Don't Let Your Guard Down

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Rahm Emanuel

That quote says it all. The headlines and media talking heads are all focusing everyone’s attention on Ukraine and Russia, with a little China sprinkled in. This is an opportunity for the herd in D.C. to sneak through some more of their domestic agenda. Their political handlers will be working overtime to craft any legislation and resolutions with attachments to take advantage of the lack of focus on their domestic targets. Trusting these people is not an option!


I don’t trust anyone in DC. You are right that they can use this situation involving Russia and Ukraine as a distraction to pass other legislation. I wonder how this situation will affect guns and ammo sales and prices. It will affect everyone’s cost of living.


What war in Ukraine? I think the current “fight club” are famously responsible for, “OH, LOOK, SQUIRREL!”
They are the epitome of “arsonist-firefighters”!

Whether Putin falls back or nuc’s all the surrounding NATO countries, Brandon will break his arms patting himself on the back and blame us for the carnage! Gotta love the Chinese tactic, oops!
In this case, the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy! As soon as Brandon figures that out, we may come out of this alive.

While this regime still occupies our White House, I will treat them like the street gang they are. Never turn your back, don’t wear the wrong colors, don’t mess with their turf, but always have a plan to defeat them! There’s no such thing as a fair fight!

Did I just break the first two rules of fight club?


Good Post, it needs to be pointed out!

It’s classic misdirection. Create, or use, any bright and shiny object to divert the attention while carrying out the planned action under concealment of misdirection.

It seems the primary way the media supporters aid those they are aiding and abetting.

Good job to point it out, as the war in the Ukraine means we have GREATER need to be paying attention to what’s going on here!


This Ukraine situation really grinds against me. We sit back, ( basically the whole world at this point ), while civilians and children are being killed, and old men are taking up arms to defend their country from an invader 10 times their size. It just seems wrong to be doing that in this day and time. It makes me wonder angrily at all the things I might not know about the situation, and why I don’t know it.


No facts, no sources, just something I came across. Take it for what it’s worth.

Who knows who’s relatives work for gas and oil companies in the Ukraine.

Not looking for an argument


Probably an old Fauci email!
Being bombed right now, that’s what I call gain of function!
Funny how he and Covid-19 disappeared at the same time!


The talking heads are blathering about some Ukrainian aid legislation being put together. This will be an opportunity for the political handlers to attach their items to the aid package. Of course anyone voting against the aid package, because of the items attached, will be accused of not wanting to aid Ukrainians. This is one of several BOHICA events that will need to be watched carefully.


Well, here we go again!

Biden will nominate Steve Dettelbach, an Obama-era former U.S. attorney from Ohio, as his nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Monday, according to senior administration officials. The president will also deliver remarks from the Rose Garden on measures his administration is taking on gun control and cracking down on “ghost guns,” which are privately made and don’t have serial numbers.
The new rules come as both the White House and the Justice Department try to crack down on violent crime and gun deaths

These idiots use the argument that this will reduce violent crime. If violence allowed the criminals to be successful, then violence in some form will continue. They don’t prosecute and lock up the criminals so there isn’t any deterrent.

The interpretation of the new rules will go far beyond the “ghost guns”. The Obama handlers went after gunsmiths, not just the part swapper and assemblers, and their affects are still being felt. I’m sure that after this new round of rules it will make maintenance/repair of firearms more expensive and restrictive.


From a strict legal perspective…
If I manufacture my own firearms (i.e. ‘ghost guns’), and I don’t sell them across state lines, what jurisdiction does the Federal Government have to enforce any of their regulations?

By the ATF’s evolving definitions, I could MacGyver up any number of projects that could be considered a “firearm” as a home science experiment. I probably have enough junk in my garage and under the kitchen sink to make a small explosion which launches a projectile. And 3D-printed firearms already exist. You might only get a few shots before they fail, depending on your design and manufacture capability, but the fact remains that this ship has sailed. Prometheus has given the common man the ability to make fire… arms.

The early colonial and federal governments treated gunsmithing the way we treat nuclear technology, because they feared what native nations would do if they could make their own rifles. That day is here, people can make their own firearms. So now what? If I’m not taking parts that could potentially be used to create firearms and selling them across state lines, what authority does the ATF really have? (Bearing in mind that each state also has a definition of firearms, but I’m just asking about the legal authority of BATFE, right now.)

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My gun does not identify as a ghost, my truck identifies as a Prius, and my dog identifies as transgender, lives in Cali.
Can’t wait for him to get that $900 a month.:crazy_face::rofl: