Stand with Ukraine

I stand with Ukraine! I have a strong feeling of grabbing my body armor and going over to help… Does anyone else feel that way? I’m seeing news reports of 55 year old teachers taking up arms and the Ukrainian President shouting “to arms”. I feel we should help.


“No matter how many conversations I had with foreign leaders, I heard a few things. The first is that we are supported. I am grateful to each state that helps us concretely, not just in words. But there is a second — we are left alone to defend our state. Who is ready to fight with us? Honestly — I do not see," Zelensky said.

President Zelensky said if you want a gun come and get one, we have plenty for everyone that wants to fight. Sounds to me like AK-47’s are going to be a dime a dozen pretty soon.

Just heards, My friends son has gone silent, not able to call or receive calls etc. He’s in one of those units that does really really cool stuff…


@Jack66 you are a brave and noble man. But please make sure first that you have fulfilled all the obligations to your family, your local community is in perfectly good state, and your own country can’t use your energy and talent in some way. Then you can go and risk your life overseas. Just my 2 cents.


Thank you. You are correct, my first obligation is to my family.


I’ve read multiple times in the U.S. press that Ukraine did not want help.

Add that to the long, long list of reasons I don’t trust the U.S. press corps.


I think we should just butt out.
If we had said we wouldn’t put missiles in Ukraine and NATO had said no to admitting Ukraine this wouldn’t be happening.
If the administration wants to protect the sovereignty of a nation, start with our southern border.


@Jack2 I agree. brandon will use putin as a smoke screen to cover the border and blame the inflation on. If you believe that crap I have a bridge to sell you. :angry:
Look over there, not down here. :roll_eyes:


We probably should butt out…I don’t know about you but I strap my 9mm on my leg and my .45 in my waist everyday for one reason… To help those that need help and to protect those that need protecting.


Putz-in was gonna invade regardless of what anyone did. He’s stuck in the hazily remembered glory days of the USSR. I work with quite a few 1st or 2nd generation Ukrainians, all who have family still there. Even beyond that, Democracies are supposed to stand up for each other.
So yes, I’m looking at options for a Ukrainian Foreign Legion to join with.


If you wait just a little while the Ukrainian’s will be coming through our Southern Border. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just heard Army Intel is getting ready to be nearby in the conflict. Leaving it at that…


I feel that way but we would only be used as propaganda if we went

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Prez. Zelinsky said that all men from 18 to 60 may not leave the country and that 150.000 guns have been passed out. Also teaching the use of Molotov Cocktails which the Russian’s used with great effect against the German invasion during WW2.


I did not serve, so someone more knowlegable correct me.
Isnt armor guarded by infantry? So use of molotov cocktail is but suicidal.

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It’s guerrilla warfare it meant to slow the advance of infantry and used to critical effect in urban combat and confined spaces


During WW2 the fire bombs were used from windows on narrow streets if the armor was stupid enough to leave a hatch open on the tank or an open truck carrying troops. The fuel can be mixed with a tar to make napalm, an ugly weapon for sure.


I did my service. I’m too old (they say) and too unhealthy, but all old war horses get the urge so I know what the OP is feeling.
The Ukrainians will fight for their freedom and if you can’t follow orders given in Ukrainian you’ll just be in their way. Consider contributing to a legit relief organization instead (a one way ticket to Poland right now is $600USD.)

I’m actually glad to be out of the military right now—the Generals who oversaw the Afghanistan pull out are jackasses and should be chilling in Ft. Leavenworth, not the Pentagon.


We gave them all the leverage. Closed keystone. All the while our own country is being invaded in the south and our northern brothers fight against communism from their own “leader”.

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