How things might heat up: possible scenario opinions please

​bring in your people with all the others coming here for free stuff…

distribute them all over the nation… as lone wolfs and groups… use any possible ally… local or brought in…

perhaps antifa, blm, mosque, cartels??? did I miss any???

at the signal or a already agreed upon time activate them…

their targets are military installations, police/sheriff stations, fire stations, emergency response, hospitals and clinics and the personnel there…

the current state of our military and police are not in the best condition???

use snipers and explosives to take out energy grids and other needed systems, water, gas, etc…

also hack systems and shut them down where ever possible…

attack and burn grocery outlets and stores…

and set many fires… hmmm Hawaii, California, Texas pan handle… did I miss any???

Note: china has purchased lots of land close to our military bases… hmmm…

purpose of operation is… sow confusion, disarray, disruption, and fear/terror…

distract and draw personnel away from key defensive positions…

if the PTB are possible allies in this… then when it gets going good…

maybe or even probably call in the UN… china, north Korea, middle east, Venezuelan, are member of UN???

declare martial law… so no elections… send out troops to confiscate weapons to prevent further ?unnecessary? blood shed…

tell everyone you got this and will defend them then order emergency troop withdrawals similar to the Congo 50’s and Serbia/Kosovo thing…

hmm… IRS has lots of weapons and ammo hmmm… several other agencies also have same… hmmm… training in swat tactics???

anyone think we could see them acting in some form should this come about???

the real invasion can now begin…


also do any members of the PTB or hostile organizations that might be helping this happen or maybe support or assist in this sort of thing…

actually believe they will remain in power and keep their wealth???

IMHO they may remain as figureheads/puppets with a gun to their head to make them agreeable???

greed? lust for power? fools all?


One thing that caught my attention about federal agencies, one time when I was looking for a job I was on the fed hiring site and this caught my attention, NOAA/THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE was hiring for a swat team. What the hell do they need a swat team?


I believe you meant to ask “for what in hail do they need SWAT?” :sunglasses: Obviously for when weather gets out of their control. :rofl: Or maybe when it’s raining cats and dogs and it turns into tigers and wolves. :rofl:


When it does happen, I hope and pray I’m ready and able to

Show no mercy to the enemy.


Please stop worrying. You will do what you have to do.
Just like the rest of us. I can say a whole bunch of flowery things
but you are SOLID Brother. Train up, Keep your head and focus
on the tasks ahead.
A Line from the movie ‘Munich’ comes to me (a Lot) when I think about
what lies ahead for us all. " Stop chasing the mice in your skull!’
Works every time.



I firmly believe there will be a mass nine eleven style event, either pre planned or it happens organically, caused by whatever has come through the south gate during all the distractions. I think it happens before the election, and it will result in a martial law, suspend the election, etc. They’ll get to run the same play they had Zelensky run in the Ukraine, all while justifying it as public safety. They did it once with covid, and so many went along with giving up their liberties for a little bit of perceived safety, it’ll be easy peasy for them. Now, excuse me while i step off my soap box and remove my tinfoil hat. Carry on!


Sad but true.


Hopefully ( not my strategy ) a percentage will see through the BS this time! Furthermore, be ready for it. This is a no fail operation on our part, no prisoners!
No one knew what was going on last time. I think the previous test actually forced some of us to see their vulnerabilities! I plan on exploiting all of them on a grand scale, that which I can see, without prejudice! It’s a moral imperative!


All the natural disasters, barring another biological, would be an EMP launched by a couple of Chinese balloons! Or our own government!
Small terrorist groups, lone wolves, weather events, earthquakes, fires, planes falling out of the sky all these individual events won’t affect the whole country! A total disruption of our grid and a collapse of our infrastructure and we’re toast. However, at that point it would be possible to pull off a coup!

It is possible that if Trump does win, total chaos could ensue on a more human level, just as well it can be combated and overcome, an EMP on the other hand or any type of nuclear situation well…it’s been a pleasure and an honor!

I will not put it past the liberals and the democrats to attack us themselves! Wuhan was an attack paid for with American money!
Think we should all be looking for the warning signs, now!
The SOTU was one sign, there will be more! I don’t have a plan for this self inflicted wound, but as @Mark697 so eloquently puts it, we should all RUN for office! Truthfully I don’t think politics will work!


Regardless of which side wins in November and how legitimate or illegitimate the election is I think there will be a very strong push by the other side and/or agent provocateurs pushing the other side to cause as much disruption as possible.

This would open the door for those with authoritarian agendas to step in and remove the last of our freedoms.

Barring all out nuclear war or something that took down the entire electrical grid I view the kleptocrats in DC and State capitals and the people manipulating them behind the scenes as the biggest threat our country is facing. Whatever smaller scale man made or natural disasters we will face will be a mere blip on the radar compared to the damage these people do in response to these real or imagined threats.


Some other signs to consider, 29 States now don’t require CCW.
To me that’s a big clue something big is coming up!


Mass arrests for all the unlicensed carriers who unknowingly drive within 1000’ of school property?


Jeremey, I made this Topic and waiting and waiting for it to clear ‘He who should not be named!’
But here’s a peak (it aligns w/ your post)


How 'bout this Brother (and before you ask, NO I’m NOT kidding)

THIS! to me is a Clear sign Gun manufacturer’s want as many weapons in our hands as Possible before the Big Jump! Say what you will about Companies, the usual $50, $75 bucks off ok that’s a tease/standard
My Anderson (has a couple of toyz on her but she was $600 ! $379 says to me HEY GUNNER’S WAKEY WAKEY!


INTRODUCING “CAPTAIN CHAOS”. :man_supervillain:


I’m waiting for the ammo companies to fall in line, that’s when I’ll jump.
Then when there’s a rush on the banks, I’ll know to lock and load, not that I haven’t already!
Except the wife keeps nagging me, buy more ammo, buy more ammo!
Always thought this was enough :sunglasses:




Was that Dana Carvey?


Hope we can follow the signs this time. It’s our last chance.


Where is this deal??? I tried the manufacturer, but no love.
At that price they’re practically Christmas gifts!