Terrorist attack here again within the next 5 years

keep your head on a swivel


I’m not paranoid but if I don’t know someone and they’re within striking distance of me, they’re a suspect.
So, don’t get offended if I walk away from you. :man_shrugging:t4:
Or, maybe you just smell :persevere:


Let me be clear my Brothers and Sisters, WE have no shortage of enemies now.
Foreign AND Domestic.
These smilin’ jack MF’in’ Syrian’s are just added to the list
and while I never take any Force lightly this is a Politically motivated Invasion.
I use to think I knew what the end game of these .gov officials was but now I suspect it’s
far worse than I imagined. WE may not have a choice on our next action to preserve what’s
left of this country. The sheer numbers and money behind this Overthrow is staggering.
When I first thought it was simple ‘Let the migrants in’ to bolster the Voting numbers that was
Criminal but sounds about right for this administration. NOW I feel it’s a depopulation EVENT.
They need to get rid of all resistance (American Resistance) in order to achieve a HOSTILE
TAKEOVER our our Country. Our enemies DO NOT know us at all it appears. They think we will roll over.
The China Influence makes sense because THAT is where Joe Biden and his Crime Family got all
that Bread. If you put one and one together just w/ the Influence peddling and the Massive Land grabs of our Farms and Real Estate and then you ad Warped California ‘electing’ an Illegal Chinese Woman to Oversee Voter-compliance you get an EVIL combo of rigging this next supposed election that is already bought and paid for but the Chinese Government. What I said just a couple of days ago I believe BOTH sides of the Aisle are in collusion with the Enemy Force. Somehow it makes sense to them.
Scott and I joked just a couple of months ago about a ‘RED DAWN3 EVENT’ and now that doesn’t seem so far fetched. What the Politician’s are doing is absolutely bat sh** crazy. If they THINK they will be left alive once their OCCUPATION is complete they are more stupid than I feared (and that’s pretty damn stupid!) The only people left alive will be (in their minds) THE CHINESE! These other Terrorists are USEFUL IDIOTS. The Nicaraguan, Honduran, MS13, SYRIAN, and on and on are the foot soldiers until the Chinese Main Battle Group of 2+ Million men complete the takeover are the cannon Fodder, It’s simple let THEM absorb our ammo until we are subdued! . This is so insane I can’t believe I am saying it yet this is really the only thing that makes sense. This .gov is making a one sided deal w/ the DEVIL.
I’ve always thought the Chinese people were the unseen enemy. I always felt their motives were sinister about WORLD DOMINATION and it is starting to look that I wasn’t very far off. How can you not see this now. The Massive migration of ALL types of Military Age Males—a lot of whom are Muslim–they don’t want our homes they don’t want land–WE OFFENDED THEIR GOD BY NOT BEING DEVOUT FOLLORS OF ISLAM! AND WE INSULTED THIR GOD! They wish to please ALLAH! and only Allah and that is with the blood of the INFIDELS on their Swords folks! They don’t care if they DIE! They wish to be w/ ALLAH and the (72) Virgins each and Wealth beyond measure. Which I always point out makes no sense because what does anybody need wealth for when you are dead? It never made sense to me any faction of people who would run willy-nilly into our Guns when you could have chosen (15) different tactics and stayed alive, but no they just charged straight ahead and most of the time we just gunned them down in huge numbers. Stupid. Today we are soon to be fighting for out Country our families and our Lives to preserve our FREEDOMS and OUR REPUBLIC. Evil is upon us once again. It has INVADED our Country and the MAIN GOAL seems to be our eradication from the face of this Earth.

Remember when DJT said: 'They are NOT after me, They are after YOU, I am just in the way!
He nailed it!
The Chinese are to big for their country and resources. They need to expand. Did ANYBODY feel little Taiwan was going to be enough. I didn’t.

If I am out of line I will gladly just sit over in a corner and shut up. But I tell you now folks. From my experience with facing the enemy we will soon be in the SH** up to our Bloody necks!
This isn’t the rantings of a lunatic, this is someone who has been there, done that and gotten (3) Tee shirts. You all may wish to rethink what the next couple of months may bring us. I hope I am wrong,
I PRAY I AM WRONG, But this may be the answer to all the years of madness we’ve been experiencing.
Remember one last thing: Obama HATES AMERICA, He despises our Freedoms and ways of life. Soros hates any free thinking people. He wants mindless drones. They all feel there are too many people on this planet. WE ARE IN THE WAY OF THAT!

No Easy days ahead
Act Accordingly!

“The Xing and the Ding!”


Well… You had better scootch over and give me part of that corner. I don’t think we have to worry about election fraud this year. Won’t be an election.

Headed to the corner now.


Despite what some may think, I have a better idea, let’s keep ding alive for the next 50 to 100 years, so our grandchildren and their children can ask him, RELENTLESSLY…24/7365

“Why did you do it, Joe?” Over and over and over and over, similar to this…



Maybe Brother, Neither of us need to sit in the corner then…
I believe this Battle is going to
need every single one us us huh?


The earth is round, there are no corners, not even for them to hide :exclamation:


NO! That’s NOT going to happen Brother, Sorry.

Edit: Sorry Scott, A bit abrupt. I apologize. I AM a bit torqued @ the moment.
I knew there was ‘Danger Close’, I phuckin’ knew it, I felt this before, twice in my Life
sadly the first time I wasn’t quick enough and I lost (3) Brothers, I VOWED to God that
would never happen again. It won’t. This is going to get loud, and if my Spider senses
screamed any louder I wouldn’t be able to hear a damn thing.
Please Brothers and Sisters be careful.
I urge you all the utmost Caution.
‘Head on a Swivel’ right Brothers Leo, Bean, Craig, Scott all of my new brothers.
I couldn’t stand to lose any one else. WE NEED TO PREPARE NOW.


It’s going to happen within the next 5 months!! They can’t wait for the election!! They can’t let President Trump back into The White House!!! But, The Trumpinator says “I’ll Be Back”!!! We can handle this, lets make our Forefathers Proud!!!


Yes Sir Ted,
Where do I report and When?

Leo, I am extremely grateful for this Post/thread. I think this is the Clarion Call we needed to wake up all the LIONS.
We’ve been duped (again), We can’t let this stand.


LMAO :joy::rofl: , you call, that an apology, LMAO :sunglasses: I have pretty thick skin!
No need for apologies! Abrupt is the fairest form of truth!
And torqued is putting mildly! If we were free to speak, we probably could have ended all of this 3 years ago!
I as well as many of us have been restrained! They’ve taken away the power of our voices. So however we choose to respond it’s their fault!

Hope this comes through as if we were a band of brothers! Someday, we may yet meet on a field of battle and I’ll know exactly who my friends are!


It’s going to happen within the next 5 months!!

I believe that as well, for numerous reasons.

  1. They don’t have to take flying lessons
  2. There are no check points to cross
  3. They have the numbers now
  4. They are better funded
  5. They take their orders from our own government
  6. They trained in their own country ( where as we have been forbidden to train, IE: as an AMERICAN MILITIA )
  7. Our own government is attempting, by all means necessary, to force us to surrender! Sorry, that was their first mistake!
  8. Israel was a test run and probably a model
  9. Our own citizens are the new enemy, unfortunately, that’s called civil war!

We have a Chinese National training in our gym, he’s mid 30ish, well built and a real good fighter. He’s well educated and, from what I can tell, has plenty of money. He talks a lot about the differences between American and Chinese men. I’ve asked him, Directly, “Are You A Chinese Soldier?” “Were You Sent Here By The Chinese Government as a Soldier?” His answer is shocking…
“No, It’s not just me.”
I take that to mean he’s here with a group of like minded men with a mission in mind.


:military_helmet: :+1:
do we need a secret handshake or words (asking for a friend):rofl:




:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I think the Fred Flintstone Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo salute would suffice…
We can just say to each other! (when Fred got mad @ Barney once: “I’ll never Woo You again!”
The enemy would have no idea what the hell we were talking about.


are they telling us what they plan without actually telling us


I’ve given myself a chance to cool down a bit and I’ve come to the conclusion
that all this stupid sh** that has happened since our President was robbed of his rightful
seat of power and especially since these Criminals are so blatantly stacking their Armies against us
I have (1) Question:
Just how can it be that OUR Branches of Service, Our Alphabits, Our People in support Cheyanne Mountain, Gitmo. Space force (don’t laugh) don’t see this? Honestly all of these people…AMERICAN’S ALL who have sworn Allegiance to this Country, Took the Phuckin’ OATH! Wouldn’t step up when the SHTF?
It can’t be just US who are AWARE the threat level is Friggin’ Black as night!
Your Thoughts…


@Mike164 Your 30ish Chinese National, well built, a real good fighter, and well educated is “Just a Cook” :rofl: :thinking: Probably at a Chinese restaurant there in Utah. Maybe he knows Steven Seagal. :thinking: :rofl: