Constitutional Carry - Is your state next?


South Dakota just passed Constitutional Carry! They are the 14th state to adopt permitless carry. In alphabetical order, here are the states that allow it as of July 1, 2019:

Idaho (residents only)
New Hampshire
North Dakota (residents only; concealed carry only)
South Dakota
West Virginia
Wyoming (residents only)

What are your thoughts on Constitutional Carry? Do you want your state to be next? Why or why not?

Constitutional carry

I would love Illinois to be next. No more 150 fee. Sadly, in this political climate, it won’t happen ever.


Well the short story is that it is in the constitution, i love the irony of constitutional carry. It’s like saying constitutional speech. But i am 100% for it. On the other hand I am 100% for stricter penalties and actual prosecution of people who are found with firearms who are not legally allowed to be in possession.


I firmly believe that all states are in violation of the Second Amendment. I believe in constitutional carry. Once you’ve become a felon you lose certain rights. I do believe most felons should be able to earn rights back but not violent crime felons. Drugs is part of violent crime. Robbery is violent. White collar crimes aren’t. DWI is stupid but you should be able to carry in my opinion. Hey But I just live here. I don’t make the laws I follow them.


I’d argue with you about DWI, @mdstanzel. If they can’t control their drinking they shouldn’t have a gun. Other than that, we’re pretty similar in philosophy. :slight_smile:

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I’m not hard fast on my opinion with DWIs, @Dawn. But it’s really tricky since legal alcohol limits have changed over the years.

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Going to the felons not having the right to carry. I am on board with looking at what constitutes a felony. Not to open to big of a can of worms. But some of the laws the well known liberal states are passing. I would have multiple felonies based on what is in my house. Even though in my state it is all 100% legal. I dont walk the line on that nothing i own is pushing the definition of anything.


Massachusetts? Highly unlikely. We’d be excited just to go to “shall issue” from “may issue”!

I often wonder how the state I live in went from being the colony that was a major force in fighting for our freedom and liberty, to being a major oppressor of them.


You bring up a good point, @Kerryman71! How did Massachusetts end up a “may issue” state when the states north of you (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire) are all Constitutional Carry? How close are you to the boarder of NH? Time to move a bit north?


I’m right in Central MA, probabaly an hour from the border. I believe NH gun owners are starting to have their issues with the not so common sense gun law camp too. I was telling a fellow gun owner of the conversation I had about wanting to get the hell out of MA once I retire. A guy with him was from NH and said they’d take me up there. I replied, “Nah, still too close to the fray!” When asked by people where I’d move when I retire I say “Somewhere west of the Northeast and east of the West Coast!” Haha.


Arkansas has a bill in works lowering the cost of a CCW. Just saying…

So far being on the correct side of the mason dixon line is a good place to be.


And, you’re probably allowed to purchase a 30 ounce Big Gulp type drink at a convenience store if YOU so choose, haha. Ahhh, the beauties of the nanny states…not!


And I bet @Sheepdog556 can even use a plastic straw in Arkansas!


Damn, another banned item!! I bet he can get his groceries in a plastic bag as well.

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You can’t use plastic grocery bags? How do you pick up dog poop when you’re on a walk?

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Some cities in MA are in the process of passing ordinances making them illegal for stores to use, mine being one of them. There’s talk of a statewide ban. Things must be really good in MA if that’s the big concern amongst lawmakers!

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Im starting to understand why people call some states free states. Yes we have big gulps with plastic straws, that i cam throw away in a plastic bag. I call also carry more than 10 freedom pellets in a freedom can…(since no sarcasm font we dont have capacity limits)


People who don’t own guns, and even some who do, have no idea about actual shootings or shootouts. How many times have you heard “If you can’t hit your target with six bullets, you shouldn’t own a gun!” If your “target” is paper, maybe, but when it’s moving and shooting at you, completely different story! On average, 70 per cent of shots fired in a shootout are misses.

I tell people here in MA that what the magazine capacity does for legal gun owners like me is cause me to reload while a bad guy still has five or more shots to go!

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Very true! I’m a fairly decent shot. However, when I did the Proving Ground, I fired 5 times and never hit my target. :confused: He did stop attacking, however, it could have gone the other way as well.

And I knew it wasn’t a real attack, but my adrenaline was through the roof!

The attacker did a great job and scared the bejeezus out of me!

That’s why I carry 12+1.


I agree with you 100%.
Carrying requires a Discipline

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