War is coming

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War has been here since the dawn of humankind. :thinking:


“ The Rasmussen Reports poll was performed among 900 voters nationwide and had a margin of error of 3 percentage points, with a 95% confidence level.”

So 900 out of 325,000,000?


War with China, our largest trading partner, manufacturer of countless goods consumed by the consumer-driven economy.

How would a war against China work out besides cutting off virtually the entire consumer economy? Consider: Afghanistan: population 38 million led by the Taliban, which had not weapons making capability and draws its world view from the 7th century. Fought modern US and NATO forces to standstill after two decades of war. But a war with China would be different. China: population 1.4 billion and a real army.

Who could possibly think that war with China would be a good idea?


I don’t think the (it won’t happen at all, IMO) talked-about war with China would be the US trying to invade and boots on ground control the country. Even the theoretical (it won’t happen) war with China would be an entirely different situation than attempting to occupy Afghanistan (also consider the politics of how Afghanistan is divided internally and kind of created as a country by outside powers vs China, well, they are pretty unified internally as a singular country with a singular gov’t very different from Afghanistan)


I think war with China would be a horrible idea. Our economy is almost completely reliant on the importation of Chinese junk along with some vital products like most of our medicines and rare earth metals, etc. Throw in the current low combat readiness of our army and navy with the logistics needed to fight on the other side of the Pacific and it would not be pretty even if the Chinese didn’t choose to just take out our nation’s power grid in order to tie down our military here in an effort to keep US citizens from eating each other.

But given China’s obsession with Taiwan and our dependence on it for computer chips and transformers I think there is a distinct possibility that events could occur that lead to unintended escalations. Or even the more slight possibility that one side or the other will take significant action to make sure they get a big head start on the escalation curve.


That article is shameless click-bait. If you haven’t clicked on it yet, don’t reward them. It’s just a public opinion poll. The same people who couldn’t tell us who would win the last 6 presidential elections are now trying to predict when our next war will be.

Of course Americans think war is looming. They get their news from corporations that spread fear in order to sell ads. Many Americans wouldn’t know it was raining outside unless their favorite news site could blame it on a political party. Luckily, wars are not waged based on public opinion polls. They’re a result of complex failures in international relations, on one to many levels. The U.S. and China have long had strained relations, but we’re also very co-dependent. They aren’t going to strike the United States; we’re the only nation big and dumb enough to buy all the useless crap that their entire economy is built on.


War, and the potential for such, motivates politicians who use it to pander to voters. “Vote for me! Send me a dollar! China is an existential threat that we have to prepare for, by expanding our military and buying/building more military hardware (using printed dollars).”


I agree that there is a lot of fear mongering in the news. But I also think those distractions are not only being put forth by the news media for profits. They serve as an excellent distraction from all of the internal problems we are currently facing.

As our Ponzi Scheme debt and money printing fueled economy winds down those who profited from it at the expense of everyone else will be looking for more and more distractions and places to shift the blame to. Both China and the US are facing significant internal dissatisfaction and dysfunction. An external war is probably one of the most effective distractions when you need to redirect anger.


I would venture to guess we are much closer to civil war than war with China.


My fear and the domestic terrorists’ dream is,
when faced with a real threat
(summer of love 2020 was a dry run),
more people would react foolishly like the McCloskeys
than wisely prepared and determined like Kyle Rittenhouse.


hopefully this isn’t addressed towards me?
I’m not trying to instill fear in anyone. i just seen the article this morning and thought I’d share it.


No, sorry, I meant it in regards to the survey.


no apology needed, we’re all (mostly) adults here. :+1:


Well, they do subjugate their various ethnic and religious areas quite well, such as the Uyghurs and the Tibetans, etc.


We won’t know a war is coming until it’s already started.
My 2 centavos anyway,


War is no longer necessary. Consider this.

If we were to declare war on China, would we invade? Would they invade? No.

They/We would first shut off commerce. So no imports from China. WalMart, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Target, HP, Apple, AMD, Microsoft, Google and more businesses than I can even begin to count would fold due to lack of product/manufacturing. The US does not have a manufacturing base capable of supporting our needs. We have voluntarily outsourced or capability. 95% of our pharmaceuticals are produced in China, imagine no Motrin or Tylenol let alone all the other drugs who’s bases are sourced from China. The impact on US based automotive manufacturing has been hamstrung by the lack of chips from China because they shut down the shipping ports due to the Wuhan Flu. We shut down our receiving ports for the same reasons and add to it the Californian rules and regs on trucks, drivers etc. Need a battery they all say “Made in China”.

We have screwed ourselves for profits due to slave labor, cheap labor and unionization of our own labor force which does nothing to improve labor. Just look at the education labor market as well as the union government labor market.

How the he!! can you work for the Federal/State Government which writes labor laws and belong to a union?

Unions had their place at the turn of the century “1900” but now they are an albatross on the country and have no place in our society.




You’ve been paying attention.


As far as I’m concerned, unions are now just organized crime. My town had one race riot ever, and it was stirred up by the unions, who were chased out of town by one Mexican guy on the city council with a gun when they tried to get his wife.

I do believe war is coming. China and North Korea are both preparing for war. China is getting up to date intelligence on our strategic facilities and topography.

I also believe we are currently positioned to lose. Every war game shows Russia defeating NATO with numbers (of course they also showed Russia conquering Ukraine in a week or so). The USN seems to have lost the amazing damage control abilities we built in WWII, so that a single sailor can set a small fire and ruin a warship, our ships are falling into disrepair and having to spend more and more time in port. We don’t have enough missiles, and our allies don’t even have enough ammo (Britain in particular has enough ammo for one day of combat). We’re spending the strategic oil reserves to gain political points for the President.

I think we will end up in a war whether now or later, and we may end up in a World War, but it will not be The End. Jesus told us that there would be plagues, earthquakes, wars and war reports, racial strife and all kinds of things, but that they will not be the end of the world. I suspect it’s all just stage setting.


I agree that something is coming down the pike. Our enemies are shaping the battlespace in very overt ways now. Our defenses and response times and actions are being tested. There can be many reasons for this but I wonder if they are feints or distractors.

I just can’t imagine that China would kill the American cash cow lightly. If we get into a shooting war, they can kiss their economy goodbye. However we will be absolutly screwed for quite a while. Medical supplies, drugs, computer chips, etc.

We could eventually start making things again, which would be terrific. I fear many citizens would die in the near term from medication shortages alone. Even with our houseplant and chief, we would hopefully survive it.

I am not sure China could make it though. Not without horrific damage to their economy and industry. I have always felt that they need us far more than we need them.

So here is the question: What is so important to them that would have them risk their clear advantages over the US and most of the world?

Or are they just screwing with our “leadership” lol.