Time to put pettiness aside and join the NRA

If you are not a member, please consider joining the NRA and other Second Amendment advocacy groups. Our rights are going to be under attack like never before and we will need as big a voice as possible to speak for us. If you know of any new firearm owners or shooters out there, try to get them to get a membership, and consider giving memberships as gifts. I have done it and it does help.

As some may have read in some of my other posts, I recognize that the NRA has some issues and is not perfect. However, simply put, it is the largest, most politically connected group out there. No one can dispute that, that is why it is such a big target and why Biden is calling them out specifically. So, to defend out rights, I believe it is time to put our differences with the NRA aside and unify for the purpose of trying to protect what little of our 2A rights we have left.

I get it, the NRA has some issues, and they can really be summed up with one name. I am a life member, but have not contributed money in a while. I think the time has come for me to change that. And if you have issues with the NRA, fine, do what I have done and have joined and in recent years have supported much more than the NRA. I currently am members with and support GOA (Gun Owners of America) and the 2nd Amendment Foundation (plus others that are not relevant to this discussion). They are both great organizations and in time, either group may get large enough to rival the NRA. But the fact is neither group, or both groups combined has the political clout of the NRA. So, there will be time to make things perfect later, lets just all work together to protect our rights against the threat that is there now. And yes, they have a list of bills lined up already and we all know the Biden platform on gun control.


Like @Brian139, I am an NRA Life Member. I endorse his post.


I am, too, and have not either. I have joined other groups, and I am active. After reading about their history, it will be a cold day in Hell, and not the one in Norway, before they get any more money from me.

Brief history, they have been instrumental in passage of all the worst “gun control” we have; the 1934 NFA, the 1938 FFA, the 1968 GCA, 1986 FOPA (almost ironic when you say it as a word), aka, the automatic weapons ban, the 1994 “assault” weapons ban, and most currently the “bump stock” ban and their belief in “certain” red flag laws.

I do believe in their training programs, I am also an NRA certified pistol instructor.


I am a Life Member of the NRA. I endorse this post. I also encourage you to join at least one other politically active Gun organization. The Marxists are coming after the Second Amendment. The First Amendment has already been attacked. Social media has shut off the President of The United States. Whether you agree with him or not, this is censorship. Mainstream media has effectively shut him down for four years. Social media has also shut down any organization that supports our President while containing to allow child porn and anti-American groups to continue.

Do not been deceived. The incoming administration does not support firearms or their owners.


I am not, but like many others, I’d be in for an even swap if there was a leadership change…


I was a voting member of the NRA from 1994 to 2018. I have opposed Wayne LaPierre that entire time, and nobody did a damned thing to stop him. Never again. Sorry. Biden can have them. They are a waste of resources that are sorely needed by people who won’t squander them and lie to us about it.


I joined the NRA a couple of times. Now I have 3 years left of my membership. I also joined GOA. And I just joined the Second Amendment Foundation.


Life member here but haven’t sent any new money to the NRA since internal squabbles made the news.
I do send from time to time to SAF and GOA. Also, to our state org CRPA.


I’m a Patron member of the NRA, I’m also a member of JPFO, NAGR, Their FRONT LINE DEFENDER, GOA, 2A Foundation, Guns-n-Moses, and of course USCCA.

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I can’t do the NRA. I’m down with SAF, GOA, etc, but Wayne Lapierre makes me sick.


So, I have a question. For the NRA people who cant do the NRA and those who are not fans of WLP, which includes me. How many of you have voted when the election ballots come out? How many got informed on who the candidates were and voted for the best candidate that is not WLP? I personally have voted every time the ballots come out. I get informed on who the candidates are and vote accordingly. So, you dont like the leadership of the NRA, the largest, most connected 2A advocacy group. What have you done about it?


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@Thomas141 - I support NRA and GOA becasue they are able to speak for me in Washington. I also am a member of my State gun caucus who fight at the state level. I actually have a monthly payment going to GOA and MN Gun Owners Caucus. It isn’t a lot, but I figured every little bit helps.

The first stimulus bill payment I received, gave me an opportunity to donate a bit to NRA beyond my annual membership. I plan to give some of the recent stimulus check to them also.

I guess my main point here is that even if you don’t like the groups listed, they can at least help fight for the 2nd amendment better than we can by ourselves.


This is what I’ll say:

I can help mount a defense to the 2A through SAF and GOA without supporting the NRA monetarily. I had considered joining NRA years ago but Heston went away. He was the reason I was going to join. I don’t have knowledge of the goings on in the NRA, but I have read many NRA members balking about it and it seems to be a power fight within and “a house divided can not stand”!

I don’t think leadership has to be stellar…but it does have to be good…and that determines where my money goes.

Politically I will vote for strong 2A advocates and support those organizations that I believe are fighting the good fight…it doesn’t have to be the NRA.

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He makes me sick also but the message sent to congress by a growing nra membership outweighs my disdain him.


I have been a NRA member in the past, have been thinking about re joining. Can any of you tell me what the NRA has done in the last 4 years? Honest question, except for the occasional letter, or post on facespook, I don’t know.


NRA and GOA member. I really think GOA is the better of the two anymore. I am also a member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. They are simply the best at what they do for us in Virginia.


I joined last night. I was a member years ago, but decided it’s time to get back in the fight. I’m also a life member of GOA.


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