Time to put pettiness aside and join the NRA

To my understanding the “contest” is within the NRA. To my knowledge groups like GOA or SAF have made no comments about that.

This would not be the first time organizations cam together for a common cause. It’s possible and very likely already underway.

No Elza…I don’t hear it. I haven’t divided with anyone…nor has the GOA or the SAF. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to how not joining an organization that I don’t have confidence in at this point and time destroys anything.

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I believe over the course of NRA’s history it is a great or organization. I personally see how good they are and I have many friends and family that are long time members.
I just can’t see me joining right now with that clown at the head of the table wasting millions of members hard earned $ on bs legal council and his wardrobe. Also not like the history of it political contributions. Very up n down and from this link below, it seems they donate more towards the dem side.
Right now… I just can’t until the ring master is out.

Life member of both the NRA and it’s state affiliate.

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I believe the NRA does some important things, however I do not want to be associated with it, until it cleans up it’s financial act and gets some leadership who cares for the membership, and not just lining pickets.


I am not a big fan of the nra because of their thoughtless rhetoric. Their “protect my freedom” and “from my cold dead hands” macho mentality have gotten more of their members in trouble than necessary. The difference between the nra and the USCCA is that the latter invests in education to make us better level-headed gun owners and does not stoke the us vs. them senseless rhetoric.

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You have a choice where your money goes and what is the effectiveness of the organizations you support. I choose GOA and I’m a benefactor member of NRA.

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I understand your desperation, however, not giving to the NRA is not pettiness.
Giving to the NRA appears to be waisting money unless you target give to training programs. They are ineffective at best at protecting Second Amendment rights. They are very effective in keeping WL’s intern comfortable, buying outfits, and firing anyone who suggests an independent audit be conducted.

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NRA needs some leadership changes. I’m a member, however, they need to take a stand and not back down.

I am a 35 yr member of NRA , A Vietnam Veteran,and supporter of Police.
My father was a life time member and financial supporter of NRA and FOP.
My vote is ALWAYS and FOREVER ,Pro-God,Pro-Israel,Pro-Life,Pro-Gun.
I am a registered republican but I also understand there IS a war between Good and Evil since the beginning of time.
I don’t agree with some protests when destruction of property and life is involved such as that of BLM and the Capitol.
WHEN the time comes to over throw the powers that be,I am ready and prepared.
I am a survivalist,I took an Oath that never expires. I stand With God and what is Right in HIS Laws and Word.
Stay Safe, prepared,and Vigilant.

I belong to BOTH USCCA and the NRA. They both are excellent sources of information and protection.

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They just filed bankruptcy!

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These are wonderful words…words ain’t gonna do it.Join up, LaPierre needs a new vacation home. Am I jealous?..no…just mad.

They just declared bankruptcy yesterday. The news release also said they were moving from New York to Texas. I hope the judge makes them replace the entire upper management.

Yes, it’s all part of the plan according to Wayne:

You gotta admit, Tony Soprano would be proud.
“Those are some nighty fine gun rights you got there…
Shame if sumtin happen to 'em.”

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Life member here as well. Also member of 2A foundation and local groups.

About time people like you and myself see that gun control issues are not taking away your weapons - they may control the ones who have abused the use of weapons making them more of a military weapon than a hunting or defense weapon .
The NRA was created as a instruction , Hunters choice of knowledge & safety classes on use , Youth safety with fire arms & a place you could get legal help if needed in defense issues . It became a Weapon in itself by allowing its platform to change to a radical let anything be sold & bought without strict guidelines to ownership and lobbing to allowing people with mental issues to own weapons - using a weak & irresponsible platform of they’re citizens and need to protect themselves . That and the Bump stocks - allowing handicapped people to the ability to shoot _ misused as production to build those items for every shooter to turn those weapons ( non hunting rifles that mimic military weapons ) into near the fire power of automatic weapons .
NO Longer was the NRA supporting hunters and target shooters but enlisting a NEW purpose as Defender of the RIght Wing Conservatives who are lobbied by White Supremist Groups that line Republican political pockets .
The NRA has filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy as FBI close in on there corrupt Money Laundering and their present and his wife on the NRA spending the contributions for their own pleasures . No Longer is the 2nd Amendment the right to bear arms (that thru early American history dating back to 1780-90’s ) been argued in written arguments for rights of citizens to have weapons for the purpose of states rights to defend against a government overthrow of states rights . The argument was always that of maintaining a well arm militia - we have had that in our keeping with state Military forces known as the National Guard . However that argument was continued as in those earlier times homesteaders needed to defend against others that might harm them & for food hunting . Those arguing now ,argue on empty premises . The need to hunt is for the sport & not the food it provides - the need to defend from enemies to protect home and life can still be argued as many individuals feel safer owning a gun , I adhere to that myself but only do so in this time when crime has hit a peak . Never has there a time when you couldn’t freely go outside your home and feel safe until the last few years . There’s always been crime , however it’s the needless killing for stealing and killing for just the purpose of a thill or gang initiation .
I own & carry but do not condone weapons of mass destructive nature - the assault style weapons were a dream of the gun manufactures to appease those in prior military and became a hit with people - NOT HUNTERS .
Those weapons with bump stocks & Clips that hold 50 Plus rounds are not hunting tools for game - their purpose is warfare _ sorry I cannot condone ownership of them in the hands of the public . There the tools of National Military Defenders only .

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

You cannot have my guns.


You are quite amusing. The ATF does not consider cannons built before 1898 and their replicas as destructive devices - not regulated by the ATF. Those types of cannons were used on the battlefield and on the water for hundreds of years. I don’t believe even you would not consider them destructive. However, a breach-loading cannon of any size is considered a destructive device and is regulated by the ATF.

Muzzleloading cannons manufactured in or before 1898 (and replicas thereof) that are not capable of firing fixed ammunition are considered antiques and not subject to the provisions of either the Gun Control Act (GCA) Gun Control Act | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives or National Firearms Act (NFA) National Firearms Act | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. [26 U.S.C. 5845; 27 CFR 479.11] Last Reviewed April 20, 2020"
Are muzzleloading cannons considered destructive devices? | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

You are welcome to believe what you may. The reality is quite different. One aspect to consider is as the laws make firearm ownership more onerous, expensive, and legally perilous, it does discourage and prevent people from owning firearms. Firearm ownership rates between restrictive states and more liberal states are proof of that. If a law prevents one from owning a firearm because you can no longer own it, or the fear of breaking a Byzantine law, it is the same as an out-right ban. Our country is founded on a principle of egalitarianism. If laws prevent some people from exercising their rights, it is unjust. “Gun control” laws do exactly that. Firearm ownership by minorities and women in restrictive states is far lower than in more liberal states. Most firearms are owned by wealthy, old white men. Apparently you are fine with that.

Why does our government need to know what firearms we own? If you are not committing a crime, what difference does it make? Many want Marijuana legalized, but it was made illegal purportedly to protect the public. “Gun control” is promulgated under the same ruse.