NRA shutting down?

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook, here’s a screen capture:


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Elected officials are going to the streaming services that nratv uses and are trying to convince them to stop broadcasting the nratv shows. That’s not just an attack on the Second. That’s an affront to everything any American should be standing for.


I know that many pro-gun people don’t worry about the NRA shutting down. Most pro-gun people are not a member. I am a member, have been since the early 1980s. There are many aspects of the NRA I do not like but it is a pro-gun voice in a very anti-gun media based world. I also contribute to their ILA and PVF every year. My concerns are simple, if the anti-gunners get the NRA shut down, how long before they go after the smaller organizations?

Much like the on-line video site that defunded just about every firearm site there was. This anti-gun attitude and the Main Stream Media have done a lot of damage to the pro-gun community, mostly by promoting misleading narratives. Several anti-gun politicians are also pushing the idea that big banks stop the use of credit/bank cards from firearm and ammo purchases.

The NRA is also one of the better groups to keep you posted on the political wrangling’s going on that could infringe on our right to keep and bear. I hope the NRA continues to be a place of information and political activist for the pro-gun community.


I too am a Life Member of the NRA, @Nathan as everything you’ve stated resonates with me, I also want to applaud the USCCA for taking the high road with reference to the NRA’s decision to pull their exhibit space, right before the NRAAM 2017 in Atlanta. Tim and crew acted with the utmost in integrity and professionalism as such an unpopular stance was taken by “my” NRA.
I believe there are terrible things happening within the NRA Board of Directors. These are cultural issues that have developed over time and therefore, will not be resolved quickly.
Like the USCCA, I am going to stand by my NRA and work to change the culture.
One thing that I see within the gun culture is that we tend to “eat our own”, rather than unifying and fighting the true enemies of the Second Amendment. We are too busy vilifying each other over silly stuff like what’s better, 9mm or .45ACP? or Do 1911’s suck? Instead, take that effort and put it towards understanding where the NRA is going and either work to change it or, if you agree with the direction, work to support it.
Our enemies have united against our rights, that’s become obvious. If we do not do the same there will be no rights remaining.
Everything we have starts with the Second Amendment.


@_Robert - Well said. While I am criticizing the NRA’s senior leadership and culture, I am totally with my fellow members in support of our Second Amendment rights. I just hope to inform other members as to the disaster that Wayne LaPierre has led the NRA to. I will continue to maintain my membership, but I will halt financial contributions until I see positive leadership change within the NRA. I will also continue to financially support other pro-2A organizations such as USCCA, GOA, and so on. While the NRA is the largest and most prominent of these groups, their membership still includes only a fraction of US gun owners and enthusiasts. If we ALL take proactive stances, we won’t need the likes of Wayne LaPierre at all.


@Nathan, I’m with you. I had a donation envelope waiting to mail out but when I heard about the discharge of North and the Financial Problems of the NRA, I shredded that envelope and no further donations will go to the NRA until they get their house in order. I will still support the other 2A organizations which means my becoming a member of GOA is at the top of my list now. Get some new blood in the Executive Ranks of the NRA!


The only thing needed for evil to succeed i s for good people to do nothing. Stay active.


I understand what you mean. There certainly is not enough transparency with the Board. Understanding the personal agendas of the BoD and what is driving the decisions being made would be a good start. Some of their ugliness was revealed at the NRAAM in Indy. I am not sure why the status quo was upheld.


I am a member of the NRA, but being honest, I believe they have strayed from their intended purposes and seem to spend a lot of effort catering to scare tactics and are too selective in the defense cases they select. I don’t see them spending $$$$ properly and in my opinion too much is spent unwisely.
Presently I am favoring the Second Amendment Foundation, GOA and CCRKBA.


Never happen! The NRA is too big to shutdown!!!


Roger, I think you are very correct about the internals of the NRA, I am a life member of NRA, if I had it to do over again I would not join even at the yearly membership level. I have written to Mr’s La Pierre & Cox a few times each expressing my view but never receive any answer. I expressed my opinion regarding their ridiculous amount of US Mail and the $Millions of dollars wasted when everyone under 100 years old uses email now for around Twenty years. I expressed my opinion about the association giving $30 million of the members hard earned dollars to the Trump campaign/Republican Legislators. I don’t know whose decision that was but in my view it was the wrong decision at least not to mull it over with the membership. I believe the scare tactics of the leadership stating they will need to shut it down is a warning that they need money to pay for pro second amendment votes. I told them to get back to Basics where the success is again no corporate response.


Well said yourself. I’m a Life Member and have also halted all donations to the NRA, and for the same reasons. I did spend some time on the phone making sure I let them know WHY I was doing that. Hopefully, if enough people let them know, it will make a difference. And just as an odd bit, I started with a call to member services (877-NRA-2000) and, in the conversation, it came out that the people answering that number are not NRA employees, but are professional solicitors. I asked the lady if that meant she was a telemarketer and she said, “well, yes.” She finally connected me to a “higher tier” and when asked directly, that person was also a telemarketer. It took me forever to get an actual person the worked for the NRA and could take a complaint. Whether they just took it and added it to my file comments or actually passed it on, I guess I’ll never know, but I did ask them several times if they would be passing it on and they responded that they would.


@Fish - My plan is to use a platform that the NRA cannot ignore…social media. I plan to comment on forums whever I can. The NRA, because their leadership is inherently cowardly, will undoubtedly block me from their own pages, but there is nothing they can do in other areas. I will always be assertive but respectful as well. Cursing and vulgarity gets us nowhere (I wish many gun owners would learn that lesson!!). We also have to make it clear that it is ONLY LaPierre and senior leadership that we have a problem with and not regular membership. The NRA will either get the message and make real changes, or they will ignore it and implode on themselves.


Understand right where you are coming from. I agree 100% with the decision Tim and the actions of the USCCA over the 2017 expo. They were dealt a bad hand (my opinion), but played it well. We, as members of whatever group need to pull together and work with the new folks coming into our lifestyle. The NRA’s issues do not sound good but I doubt we will ever know everything. Anything coming from the Lame Stream News Media is at best slanted to the anti-gun side at lest 50%.

Since you had question marks…45 ACP and the 1911, best way to go. I think a lot of that debate is actually just good natured ribbing, or it starts out that way. Most of us own more than one firearm and more than one caliber. (Forgive me Mr. Browning, I own a polymer frame and a 9mm. Like them both, carry both from time to time.) If you are not comfortable with the way the gun fits your hand, the recoil management or rides in your holster, you won’t carry it. If the gun isn’t reasonably accurate, no point in carrying it. Bottom line is shoot and carry what you are accurate and comfortable with.


California has been pushing for a break up as well. Three to five pieces. I am against it. Their number of Representatives overall would not change, but to break up the states would definitely add members to the senate and that would be a major shift in power, especially with CA.


I debated hard whether to go with the NRA or the USCCA, and I know that I made the right decision!


Not going to happen. We may well soon see a restructuring within the NRA and even perhaps an eventual need to move the national headquarters and ranges but even that would be a long way off.

The NRA needs two things, our support and our direct input as members to address some of the systemic problems within the organization, primarily at the leadership level.


Well said. Active members control the organization, if you believe change is needed then we need to be more active and vocal with our concerns.

Nobody ever made any positive change within an organization without being active within the organization.

The democrats going full tilt in promoting and running on gun control in 2020 will drive membership and donations from existing members up exponentially just like Obama did during his two terms and it’s up to us to use that influence as members to make the organization more responsive and responsible to us.


Two completely different organizations and there’s no reason to even believe it’s an either/or choice.

Both is the right answer as is considering membership in other organizations like the 2nd Amendment Foundation.

The NRA’s political power is exponentially greater than all other pro gun/pro 2nd Amendment organizations in the country combined and we need to utilize that strength to our benefit.


The NRA does have its issues, just like any other large organization. They probably waste a lot of money for a nonprofit, but they are a strong voice for our right to bear arms and they have some excellent spokespersons.

I don’t agree with everything they say and do, however I do support their cause.