Brink of SHTF Global Edition

These are some of the most relevant simulations and scenarios for current events for 2020:
• Event 201;
• Clade X Simulation;
• Operation Dark Winter;
• Atlantic Storm Simulation; and others.

Covid 19 is suspected of being a BWA (Biologically Weaponized Agent) meant to destabilize the global economy which might lead to WWIII in a worst case scenario.

[Note: no one prepares for a least case scenario]

The outline is as follows:


  1. Outbreak (Wuhan) leads to;
  2. Epidemic (Mainland China) leads to;
  3. Pandemic (Global).


  1. Economical destabilization of global economy leads to;
  2. Food shortage that causes civil unrest;

-Monkey Wrench In The Machine-

5A) The U.S. Government prevented a nationwide food shortage that could have erupted into the civil unrest scenarios.

5B) Civil Unrest erupted in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd that triggered the BLM and Antifa protests and rioting.

5C) It has been discovered that Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Liberation Road are active in Minneapolis and have ties to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) where these uprisings originated.

  1. While America is destabilized, U.S. foreign interests could be compromised;

6A) China has advanced and taken disputed territory from India after some skirmishes. They have erected Battle Bunkers, airfields; deployed fighters, bombers and tanks; and have massive troop buildup along that border and in the South China Sea.
6B) Hong Kong and Taiwan have been politically seized by the CCP.
6C) Nepal has been absorbed into alliance with China through a questionable election.
6D) Vietnam has already requested assistance from Japan to stop CCP advancement.

[NOTE: Those are some of the compromised foreign interests and there may be more to come]


  1. A 2nd Wave of BWA or a new BWA virus that leaches onto those exposed to the 1st wave virus to further cripple target economies and disrupt their logistical capabilities as well as thwarting the combat effectiveness of their standing army;

  2. “If” the United States takes action to protect U.S. foreign interests, we risk entering into a multi-national war:

8A) Possible EMP strike;
8B) Possible small nuclear exchange;
8C) Possible Invasion on US soil.

This is the same information shared at the beginning of this year after footage smuggled out of Wuhan, China through VPN networks exposed atrocities carried out by the CCP due to the initial outbreak.

[NOTE: There is reason to believe a 3rd Party released the virus intentionally, knowing how the CCP would react to an outbreak and use the event to collapse the current Chinese government]

Research this yourself. We have little coverage in American Media, but globally it is everywhere.

And the DHS and President have warned of a potential EMP attack. Operation Condor has been activated.

As Americans, we are facing ideological subversions through an information war that is ripping at the fabric of our great nation, and this isn’t new.

I have a plethora of links to articles and government press releases and public reports to support the above information. With moderator approval, I will share them.

The Japanese did not carryout a land invasion after their attack on Pearl Harbor, because in their words, there “…is a hunter behind every blade of grass.”

We are fighting wars on multiple fronts and in multiple mediums. The USCCA is just one of many patriotic organizations who are standing up for our Constitution.

The oppositionists to American Democracy and tradition have infiltrated every aspect of our nation and they are winning.

What are YOU doing to prepare yourselves and to defend our country?


That would be a nice game to play. I think a lot of assertions made are not plausible. I would put the next move as China aggression taking Taiwan. Continental invasions are unnecessary as funding media works so well


I agree with @Adamant. I think a civil war would happen before a foreign country puts boots on the ground.


Nice dissertation and worthy of reading. The reality is we are facing more troubles from within than from without . Yet the troubles from within are a very small minority that is egged on by the media when it is to their favor. The fourth pillar of government has arrived and they are the media which chooses which information we get and which we don’t. Add in big tech and the circle is complete. Add the complicit population that pays no attention to the world around them and the overthrow is more complete. The reality is that 10 second sound bites make the election because most folks not tuned in only get that much information.

The cure is to make America AWARE again.




I agree with you that an invasion on U.S. soil is not logical. That is a worst case scenario and maybe plausible after all other forms of opposition have been exhausted.

Taiwan may very well be the location for multi-national confrontation in a P2 (Pacific Theater 2).


The CW2 (Civil War 2) has been circling conservative circles while a R2 (Revolution 2) has been circling liberal circles.

There are many scenarios for these and we have not fulfilled any of their requirements.

The most likely event would be an uprising by citizens during an occupation, by a non-invading foreign element.

In example: a virus cripples our nation and a foreign entity arrives to deliver medical aid. During their residence, Martial Law is declared and all Constitutional protections are suspended. This is where subversive elements might gain positions in government and we might fall victim to any number of possibilities.

Great basis for a film. Not very likely in reality.


The United Nations and the World Economic Forums Agenda 21 and Rio Agreement 2030.

The Democratic parties Green New Deal.

The social media and artificial intelligences data collection and algorithms swaying public opinions.

The goal is/was that current nations would become nation states with their sovereign Constitutions and divided into 7 Federalized nations with their national Constitutions and all of which is governed under a global umbrella Constitution.

  1. The United States of North America (USA)

  2. United States of South America (UNSURP);

  3. The United States of Arabia (Arab League/Israel);

  4. The United States of Western Europe (EU/Brexit);

  5. The United States of Eastern Europe (Russian Federation)

  6. The United States of Asia/Orient (One China/ASEAN);

  7. The United States of Africa (African Union/East African Federation).

All roads appear to point to globalism.

Many different entities want to control the outcome.

Keeping American sovereignty is crucial.

If we fail to submit to the programs foreign element’s are attempting to outline, we will be targeted such as now.

I believe President Trump is the monkey wrench stuck in the gear box and they can’t seem to get it out, so their version of the machine is malfunctioning.


I do think civil war in this nation could absolutely lead to an invasion and boots on our ground from an outside source. (Whether they are here already or they are planning a “Red Dawn” operation). I call it misdirection and foolish if we don’t pay attention! There’s a lot of crap that will be totally out of our individual hands. EMP’s, small nuclear weapons (that’s oxymoron) or do you mean low yield, I still wouldn’t want to be within a 100 miles of any detonation. I built, managed, supplied, maintained, slept and lived with nuclear weapons from Tomahawks, ICBM’s/MIRV to SLBM’s from Polaris to Trident


Any attack against our United States would most likley be meant to cripple us to stop our Armed Forces from preventing the attacker from doing whatever it is they are up to…hypothetically.

A CW2 or R2 on American soil would not bring about “boots on the ground” invaders in my opinion.

The scenarios playout that if the United States defends our Foreign Interests while they are comprimised (taking place during civil unrest and a destabilizing pandemic), then oppositionists will seek to further cripple us.

An EMP threat is high. I do not believe a high altitude device would work unless it was hypersonic and even still unlikely.

A small scale nuclear exchange doesn’t have to be stateside. It is more likely in the South China Sea and/or India.

“Do not kill the goose that lays the golden egg” is what saves America, but what if someone else wants to lay that golden egg?

Example: World Economic Forums “Agenda 21” and “2030 Rio Agreement.”

Example: The U.N.'s Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform with a list of member States and their letters and reports.

Example: The Progressive Democrats “Green New Deal.”

We loose our sovereignty to global socialism. This is not a conspiracy theory as they literally published their intentions.

Chinese soldiers are stationed on Chinese property in Canada and lawfully so.

Things are very strange right now.

If Biden wins, the U.S. will return to the global community and we will see further changes to line us up with global policy that does not protect our current Constitutional rights.

If President Trump wins, all Hell might break loose, because he is NOT a team player for the worlds agenda.


All things considered, S#|£ seems pretty bleak!


This thread reminds me of the tv show The Last Ship.

Sadly, the final season was too woke, methinks they changed show runners or writers.


I enjoyed “The Last Ships” 1st season. After that I was distracted.

There is a lot to be said about self fulfilling prophecy in these times we live in.

Add…programming. Who controls the media controls the narrative. Who controls social media controls the narrative. Who controls the money controls the media and social media and hence…controls the narrative.

The smart watch was such a feat! Then we discovered that it continuously monitors the pulse rate of the wearer, while the smart phone camera monitors pupil dilation, while the algorithms monitor our behaviors through text, conversation and viewing.

The end result… a sort of “Minority Report” meets “1984.”

In the most recent “Terminator” film, which was filmed and released while illegal immigration policies were heavily covered in the media… the villain wore a Border Patrol uniform. It may seem harmless, until the realization that the audience will subconsciously connect the Border Patrol with Villainous behavior and relate it to Illegal Immigration policy as displayed in the news.

The end result…we are swayed. “The Last Ship,” was just well produced entertainment or preparation?

Search browser: Deagel U.S.A. 2025

Our US population drops to 100 million as reported by an online data collection site with alphabet agency sources.

What is real and what is imagined is no longer relevant.

In the 80’s we were told “they are coming to take our guns,” but they never came. Instead…the media reported gun violence and the government enacted regulations.

Each generation is exposed to more gun related crimes.

Each generation experiences stricter regulation.

The children of tomorrow will abstain from gun ownership. They will despise it. They will depend on the system to protect them.

But…in “The Last Ship” the system collapsed. What then?

It was said that WWIII would be fought in the international courts. How could that be? Unless we globalized under a common banner?

Socialism is coming. Will we remain sovereign? The battle begins with organizations like the USCCA which is the NAACP of the 2nd Amendment.

Just a thought. I’m long winded. Fun topic.


A Civil War would bring in other countries wanting to cash in on the weakness and crumbling country. The other countries wanting to take advantage of what wealth we do have and offer to their benefit would be very happy to help which ever side could benefit them. How many other countries out there would love to see the USA fall flat on their ass?


Add…what about former patriots of fallen nations wanting to see us crumble?
¤ The book, “The Naked Communist” written by former FBI agent, W. Cleon Skousen that exposes the subversion of America; coupled with
¤ The testimonies of former KGB agent Yuri Beznemov paint a clear picture of what has happened to our country, one generation after the other.

Ideological subversion through an information war has infultrated the American Academic institutions from preschool to the highest centers of education. It has made its way into all forms of governance, finance and health.

Those seeds of dissension have sprouted fruit that everyone tastes and they have no idea who planted it, but they believe they enjoy it and continue to help it grow.

The USSR has fallen, but those seeds sprouted and all who oppose our nation have been schooled in these dark arts and they are using them against us.

We are heading in a direction where we will be more Communist than Russia and Russia will be freer than we ever were.

A CW2 or R2 is a veil. Its the result of someone stirring the pot. I don’t believe it will ever happen and thank goodness if it doesn’t, but there are many Americans primed for either and I divide them into two types:
• Type 1: Subversive element operating clandestinely;
• Type 2: the brainwashed.

Americans should not fear November, though January and February are our coldest months. Viral resurgence? EMP taking down grid in a nation dependant on electricity rather than fireplaces and wood burning stoves? Shutdowns?

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You call that a fun topic, “War Games” 1983, was a fun topic, back in n 1983. Granted, I was sitting next to 16 nuclear tipped missiles. I felt really safe, in charge even.
Today I can hardly finish my lawn and I carry less than 16 rounds when I get the mail. Can’t wait for the next fun topic, Queen Kamla ? Has a nice ring if I were in Afghanistan! I don’t think I can handle anymore fun topics! Although, October is not over yet and the surprise is on the way.
Very photogenic, but I think I’ll pass on the global edition!

I guess I should be glad I picked up a few extra rounds for all my weapons.
Popcorn, anyone? Maybe s’mores?


It won’t be an invasion. It will be an invitation. Blue helmets protecting “human rights” at the invitation of local communist/marxist sympathizing “representatives”


Yes, this. They will have a tough time though.


@Craig6, well-stated.


There is a youtube video about a civil war and how the government would/has planned for it. It has to do with a red team leader. They are guys who sit in rooms and plan these things. According to the video the guy who was a red team leader came forward and wrote about how the government would eventually fail if we the people rose up. It wasn’t a matter of if we defeated a tyrannical government but when. The article mentioned how it would take several years possibly but the government would eventually lose.

Edit:Found it

Watch the video then read the article. The video shows how the government would lose. The article breaks everything in the video down from a different perspective and how it might be wrong. It’s a long video and a long read but can help put things into perspective.


I have only read a portion of that opinion and have yet to view the video. I believe the information contained is nothing short of deflection and further subversion.

There will be no CW2 or R2. These are psy ops campaigns and they are failing to take hold.

I do not believe our U.S. Government is behind these operations. I lean in the sake direction I do with the pandemics initial outbreak…there appears to be a 3rd Party Player on a two team chess board.

The Right Wing is not a white nationalist movement.

The Left Wing is not a marxist movement.

Yes, there exist those types, but they are a small minority.

The grid is not at risk from the right. It is at risk from subversibe elements handled by foreign intelligence agencies.

Americans need to be the glue that holds this country together.

Our government needs to be the tarp that keeps the glue dry, so that it maintains adherence.

As for the Laws against the population…that is the legal battle on the horizon and I am less worried about it than I am about what is happeninf worldwide.

I will finish the reading and watch the video later.

God Bless America.