Perhaps the Bitterness and In-fighting about the NRA Should End!


The NRA will never see $1 of my money. I admire their advertisements, but I dont’ believe in funding inefficient places, regardless of what they stand for. We wouldn’t be in this situation if they operated properly.


What is the NRA doing about the registry? I looked around on their website, maybe I missed it, but did not see anything. They have a lot of stuff to buy.


Infighting is not the issue. The NRA needs to rebuild trust.


Life member for decades, but no new money until they get back on-mission.
There are friends and enemies everywhere, so polarized political rhetoric does not serve the cause.


“If we don’t hang together, we’ll certainly hang separately.” - a paraphrased quote from Benjamin Franklin.


And this exactly.describes NRA and :us: today.


WLP doesn’t care about me. :man_shrugging:t4:


What gun-rights groups do you consider more credible or ethical than the NRA? I think it’s despicable and even scandalous when a million-member group declares bankruptcy - it definitely has a distinct smell to it. I’ve begun to look at the SAF and GOA as viable alternatives.

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The California Rifle & Pistol Association is an excellent group. I’m a member and live in Virginia. SAF, GOA and others get my support to (USCCA for too).


Most any… Especially at the national level.

Awkward part No. 1
None are as well-established, well-heeled, or influential as NRA.

Awkward part No. 2
Members have not been able to fix NRA; gun owners have not been able to replace NRA.

Awkward part No. 3
Fundraising and perpetuity are essential for an advocacy organization, but they are poison to the purpose when they supersede the mission.

Pick a path and press on. Keep your eyes open.


I live in Ohio - I’d like to think an Ohio-based group could be found to be in alliance with a no-compromise org that’s national in scope. It’s despicable to consider compromising over ANY of our rights.

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I’m from out-of-town, so I can’t vouch for the organization — maybe your neighbors have opinions about them. The national scope part is rather tougher…

Learn the facts. The NRA is defending itself on many fronts againt the left-- why do you think remington went under?, how about winchester,? How about Colt’s financial troubles??? ALL BECAUSE OF THE LEFT.What all of you people refuse to understand is if the NRA falls the left will see it as a victory and all other 2A groups will be attacked.

How can you all be so blind? You are no better than the left. You are fighting the lefts fight for them!


You are right, the enemy is everywhere… the enemy is on this site as well…Hmmmmm, i wonder who they are…

Infighting is exactly the issue. The left just has to stir the pot and mindless people on the right do their bidding…


I served in the Marine Corps during Viet Nam… I saw and lived through the “protests” and verbal and physical abuse by those against the war. I saw cowards protesting what they didn’t know or understand… many had no clue about Viet Nam, they protested because they saw the fools protesting. They were being used by the left AND Vietmanese leaders…

Here’s what was going on… a High ranking Vietmanese general said during an interview that they were about ready to quit…,. but knew if they kept instigating the fools in America and they could rely of the fools in the mainstream media to stir the pot and keep tensions high – causing the fools in government to fold. Well, many 1000s of soldiers died unnecessarily because of the cowards who didn’t care about those fighting.

I have NO respect for the protestors, the media, or the fools in government who allowed men and women to die for their own selfish purposes. Much like the present fight.


What is any Pro 2A org going to do about the registry during the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer reign? Excuse the repeat, but during the Trump administration there was a “Red Flag” scare. Trump took the NRA’s phone call. GOA and any number of others are good groups and I am a member of some of them, but the NRA is still the big dog in this fight. If the NRA was a helpless hollow shell you wouldn’t see the NY AG and liberal courts putting the pressure on them that they are. I also will put the NRA’s efforts in training up against any other group with the possible exception of NSSF.

In recent years I’ve seen a lot of what I think of as “calculated mistakes” which is to say that it has many times appeared to me as if a given organization has made a deliberate mistake to subtly undermine it’s own brand, or cause it to produce counter productive affects, when, as it has occasionally come to light, it is no longer under the ownership of forces friendly to its own purpose or origins. How many once iconic Brands in America have been taken over and turned into venues for a given agenda that stand counter to its original “charter”?

I have reached no conclusions, but the NRA is in question in my mind, for some odd turns it has taken that seemed an unwise choice given the situation.

It has been reported that boards of directors of major companies can be a majority in numbers, but a minority in powers, such that even a board of directors can be forced to go along with actions and choices with which it does not, as a whole, agree.

These days, the beliefs and desires of the rank and file membership, and sometimes even a board of directors, may none the less, not be reflected in the actions of an organization. All the better if that controlling power or interest can stay hidden behind the pre-existing facade of what the organization has always been believed to be.

To put it more simply, I’ve been concerned by what seemed to me, to be incidents where the NRA, quietly, shot itself in the foot.


I will start to donating to the NRA when Wayne LaPierre is gone. I am not donating my hard earned :moneybag: so he can pay his part time tailor/travel agent $3 million plus and he is running around in tailor made suits and flying private jets around.

I’m fine donating to the FPC and GOA.