Stand with Ukraine

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Laying low with a migraine to celebrate Easter and finally getting around to some older, long YouTube videos. I am amazed at how much of this relates to today, 8 years later. Putin. Ukraine. Oil. So much more.

The part of Georgia Russia annexed had an important pipeline.

Ten years ago, Ukraine found oil in their east.

Right as the invasion of Ukraine started, Putin told Israel they did not own Golan, where Israel just found oil.

We get accused of fighting for oil, but I think Russia is actually doing it.


He will not stop until he grabs everything he supposed to be his. He won’t stop at Ukraine, he dreams about having russian empire back. mentally ill old man

Her big chance to accomplish that one thing before she loses the rest of her mind.

Russian Mi-8 AMTSh down…

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"Paul pointed out that if the Senate approves the spending, the U.S. will have authorized $60 billion in total spending for Ukraine. “Kyiv would become the largest yearly recipient of U.S. military aid over the past two decades,” Paul said. He added, “It is more than any other country spends on their entire military expenditures…our total aid to Ukraine will almost equal the entire military budget of Russia.” "


Hmm. I want our government to help Ukraine defend themselves. I want Russia to lose so badly that they won’t try this again, and that China won’t attack Taiwan.

I am also very interested in finding out just why the swamp is so adamant about sending weapons there without any oversight. I assumed oversight was standard…

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The $$$ will pass thru many hands before any gets to Ukraine. :thinking:


I don’t know what is really going on and neither do most if not all of you. We have been lied to by the mass media for so long I don’t believe anything they report yet here are a bunch of you listening to them. Why? How do we sort out the truth and why are allowing this to overshadow our own problems. We have a government that puts it’s citizens last and you are worried about a country that same government supports. Illegals have more rights and benefits than us. Have you considered this is being used as a ploy to take our minds off of our own problems like the lack of fertilizer that came from Russia. Why has there been a string of mysterious fires at food processing plants? Why has our oil been shut down? Why is China being allowed to buy large amounts of farmland? Almost like someone is trying to create a food shortage.


Aaaand what do you suggest we (the common man) do? :man_shrugging:
I don’t think many here watch cnn.
Prepare and lock and load…

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The whole mass media is corrupted. Not new. In WW1 a lot of US Citizens favored the Germans but the Government favored the English. All of a sudden the News Media were printing stories of German atrocities. The Lusitania was set up to be sunk to get us into the war on the side of the English. It is getting more and more difficult to find a reliable source of information.
Now an office of Disinformation has been formed which is pure censorship. The 1st and 2nd Amendments are being attacked. How is this not tyranny? As you said “Prepare and lock and load…” We are in for a ride not many of us want to take. Latest bump is a formula shortage but there is plenty at the border. There are millions of chickens being killed because of a supposed avian flu virus. Priced eggs lately?

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And all these…to stand or not to stand with Ukraine? :smirk:
I’m lost now… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As long as Russia is killing, raping, or maiming civilians… I stand with Ukraine.


There has been a long standing principle that borders between nations in Europe are set in stone after WW2. I think we all can agree this principle is worth defending, even if you think goings on in Ukraine were fishy.
Is it worth spending $40b? Depends on what it would cost us if China gets cocky and takes Taiwan. inspired by weak resistance to Russian aggression.

Russian Army has never changed.
They were liberating Poles and raping Polish women in 1945… they’re doing the same $hit in Ukraine. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Taiwan is currently surrounded by Chinese war ships. Just a matter of time.

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It is a cost-benefit trade off. They are watching Western resolve now.

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An attack on liberty-embracing, democratic country is an attack on all such countries. As some have pointed out, Ukraine is far from perfect, but they are still a democratic nation.

And any country under attack by authoritarian thugs like Russia is worth of help from the free world.

Yes, we must stand with Ukraine.


The problem is even if it is worth putting us another $40b in debt I would be very surprised if even 1/3 of it actually makes it to Ukraine for military and humanitarian aid. That is a large amount of money to throw around without any oversight. A lot of people are going to benefit from that package. Not sure how many will be the ones who need it most.