Brink of SHTF Global Edition

Good post. I believe a good deal of it is true or could be.

I financially support the second amendment in its entirety through donating to/buying from various 2A businesses, companies, individuals, shops, networks, and organizations.

Everything is connected. Everything.


Depends on the operations. There are government scenarios, official government planning and operational programs. The documents for some have been made public. There are perhaps others that are third party actors behind the scenes that attempt to make other activities appear to be the government (false flag) when they are not, or only small groups within the government.

Absolutely correct. (further details later)

Absolutely incorrect (further details to follow)

The political spectrum that we commonly use, the Democrats (Marxists) on the left, and the Republicans (Fascists) on the right is based on European models and is inaccurate.

The left is Totalitarianism which is Marxism, Fascism, Nazism, Socialism, and Monarchy… tyranny and despotism … The right is anarchy and chaos. We, our Constitutional Republic is to the right of center, with limited government, rule of law, individual rights and liberty.

In that sense, both Fascism and Marxism are tyrannical and on the far left.

Now, perhaps not all Democrats are far left, as we can see with those like Vernon Jones, who is a Democrat politician who is supporting President Trump, but those like Obama, Clinton, Biden, Harris, and the PRIDE of Boston University AOC… and her squad including the criminal Ilhan Omar (why she has not had her citizenship revoked and been deported… or at least prosecuted for the lies, the corruption, the buying of votes, …) are all far left…

Now, that does not mean all Republicans are right of center, there are some that are very much left of center and some as far left as AOC.


Has anyone heard about Civic Nationalism? By reigniting Civic Nationalism we may be able to save our country yet. Not a policy propagated by either party. President Trump is doing his best to reestablish this concept and you wonder why the Swamp is fighting back. Attached is a very good explanation of the problems our country faces and how we can unite to resurrect this great nation of ours.


IMO, yes CCP and Russian influence are trying to weaken the US’s power (rhetoric, media influence, and financial negotiations). However, it is pure hubris to suggest that they would try to militarily invade US soil en masse. What China has is money. What China doesn’t have is resources.

IMO, with the superpowers being relatively full and established, the most likely confiscation would be South America and Africa. These continents also have a large population that might actually experience an increase in living standards under Communist rule… at least compared to much of the population’s current living standards. This is also the inexpensive labor that China is looking for, considering that even under the Obama administration, some Chinese companies already started outsourcing their labor to countries with lower living standards to reduce production costs.

We’ve already seen China’s Belt and Road Initiative, as well as their attempt to buyout countries through massive loan programs… although in all honesty the US has their own international “financial aid” programs… not to mention big banks hundred-million dollar loans to certain international countries/cities in exchange for governmental policy changes (IIRC, J.P. Morgan Chase was on record during the Obama administration talking about these loans, and you can find descriptions outlining changes in government policy requirements).

Therefore, until large amounts of South American soil and African soil changes their government to CCP, I don’t think a US invasion would be probable. Additionally, with the Americanized version of globalism (basically free trade with independently led countries), China has the advantage of trading the resource they have a lot of, money, for resources they don’t, food, oil, metal, etc. This would be made more problematic if they had to extend their communist welfare policies by taking these countries over. We have already seen China do this to it’s own citizens, i.e. when the FoxConn factory practices were found out, they started requiring students in any collegiate discipline to intern there on the assembly line to skirt their own government benefit programs for normal citizen workers.

This basically leads to a competition of financial “assistance” to countries with low financial resources, but with a high population of human resources and food/energy/building resources. Hence the billions of $ we give out every year to countries.

Side note… although most of my description was of China, in addition to Russian propaganda, I think that Russia was trying to teach and donate older nuclear energy tech (power facilities, not weapons) to expand their influence to other countries… mostly because they could not afford to give much military aid. There’s already controversy on their influence on the EU through oil over the decades. I thought it was funny that some Russian diplomats were saying the EU was hurting capitalism regarding the EU bailout policy of Cyprus banks after the Bank of Cyprus disaster.

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I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong


a possible?

we have civil unrest with the intent to create a civil war?


calls from… say Cali or a west coast state or other state…

that deliberately allowed things go out of control in that state… (thinkin some politicians need to be held accountable here)

to China or UN to assist/stop the unrest/civil war???

at the same time or shortly before claiming to have seceded from the US???

not sure there would be any actual legalities involved… kinda a let’s see if we can get away with this…

would be more of a case of might makes right… stop us if you can???

remember… IIRC right now the claims are China is having boarder disputes with 17 countries???

SEEMS like they don’t much care about any legalities… not real sure the UN does either… ???

also don’t think any of the troops that might be sent would give a crap about the Bill of Rights or the Constitution…

just an opinion…


Most amazing breakdown! Great being on the winning side. It almost felt like we were loosing. A win is a win, no matter how it’s achieved! Time to fight fire with fire! I am TOTALLY PREPARED TO DIE FOR FREEDOM!

When do we start?


I feel like there are more psy ops in action Stateside now then during the entire cold war with the USSR. We cannot trust anything and thanks to deep fakes, we can’t even trust our own eyes.

I can’t even decipher between an intellectually sgimating conversation and a psy op intrusion in a message board.


Are we in the middle of a colour revolution in America?