change things here? I can hope, can’t I?!


Have you seen where some are trying to pass a bill dividing NYS into two states. Westchester & Rockland Counties, NYC, and Long Island being one state and all the rest of the state becoming New Amsterdam (it’s old Dutch name from the 1600’s) which would become the 51st state.

Look it up on the internet. I was shocked when I read it.

I’m a former New York Stater too.

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I asked an NRA rep about them shutting down. He said that was trolling. Not true.

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Hey folks, i need to pkay devil’s advocate here.
No other 2A organization in the country has the clout of the NRA, they are a household name in every state. Right now they are under fire in every state by politicians and organizations who want them gone. They are holding firm and fighting this on every front, however this is causing them to have to rely on other pro 2A groups to fight infringements against us in court. They can only fight on so many fronts at one time.
Please consider this when casting judgement. They are taking the brunt of things publicly, while local groups labor behind them to keep our rights sacred.


I will just echo some of the points already made here. First of all, I am a proud NRA Patron Life Member, and I firmly believe the NRA is still one of the best political lobbying groups, period. There is a reason that anti-2A types routinely mention only the NRA in their ramblings of “common sense gun control”. That said, the NRA is far from perfect. They definitely spin and misrepresent the facts in many of their mailings and publications. Fear-mongering is their favorite tactic when asking for money (The NRA will shut down FOREVER if YOU don’t send money NOW!!). I am also not a fan of Wayne LaPierre at all. He needs to be gone and new leadership put in place. Finally, I heard all about how the NRA tried to basically take over USCCA, then rudely kicked them to the curb and went into direct competition with them when Tim Schmidt told them to get lost. That is NOT what we need in the fight to preserve our Second Amendment rights. Divided loyalties and competition between the various organizations will get our rights taken away faster than we can blink an eye. The NRA needs to realize that while they may be “top dog” in the pro-2A arena, they still need ALL the help that they can get, including from the USCCA and so on.


I completely agree with you Nathan. All I’m saying is, right now the NRA is taking ALL of the political/SJW heat. They serve a purpose, a very good purpose. While Politicians and SJW organizations are busy with the NRA, other groups local and regional are putting in some very good work. Hopefully when this is all said and done the NRA will realize the mistakes they have made and will take steps to correct, and maybe apologize for them? We can hope anyway.


Sometimes, strategically, someone has to draw fire. When they do, the wise thing is to back their play, not hang them out to dry.
Right now, the NRA’s drawing fire for what we are all invested in. They’re not perfect, but we’re on the same side, and I hope we remember that and act like it.


The Second Amendment Foundation (, believe it or not, is a VERY strong advocate for 2A. They have over 35 cases in courts across the country right now. They fly under the radar and compared the NRA, but they are leading the legislatative charge for 2A rights. Check them out. If you can support both, do it.


I have read the posts from all of you and honestly appreciate the opinions/views, criticism, suggestions, and most importantly the concern for the NRA. Being a long time member (Patriot Life Benefactor) I have kept up on the ongoing battle in New York (NY), which I think we all should be concerned about. Unfortunately the courts (judges) in NY are primarily liberal and if you don’t think that they won’t side with Cuommo’s position, then you are sadly mistaken. Needless to say, the courts won’t make a decision and/or judgement that is totally outside the Construction (i.e.; not holding Cuommo or the state financially responsible for costs incurred by the NRA, etc.). If you want to really understand how/what sparked this whole lawsuit situation, you need to go back and research “Operation Choke Point”, which started during the Obama (OBUMMER) administration. Now, I am not an attorney; however, I had been in the corporate world for over 3 decades and have been involved in some major litigations (both private and professional). The bottom line is, IT’S NOT CHEAP!

With this being said, how does this affect us as law-abiding citizens who want to defend, not only our Second Amendment rights, but all of our constitutional liberties & rights? As what President Trump has proven (in only 2 years in office) is that the government needs to be run as a business. The NRA is no different, any organization whether it is a profit or non-profit. As a member (perverbial stock holder) I agree that our voices should be heard on the particular battles that should be fought. In addition, amount of contributions to campaigns, lobbies, and other organizations should be monitored by the membership. Being a non-profit 501©(4), but can’t deduct contributions, the NRA’s finances are public record. A NRA member does have the ability to research and contact the NRA and voice their opinion! I admit that it takes some work, but it can be done.

For myself, I am a proud member of the NRA; however, I am very grateful that there are other fantastic organizations, such the USCCA (which I am also a proud member), that are defenders of our Second Amendment rights. The USCCA is excellent in providing training courses, firearms insurance, legal assistance, etc. Unfortunately these anti-gun (right-wing liberals) go after us (I say this collectively), so the more organizations we members of and support, the harder it will be for them to try and take away our rights.

Bottom line (in my opinion) is the major target and management has to have a proper plan of attack (financially & strategically). The plan has to be focused and twofold: 1. The defence of the Second Amendment. 2. The preservation of the NRA.


Cuomo is driving businesses out of New York every day. EVENTUALLY you would think the people would wake up. That a lot of tax money going West!


Chris, yes I agree.

My apologies as I previously made a pretty long posting, but this subject has really sparked a fire under me. Today I received a letter from the NRA (Wayne LaPierre - Executive Vice President) as many of us have, outlining the current situation. If this type of bullying tactics can actually shutdown the NRA, then none of us are safe. I am totally amazed that a single left-wing governor can have this much influence and power. This doesn’t set right with me because if he is actually threatening financial institutions and insurance companies across the United States then he is breaking the law. To me it’s plain and simple, but maybe I’m just not seeing something.

Judge Thomas McAvoy (U.S. District Court) did uphold the complaint regarding the First Amendment rights. A lot of the other issues presented in the lawsuit were dismissed. All of this was documented in a 71 page decision by Judge McAvoy last November. Needless to say litigation is still continuing.

Anyway, if I were an independent insurance agent or bank owner who operated in any other state, I would tell Governor Cuommo, Maria Vulla, and their thugs to "KISS MY GRITS! I WILL DO BUSINESS WITH WHOEVER I WIST! ". Actually, even if I lived in New York I would tell them the same thing.

The battle continues and I pray for a NRA victory, which would be a victory for us all.


Yeah, well buyer beware of the NAGR. They are really hurting us here in INDIANA. We are working hard on Constitutional Carry and they keep sponsoring (offering money) to Reps that are “friendly” to the 2A fight. What they are doing is bringing in ammendments at the last minute, so the entire bill has to go back through ALL the readings, thus killing it for vote. Then the bill misses the current session and is put off. We have had this happen several times here and I am not sure what is going on. The Rep they are using in Indiana has NEVER submitted ANY Pro gun bill in 5 years, yet he is pro 2A. A Lot of Hoosiers are very upset and have been pulling their money, as have I. My local Rep Jim Lucas is fighting hard to protect gun right and get Constitutional Carry for Indiana.

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Say what you will about the NRA, we all know they’ve screwed up. This is the shady stuff they are up against. This is what I was talking about.