NRA shutting down?


Warts and all it’s the one organization we can always count on to fight for our 2nd Amendment Rights and carry rights and they have spent millions on doing so for us since the seventies and the first big push to outlaw handguns and the beginnings of the cries for assault weapons bans.

The reason they are now being targeted so heavily by the anti gun forces in the country is the simple fact they have been so successful in defending our rights.

If you’re under thirty today you’ve never lived in an America where as a rule concealed carry was a privilege reserved only for a favored few. In 1990 there were only I think 7 states that had anything resembling “shall issue” statutes on the books and it was all but impossible for the average Joe or Jane citizen to be able to get a carry permit unless they had connections and/or could prove a serious “need” such as commerce in high value merchandise or a clear record and long paper trail of stalking and or abuse by a former spouse.

Other than that it was a “privilege” afforded to licensed security or private I’s.

The NRA has been responsible more than any other organization for the expansion of lawful carry in the US. For that reason alone they have earned my membership and loyalty.

We’ll get the bugs worked out. It may take a few years but I am pretty well convinced that La Pierre and a few of his cronies are on their way out.


For those interested in looking at the progression of lawful concealed carry. Most people under thirty don’t realize that it is relatively new in all but one state.

CARRY MAP courtesy of Wikipedia. FL was the first “shall issue state” when they passed their first concealed carry law in 1988. Prior to that there were only 7 states that allowed carry on a “may issue basis”. There were also a handful of states where “constitutional carry” was legal but only for open carry.