Tourist or Spies


Is that a trick question?
Try that in China!


It’s gonna get worse before it get’s better Boy’s n Gyrls.

Just saying.


If there is not an absolute tidal wave of Conservative voters in 2024. It will be game over.



How about performing “tune-ups” on them, or even shooting a few, depending on how serious the breach? THIS is the only way to make this bullshit STOP.


Nothing new, they’ve been stealing info, flying balloons, and for North Korean President he don’t need to ask Putin for anything, just come to America as a tourist and get all the info for free. COME ON DOWN! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:


Did the trick for economic sabotage so it’s nothing new.


Don 102 SIR. Why do they not hire you and your brothers and . I BLEAVE You could . Stop them pretending like that are what they are not!! And dust they asz !!! And you can tell the difference between a soldier and a want a be !!! And put that toe tag :label: on their ASZ!!! We have to many people on our side working for the outside just stating the facts and does anyone BLEAVE that icess and the TAlaban is. No Longer saying DEATH TO AMERICA :us: AND ARE THEY NOT HERE :question: and just how many bad guys are in the United states of America now :us: just waiting to kill use !! And I mean TRUELY blow us to hell and we are just texting right in front of them every day they have to be just shaking their heads . Because they are just waiting for us to put any one in office that just says one word about we are not going to give them everything they want and then they are going to . Make dinner at our homes and take us all over and it will be all over and DON.102?PLEASE , TELL US YOU DO NOT ALREADY KNOW . What they have been doing all this time . Out of sight out of mind :question: I THE PEOPLE KNEW WHAT YOU ARE OUTHER GUNNERS . Know . Would we all . Just dig a hole and hide in it :question: and I do thank you for warning me to shut up , and no I don’t want to be a moron that word and I know you. JUST WAS GIVING ME A FAIR WARNING . And thank you . Truly . My mouth has always got my ASZ handed to me . Because I . FOR GOT TO SHUT THE F,UP GOD BLESS AND YOUR IN MY PRAYERS . I am just trying to take care of Debbie ann . AND I AM SORRY ABOUT YOUR . Sorrows . Thank you sir Bobby Jean :owl::feather::feather::us::chile::100::100::100::heart::bangbang:Amen


Yes, a state can do this.


No, Pleople’s Liberation Army wouldn’t do such a thing!


Geeze more Chinese paranoid click bait.

What would the Chinese do with information about and maps of US military bases? Invade? Drop paratroops on the base? Maybe conduct a DDS attack on the bases using Amazon packages shipped from China?

And what are we supposed to do about this outrageous behavior by Chinese tourists? Ban all travel between China and the US? Build a wall around the bases? Kill everyone who is or looks Chinese? Put Chinese looking people in camps? Maybe declare war on China, our biggest trading partner, BTW?

Sounds good. J/K. No, obviously doing nothing has been working far better. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


How about good old acts of sabotage? A number of acts of sabotage, at the right time, can be very disruptive for any nation.

What to do - control the borders to begin with, so the authorities know who is in the country, for how long, what their passport id is, etc. This is the foundation of national security. Of course, this takes back seat to the climate skyfall!

What I disliked most in your post is how you instantly pulled the race card. Americans upset by Asians snapping photos of military bases - no, this is not about supremacy, but very likely about CCP spies.


This is why I can’t stand biased reporting. The law applies equally to all restricted nationalities, which encompass a generally very broad ethnic cross section of humanity, so there is absolutely nothing racial or cultural about the law. It simply recognizes that there are states hostile to the US, regardless of ethnicity, and it seeks to prevent those states from damaging us by buying up critical land on our country. If the federal government won’t do anything about it, at least Florida will.

Here’s where the reporting sucks even more. The law does allow foreign nationals from those restricted countries to buy a house, so the BS about it being discriminatory WRT housing is pure crap. It also doesn’t apply to permanent residents from those countries, only true foreign nationals that don’t legally live here.

You wouldn’t get any of that from the NBC article, and if you read the ACLU suit you’d think Florida was a half step shy of stealing poor immigrant’s homesteads because they don’t like their surnames or skin color.

I’m so sick of the BS and lies.


The three markets - black, gray, and red - have enjoyed growth and prosperity for decades. The black market deals in food, consumer goods and luxuries. The gray market deals with intellectual properties - when American manufacturing corporations began moving into China, their ruthless ChiCom masters demanded access to their confidential information, before the execs could take advantage of the sweetheart deals they were offered. The most insidious is the red market, which deals in the sale of human organs for transplants. In India, the poor are only paid a few hundred dollars for a kidney which can sell as much as $15K. A dead-giveaway - pardon the pun - are shiny new hospitals built within easy reach of several poor villages - although they provide healthcare, they also traffic in the sale of organs, and the trade is fully up-and-running. And you can bet the Chinese are up to their elbows in all three, hugely profitable markets. FYI


Really? And you did not find the premise of the article to be fundamentally racist? Chinese who wander near military bases are agents of CCP?

It is the same bogus, racist argument made by the US government in a very famous US Supreme Court case to test the 14th Amendment United States v. Wong Kim Ark

In that case, a Chinese individual born in the US went to China to visit family. When he returned, he was denied entry on the absurd assertion that even though he was born in the US, he could not be a US citizen, because, as a Chinese man, he owed allegiance to the Emperor of China. That was a losing argument then, but it appears still something that click bait generators love today – Chinese who are found on or near US military bases are spies and agents of the Chinese Communist Party.

Where in the article did it talk about race? Where in any of the discussion did anyone talk about race? China is a country, not a race. It also happens to be one very hostile to the US. Some of the US’ best friends as countries, including S Korea and Japan, happen to share a similar ethnic/racial background to most Chinese citizens. A huge number of Americans share that same “racial” (I hate that term) background, including some in my own family. (Edit to add, my daughters, in fact).

What makes someone racist for being concerned about foreign nationals from a hostile country, when we welcome, live with, and partner with other people of the same racial background?

I can’t stand people bringing race into things where it doesnt belong. Again, China is a country. Not a race. Understand the difference.


Aren’t there any warning signs posted - like AREA 51 - that mention lethal or deadly force? Hell - WE can’t enter these sites without clearance, and we PAID for them. A few broken collar-bones might dissuade them. I remember when JFK ran - anti-Catholic factions started a rumor that if he won, we’d have a President taking direct orders from the Pope!


Exactly so, and get a load of this racism! any foreign nationals with cameras wondering into the military bases - are likely spies. You do know that US military places big warning signs about tresspass being arrestable offense in certain choice location. For citizens and tourists alike. So racist!

Irrelevant your honor! And this misdirection attempt is where convesation with you ends. Go scream racism in some liberal echo chamber.