Foreign Conflict Concern

I’m a little concern because there where two stories that bothered me today. North Korea seems to be ready to fight South Korea.

China had a conflict with India at the border.China and India have said they want to resolve the problem diplomatically.

I don’t know if what I’ve read is true because I really don’t trust the news, but I do fear it’s moments like this when our country is distracted with Covid and BLM, other countries take advantage of the distractions like these to make moves. Germany did during the Great Depression for example.

I know there are many members on here who are more knowledgeable than me in this area, and I wanted to see what others think of these events.


There was a story on Fox about a former CIA station chief warning that the US is under siege by Chinese espionage. I was thinking exactly the same thing when I read that story. With us so very distracted, it concerns me how vulnerable we are elsewhere.


It’s concerning. But maybe it’s ok that other countries have to solve their own problems, too. The world is full of nations that don’t invest properly in their own security because they rely on US.


Valid concerns, brother. When you combine the massive Chinese intellectual theft from US, our total dependency on China for medicine and other critical goods, China expansion into South China Sea, the amount of Chinese owned property in the USA (including farm lands), the “One Belt One Road” Chinese policy and push for Huawei to establish 5G infrastructure in the USA we have a few challenges. Throw into the mixer an effort to undermine our Executive Branch, deeply divided politics and an organized break-out of anarchist riots in our country after a tyrannical crackdown on our liberties (Covid-19) based on misguided data and false models. Yeah, MSM is spewing malignant propaganda and big tech is monitoring and regulating our every word. Now I notice the UN is ranting about how racist we are in the USA.


Pay now or pay later.
Our political and business leaders have been ‘selling tomorrow for today’ for decades and the longer the delay before resetting the playing field the higher the cost.
Who’d of thunk that while law abiding citizens and patriots waited and grumbled amongst themselves that other powers would start their own ‘reset’ that, if successful, will result in the Communist/Socialist States of America.


Set Tin Foil Hat Firmly On Head

I don’t think any of this is coincidence. Not Covid 19, not the Civil Unrest, not even the calls to defund the police force. The violence in Southeast Asia, China’s unchecked aggression or even North Korean aggression.

I want to assemble my thoughts in a more orderly fashion. So I will reserve this space for further comments so I don’t come off as an Illuminati control the world conspiracy theorist.

Ok, my prognostication from what I see going on.

  1. China is testing us by flexing it’s muscles through support the US gave India in the last few years over some questionable actions India took.

  2. China, much like Iran is testing us through a proxy to see where the line on the sand is or will we fold and go home vis a bid South Korea.

  3. This is the one I personally worry about the most. In this rush to blame the police for everything, especially if the Democratic Party wins a super majority nationwide. I am afraid there will be some “test cases” of using this Strong Initiative and a UN sanctioned and allowed Global Police Force in some cities. I fear this the most because I think it would start an initially small insurgency that quickly grew out of control and the US would be no more. Just one more Progressive Government on its way to a one World Order. (I have actually seen a “white paper” on this)


No tin hat required, brother. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and our “allies” want to dog-pile the United States. No better way to tear down a government than from within.


Ditto. I dont think it is a tin-foil hat thing… I dont believe there is an Illluminati plotting all of this, but… I 100% believe that there are parties out there willing to take advantage of a situation and throw more fuel on the fire.

We all know the story of the Japanese general who said (or some say he didnt say it) he wont invade the USA because there is a rifle behind every blade of grass. That is likely more true today with more guns than people in this country. HOWEVER, if we have weakened ourselves with gun control, no more police, anarchy in the streets, economy in the gutter, supply chains broken… then the prospect is maybe not so daunting to a foreign power if they think they can get past the active military.


All I can say to all of this madness is you better start stockpiling ammo because everything going on in this country is going to get worse before it gets better! Just think what it will be like if Trump does not win another term…very scarey!!

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