NRA files chapter 11

Probably to get out of paying virginia and New York before they bug out


Not encouraging. Redirecting future donations to GOA


Didn’t see this “headline.”
What I read was NRA’s u-haul out of NY state to reincorporate in Texas.


Is this real??? This is not good, and seems really bizarre to be happening right now with what all is going on! :anguished::grimacing:

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Filing bankruptcy is a business move, nothing more. It typically doesn’t mean for an organization what it means for an individual.

The NRA is using it so they can get out of New York as quickly and cleanly as possible.

On to Texas.



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Very good to know! Thanks @OldGnome

It still feels a little unsettling though. I’m very glad to see them out of New York.

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Well nra has been having internal trouble for some time. Don’t like what they did to Cox & North. Haven’t been watching their funds, all that said I’ll be a member until I pass. They were the best. Goa is doing some good work these days. Also a member of 2af, have to stay in the fight…

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I second @OldGnome .
One guy has reportedly filed for business bankruptcy at least four times and one day he became The President of USA. :wink:

This is only a business move.

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Wondering if we can merge the three topics with this similar title into one?

Friends, today I received this link and explanation from the NRA via email:

we, do not, but @moderators can :slightly_smiling_face:

Fox ran a story on it a few hours ago.

There are at least two other threads started on this same topic.

I haven’t followed the NRA much over the years. Are they just putting up a smokescreen to cover the fact they’re really in trouble or are they really okay.

From what I’ve been reading there have been issues with the NRA, however; in light of the censorship we’ve been seeing and Biden’s threat to beat the NRA this is concerning to me.

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Biden said he was going to defeat the NRA. He didn’t have a chance to sit down and Wayne LaPierre handed it to Biden.
At least LaPierre will look nice in the cheese line with his fancy wardrobe.

You must have forgotten the lawsuit by Ney York to remove its tax exempt status costing millions. They have legal battles in virtually every state, those are not free. Good luck with the other groups they lack the power of the NRA.

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It makes sense that they cut ties with New York and are moving to Texas. By declaring bankruptcy and reincorporating in Texas, they render the law suits in NY moot just as new york city did with their unconstitutional safe act. They should have made the move years ago.


It’s more a matter of “We The People”. Organizations are good things to the fact that people don’t get to a point where they just let the organization handle it. WE MUST STAY ENGAGED locally, statewide, and last of all federally.

Having said that, I have no clue where it goes from here for the NRA…but we best be watching and be aware because we know with many of these people the “Bill of Rights” means NOTHING.


Such as GOA and SAF that have actually won all their recent court cases? Those same organizations have not been complicit in all the bad laws enacted beginning with the 1934 NFA, as the NRA has been.