Military Aged Men - The Border is Still Open

““There is a saying that men only leave their families behind when they are going to war,” noted Clem, “so, I am concerned that we do not know their intentions.””

I was call “Paranoid” on the MSNBC new site for making the exact same argument. It’s almost like, They are coming here to work get a better life, a better life by changing America into their country of origin. Will it be a passive change or a more violent change? Who knows but mark my words, it WILL be a CHANGE.


They’re here to take place of our military age males, they killed with their fetanyl!!! Thanks biden!!!


I’d bet that before the revolution, they called our forefathers paranoid.


If you are religious, think about what is prophesied in the Bible: Israel left alone to fight the Middle Easy and Russia, America is silent.
Why is America silent?
Could it be we’re busy fighting these immigrants, a civil war or both?
Kinda a scary scenario…


If they were simply coming for a better life, they’d be coming by legal means!


For some of us. We have understood since day one. That the regime of FJB have sanctioned this invasion. The great replacement is in full force.


While I am sure more than a few of these are plants by the Chinese military and spy organizations history is full of military age men crossing borders in search of work to provide a start for themselves or to help their families. A significant portion of U.S. immigrants throughout history were young men coming over to find economic opportunity and later bringing their families over or starting productive lives here on their own.

The Chinese economy is actually starting to crumble faster than our own. So economic diaspora is to be expected.

Many of these Chinese will likely end up working on all the U.S. farmland Chinese corporations are buying up. Companies like Tyson Foods are laying off thousands of blue collar US citizens and plan to replace them with cheap immigrants to increase their profits. I suspect they are actively taking part in encouraging and even financially supporting this diaspora in order to drive wages down. These companies seem to not realize that there will eventually be no one left who can afford to buy their products.

Our economy is a wreck. We cannot afford to accept all of the world’s tired and hungry anymore. Most of these illegal immigrants will end up along side the increasing millions of U.S. citizens with their hands out hoping for our bankrupt government to provide them with food and shelter. We need to take care of our own citizens first, defend our borders, find ways to undo the destabilizing actions we have taken that have lead to a lot of this diaspora, and create a more efficient method for allowing those who have legitimate reasons to be here to enter legally.


It’s probably the case with many migrants that they leave their families and cross broders to avoid war. My father’s ancestors came to the US to get away from Prussian conscription and endless European wars. Latin Americans often come to America fleeing the violence in their own countries. If you or I were young Chinese men, we might flee to America to avoid the oppression of the Chinese government to include conscription in the People’s Red Army to fight in Chinese wars.

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Fox has reported an active Chinese cartel in Mexico almost entirely focused on illegal immigration. Color me shocked and amazed (not).