So here we are……

Don’t worry, no warrant needed to spy on you about your futile resistance to your treasure funding Nazi’s. Shame on these Traitors for doing this and especially for waving foreign flags in the people’s House.




To keep it brief (and my BP from spiking the meter!)


How much Anti-AMERICAN Traitorous Bullshite do we stand for?
There are no ‘Both sides of the aisle’ anymore. They are all in it together
to Rape and Pillage this country till we are Broken and a shell of our former selves.
We are already unrecognizable as a Country we once were. A laughing stock to the
rest of the World.
The Russian Bear (who likes Trump) HATES Pudding Pants is growing stronger
China is flexing their Muscle (and why not we are now a paper Tiger)
The Muslim’s are Invading full force here (as well as China and every third world country
as fast as they can ship them here. Clearing out their Prisons of Hard Core Bangers and
Murders and what do we do? WE HOLD OPEN THE GATES!)

The Sheeple who think Pudding is ‘Doin’ a good job’ are in for a rude awakening
There are no Fan blades strong enough to withstand the KAKA that are about to hit them!

And if we miraculously make it to an Election without a Coast to Coast MELTDOWN
I feel neither side is going to be happy when they lose.
If Trump isn’t Assassinated and Makes it to the Big Chair CHAOS will ensue because the Elites will not have this country to play with and destroy anymore. If Pudding and co. Make it we will cease to exist and
spiral into the dreaded CW that every turnip has predicted the last (2+) years.

Some country will come in sweep up the remains and start over.
God help us all.


The UNIPARTY has spoken.

We AMERICAN’S mean NOTHING to them.


Here the thing that get’s me, It’s Ducking Obvious. It’s right out in broad daylight. They are actually telling the American people they are doing it, Open Boarders, Secret FISA Courts, Funding for every war anyone wants to start anywhere, Crime unpunished and in many cases rewarded, read illegal immigrants, In some areas there are more Votes than people, Trample The Bill of Rights, Weird sexuality, Blatantly out of control DOJ & FBI, Legislating from the bench, collecting every electronic communication and storing it read Bluffdale data center… and The American people sit back and applaud, cheering them on. Then, when the wheels come off and they are kneeling there looking at the smoldering heap that was once called The United States they’ll still be blaming it on Trump.


One last time. The people of Ukraine are not ducking nazis. For ducks sake. So everybody is cool with putin killing thousands of people and invading a sovereign, European country? Brave and resolute people are dying over there for no reason at all, other than putin dreaming of a restored soviet union.

They have only asked for weapons, not Soldiers. Does no one here see that russia invading Ukraine is not a good thing for the West, for America?

Don’t forget that putin funds Iran, a sworn enemy of America. Iran has American blood on their hands from way back. I evacuated wounded Soldiers in Iraq in 2011 who were hit with iranian ordnance.

Don’t bother arguing with me about Ukraine. I know all about the good and the bad. I have picked Ukraine as a cause I fully support. Do a little research on the Ukrainian side for a change.

Since when do Americans pick the murderous bully as an entity they don’t mind seeing win? Have you all forgotten the soviet and the evil they unleashed on the world? Ask the thousands of civilians in Ukraine who have lost their homes due to putin hitting civilian targets every day. They can tell you what this war is about.

If we gave biden more money for the Border, he would build new high-rise housing for the illegal aliens to live in on our dime. The Border is a policy problem, not a money problem.

Just please look at the war from the perspective of the Ukrainian people. Look into the horrible evils the Russians have inflicted on civilians and pow’s alike. It boggles the mind that American patriots can support the US ignoring such evil in a free European country.

But hey, go ahead an keep calling them nazis. That is what putin told his animal “soldiers”. It is easy to torture and kill nazis, right? Who cares what happens to a nazi. Go ahead and keep using the talking points of a murdering KGB colonel.

I really don’t understand my fellow conservatives sometimes. I dont have a left leaning bone in my body.

Slava Ukraine :ukraine:!


I am out of here. I don’t belong here. Out


Surely you realize WE, The United States are essentially Broke. Helping other countries is an honorable task but when it added Billions and Billions of unrecoverable dollars to our national debt for a cause that should actually be funded by their geographical neighbors it has to be looked at.



U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time (

US debt is more than $34 trillion, which stands at 135% of the total output of the US economy. If the entire output of the US economy was devoted to repaying the debt, it could not do so.

Historically, when governments print money to finance politically popular social programs and military adventurism, it devalues the currency and eventually results in a bout of hyperinflation. That’s what post WWI Germany experienced and countries like Zimbabwe, Turkey, Greece, Argentina and Venezuela lived/are living through. It destroys any and all wealth you may have accumulated.


Virgil, I think that a lot of people support Ukraine’s effort to stop Putin. But what I, and most likely a lot of people, have a problem with is the blank checks, no string attached and no vetting, our government give OUR hard-earned money to foreign countries. More than $75,000,000,000 were sent to Ukraine in the past 2 years and they’re now sending $61,000,000,000 of OUR money to them again. Total $136,000,000,000 plus all indirect assistance in logistics.

We have veterans dying in the street because they’re kicked out of shelters to benefit illegal aliens. We have retirees who can’t afford medical treatment. And I can go on and on. This is just getting ridiculous at this point.

That being said, yeah, we should help Ukraine, but these numbers are just not sustainable. They’re literally killing this country.


^^^^^^^^^^^What he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !

I learned my lesson about delving into this subject because of the sensitivity of the matter.
THAT is called Respect. What I can’t abide is the wonton disregard for their own people.
Help Other’s in Need! YES!
Give away/ Steal your own TRESURY? F&&K NO!
We went to WAR because of Megalomaniacs and Tyrants trying to take over the World! YES!
BUT, This isn’t OUR WAR and ‘they’ are doing it for the wrong reasons. Whatever those REALLY are!
(So Pudding, Pelosi, Scummer can have another Mansion or pad his Nieces accounts?)
There is a BLATANT disregard for the American Citizen now. We are being marginalized and stepped on.
THAT I will voice my opinion on, Shout it at the rooftops! and F^^kin’ FIGHT FOR !
Let these other issues take care of themselves.
This is our f**kin’ country!
And These VERMIN can’t have it!
A Lot of our Brave (and highly Intelligent people gave their ALL for us to live in a REPUBLIC where our voice means something. Do YOU feel heard or are you just part of a Herd now? Anybody TAG your ear yet?

It’s Bloody close!


Treasonous B@$tards!!
Same S#¡t, different day, BIGGER pile foresure!


A New York Democratic congressional candidate celebrated the House passing a $60 billion bill to fund Ukraine while hoping for the death of the MAGA movement, a message posted to X shows.

“Slava Ukraine,” New York congressional candidate Nate McMurray posted to X Saturday afternoon.

“Die MAGA die. You lose,” he added of former President Trump’s supporters and those who agree with the “Make America Great Again” platform.

McMurray’s tweet followed the U.S. House passing a bill Saturday that provides $60 billion to Ukraine amid the nation’s ongoing war against Russia. The aid package passed 311 to 112, with more Republicans voting against the bill, at 112, than Republicans who voted for it, at 101.

THIS is what I am talking about!
This isn’t a Ukraine/Russia issue
This is EVIL in our Politicians !!!
These people got Corrupted and diseased!
Every day it gets worse and worse
$8.4 MILLION dollars taken from Denver PD to support/AID Migrants (who entered this country ILLEGALLY!) So WE THE PEOPLE will suffer the results of higher crime and it’s assorted filth!

There is something seriously wrong with this .gov.

People Protesting FOR a Terror Organization>
Attacking Jewish Citizens----who by the way are mostly Americans and have probably not set foot on Israeli soil.
BLM/Antifa RIOT, Burn, Pillage and these kids SUPPORT THIS?

And also, Summer is coming and the BLM/Antiphucks will now crawl out from under their rocks to ‘Protest’ some more
and hey, If the Elections how many REAL RIOTS are going to be Instigated against the American People? Hmmmmmmmmm?


Technically, it’s money printed and/or borrowed by the big brains in DC. We – ordinary citizens – will repay that fiscal excess in the form of a devalued currency (inflation) that destroys our savings, pensions, wages, etc. The “little” 9% blip of inflation that we’re now living through was caused by the fiscal excesses of the war on COVID. For those of us old enough to remember 20% mortgages in the 1970s & 80s, that “Great Inflation” was caused by spending to fund Johnson’s Great Society and the Vietnam war. Small potatoes by today’s government spending standards.

Google how Argentinian citizens are dealing with 100%+ inflation for a glimpse into our future. At times, Argentina limited ATM withdrawals to $200/day. People no longer buy big ticket items in pesos but use US cash dollars. In Venezuela, many people simply left the country in response to the government created money-printing inflation (which is partly why we have a crisis on the border). Unfortunately, there is no currency Americans can flee to or country they can immigrate to.


I am not set on what is the right course of action. Russia remained an adversarial power, seeking to hurt the US whenever they quietly could. If it is politically expedient, the US should provide aid to whatever country, to discourage Russia from stabbing us in the back.

However… foreign flags in Congress or using this issue to attack conservatives in dangerous, violent rhetoric, are all red flags.




I posted this on a local news site:

I hope everyone realizes that it isn’t the Republicans in the house and senate paying for this. It isn’t the Democrat’s in the house and senate that is paying for this. Look across the room or across the street, see those hard working Americans? That, my friends, is who is paying for this and will be for many years to come.


Nuff said!


I hear you. I don’t know if all conservatives do not support Ukraine.

One of my humble theories is a “hard core” liberal is against anything an incumbent opposite party president is for, likewise a “hard core” conservative is against anything an incumbent democratic president is for.

I admire that you stick to your beliefs.

I’m not a historian, but ever since the “Cold War” per se between Russia and the U.S., to date, I had heard each side had supported opposite causes financially. It’s like the two biggest bullies in the playground who don’t get along ideally. I wish it weren’t so. So much on the line. I think about it sometimes when I see the beautiful outdoors which could be damaged by war.

I guess in many ways, it’s still “Cold”. There seems to also be a large number who are not liberal or conservative per se, but more in the middle. No matter where I go, I’m in the “Lions’ Den”, as I’m not in the usual more common two sides.

Wishing peace to us all. And cheers to the hard work it would take to get us there.

Remember that drama series, “The Americans”? I imagine, we have spies living in Russia as well:


Thanks, Virgil. Yes.

In the run up to US involvement in the European theater during WWII, plenty of people in the US were isolationist, so much so that Roosevelt’s hands were tied.

Somewhere around 80 million people died in WWII. The rate of deaths kept rising until the US eventually entered the war - it wasn’t going to end without the United States.

Want a good idea of what it would have been like if the US maintained its isolation? Watch “The Man In The High Castle”. Much of it is Sci-if, but you get the idea of what the world would be like had Germany and Japan prevailed whilst the US stood on the sidelines.

Those who do not learn from history truly are doomed to repeat it - Putin is crazy like a fox and he’s hoping the US and EU back down, because they will be next. We can help Ukraine (imperfect democracy that they are) now, save Ukrainian, European and American lives, or keep isolating and pay a much higher price later.